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  1. Kwan Sau

    question about an old wing chun book

    Apologies if this has been discussed in years gone by; but does anyone know where randy williams received the bulk of his knowledge from? Specifically, back in the 80's (I think) one could purchase a six book set where he outlines a lot of wing chun knowledge, drills, skills, forms, training...
  2. Kwan Sau

    Yip Man's san sao techniques(?)

    Ran across this while doing some random digging on another forum. Wanted to paste it here to see if anyone on this forum knows anything about it? (the only thing I changed was to add numbers for each one for discussion purposes). Feedback or discussion anyone? Here is what I found on the other...
  3. Kwan Sau

    any WC in New Orleans?

    May have business trip there later this month...googling only revealed one option; so figured I'd inquire here as well... thx fellas
  4. Kwan Sau

    Bong gerk vs Tan gerk

    Figured I'd get a wing chun technical discussion started... Does your particular lineage / brand / flavor of wing chun contain these two leg shapes? Are they physically formed the same or are there differences in shape? Or, is it simply a matter of where on your own leg (Bong gerk / Tan gerk)...
  5. Kwan Sau

    Siu Bot Gwa

    Anyone on here familiar with this? I think it has something to do with a particular stepping pattern(?). Thanks...