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  1. Cris

    Question on knees

    I injured my knee a few years ago skiing(got a surgery to fix it) ACL completely torn and MCL severely sprained. So my question is: I kinda slacked off at the time with my physical therapy(and stupidly went back to skiing too early and sprained it again slightly) and as a result my range of...
  2. Cris

    Searching for a school

    Some of you may have noticed me posting else where looking for a sword art, but that's not going to be, um, financially feasible for the time being so I'm now on the search for an empty handed art. Using web searches I've found two. One is kempo and on first glance seems reputable(I plan to...
  3. Cris

    Looking for JSA in south Fort Worth

    Hello, I've tried google and the links in the dojo finder and all the ones I can find are in Dallas or Denton and I live south of fort worth(a good hour's drive in decent traffic). So, I figure I'd try and see if anyone knows of any that are farther south. Failing that, the ones in the north...
  4. Cris


    I've always been a bit interested in martial arts, but its only been recently that it crossed my mind that, hey, I could actually learn this stuff if I wanted to... anyways, my point is I'm wondering if someone who knows what they're looking at could look at the website of the place I'm...
  5. Cris

    Hello hello

    Nice to meet you all. I'm currently not actually in any martial arts, but I'm looking into different schools and what not(can't actually afford lessons either, but that's neither here nor there). Also being in the middle of nowhere isn't helping the search. For the record my real name isn't...