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  1. caped crusader

    Bull Neck

    how many of you Guys & Gals train your neck directly? I use a neck harness but also do Dumbbell & Barbell shrugs for traps, neck. and please be careful and do not train too heavy if you織re new to neck training. I am not a fan of the "Wrestlers bridge". not sure if it織s still used in say college...
  2. caped crusader

    Psycholoy of fighting

    I believe this to be very important for a martial artist. To have the mindset to win a verbal discussion in everyday life or a fight. To understand the other person not only yourself. some people are defeated before a fight begins or do not have the mindset to psych out an opponent.
  3. caped crusader

    Chinese medicine

    Does anyone know of any medication, natural of course that can help with skin problems? My son Was at a Heilpraktiker here in Germany. in England I think it's a naturopath? Anyway was just wasted money. The normal Doctor wants to give him Biologika injections which cause many side effects. So...
  4. caped crusader

    Back Belt Pride or showing off?

    I see there are threads already about tattoos in martial arts. Not against tattoos as I have some myself but is getting belts put "on your arm" taking it a bit too far? Or is it simply pride?
  5. caped crusader

    Karate or Kempo ?

    saw a part in a Kem(n)po video where they mention this man, Seiyo Oyata. Looks more like Okinawan karate?
  6. caped crusader

    Medieval martial art?

    This looks fun !
  7. caped crusader

    700 Lb bag

  8. caped crusader

    Bat crazy

  9. caped crusader

    hey i am big balls

    just wanted to say Hi