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    The JKA: past and present?

    IMHO, the "reluctance" you talk about is a means of maintaining control. In any group, there are differences of opinion. I'd guess that there are fewer differences of opinion with other people from your own country and culture than there are with people from others. If the powers that be want...
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    I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing with your choice, but just to clarify, the owner is not a white supremacist. He's Asian.
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    Martial Arts Mart is owned by Tiger Claw. Tiger Claw is reputable and reliable. I've heard of some people who have had problems, but I would guess they're the exception rather than the rule.
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    June 26, July 3 & 4: SoCal Japanese Cultural Events

    I don't know if any of you are near the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, but this weekend and next are a couple of Japanese cultural center events. Not sure what the schedule is for M.A. demos. Here's a quote from the about the Sun Valley event. Next weekend, 4th of July...
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    Japanese Castles

    Cool site! Bookmarked. Thanks! I visited Kumamoto Castle on my one trip to Japan. It was one of the most memorable parts of the trip.
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    Ethical to Experiment With Students?

    Interesting point. By teaching a traditional style, you might be implying that you are teaching using traditional methods, methods used by teachers and their disciples for milennia! But everyone adds a little of themselves to what they teach. How can you not? Times change, students change...
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    Should a black belt be given out after only one year of training?

    I'd say it depends. Some styles have less info to learn-fewer techniques and fewer or no katas. I can see someone working hard and earning a black belt in a year in a style like this. From what I know about Shotokan, earning a black belt in a year would be extremely difficult, but I suppose...
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    Kyokushin Karate

    If you're talking about Classical Fighting Arts magazine, there are a couple of possible factors. First, I'd guess some of it is just a question of writing what you know. Maybe the publishers just don't have as many connections with authors who are experts on Kyokushin Karate. I'd bet there...
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    YMCA, Community College, Recreation Center for a Beginner?

    Regarding cleaning the dojo, I don't know anything about the legal side, but I see nothing wrong with it. I don't think it's a labor issue. I think it's part of the student's instruction. You teach a student how to punch and kick. You teach a student how to tie a belt and care for a gi. You...
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    Good luck to those at the US Open!

    For those who don't know, the USA Open was held on Saturday and Sunday, and the USA-NKF Junior Olympics was on Friday. They hold these events at Caesar's Palace every Easter weekend, well, they have for several years now, anyway. We heard it was jumpin'! If you're in the NKF or WKF, it's a...
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    Ryobu Kai

    I'm no expert on this topic, but I'll throw in a little of what I know. In short, yes, they are similar, at least, I believe they're both similar to Shotokan, so they must be similar to each other. I can't really comment on their effectiveness in self defense, but Kubota Sensei has been...
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    YMCA, Community College, Recreation Center for a Beginner?

    From what I get in this thread is that YMCA, community college, and rec center programs might have a tendency to not be as good as a professional school, but there are a lot of exceptions. I whole-heartedly agree. Don't assume such a program is inferior. Personally, I think these are great...
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    Diferences in karate

    I didn't realize there was such an aversion to shitei kata. I always just thought of them as versions of a kata that a group had decided would be the official version. i didn't realize they were so far removed from traditional kata that people would find them so without merit. Dancingalone...
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    The Karate Kid movies

    Who wants to see plausible movies about ordinary people doing realistic things?
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    Diferences in karate

    Yes, there are variations on every style, but I believe these "main four styles of karate" are officially recognized by the Japanese government and have official versions. If I remember correctly, in JKF, WKF, and USANKF competition, there are official versions of kata (shitei kata) for these...
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    Common mistakes and problems in running a school

    I'm not a school owner, but our martial arts supply company deals almost exclusively with school owners, and we hear things. Here are a few. First, I agree with Grenadier. We hear a lot about collections, both in bad times and good. People can't or won't pay. We hear stories of people...
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    In Defense of the McDojo

    I don't think McDojo's are bad by definition, or rather they shouldn't be. As other's have said, there's much contention as to what a McDojo is. Obviously, if you define one as having unethical business practices or teaching worthless martial arts, there's no real question, not that everyone...
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    The Karate Kid movies

    Just curious, why didn't you like them, and why not see the new one? Are your reasons related? I don't think the new one will be anything like the old ones. Personally, I liked the first one, thought the 2nd one was okay, don't remember much about the 3rd one but didn't hate it, and again...
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    Benny Urkidez

    I don't have the details that others here have, but think I remember hearing that Bill Ryusaki was Benny's first instructor. I try to confirm that. If I remember, I'll ask Cecil Peoples. He comes in a couple times per week to pick up stuff. We sell martial art supplies. Bill comes in...
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    Would You Force Your Child to Study Karate?

    Semantics aside, I think whether or not you need to "force" your kid to train will depend on the value you perceive in it and his need at the time. Most parents don't want their kids to learn to thump other kids. They want them to learn discipline, self worth, work ethic, or any number of...
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    Piecemeal Instruction

    Sounds like with this program, you can't teach what you love, but could you love what you teach? You seem passionate about teaching Goju, but would you enjoy teaching this new thing whatever it turns out to be? Would you be happy with what your students get out of the program? If you think...
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    Anyone know anything about Ryuei-Ryu?

    The DVDs you're talking about could be All Kata of Ryuei Ryu Karate. There are two volumes that we've been selling for some time. Everyone says they're great. Sakumoto Sensei performs the kata. I haven't seen them, but I don't think they include much history. We import the DVDs directly...
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    Gene Lebell VS Milo Savage, 1963

    Thanks for posting that, Zoran! I don't remember that story. I trained with Gene when I was a kid, back in the 70's. He was teaching at LACC then. I never had the honor of being choked out by him though.
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    Could use some advice on local schools

    I also suggest that you check out the class. Just because the Krav Maga class is being held at the ATA school doesn't necessarily mean that it's run by the same people. Sometimes, school owners will let other instructors come in to their school and teach independent programs. Even if it...
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    Going to Japan in March!

    Sounds like you're going to be doing a lot of rushing around. That's what we did on our trip. Got to see a lot of things, but didn't absorb things as well as we might have. We did a bus tour in Tokyo. That gets a lot of ground covered in a little time. I'd recommend it if you're not going...
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    Sukiyaki Recipes?

    Your recipe sounds pretty much like what my mom used to make. She probably learned it from her mom who was a Japanese American born in Hawaii. Our family would sit around the dinner table with sukiyaki cooking in an electric skillet in the middle. We would pull our own food from the skillet...
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    McDojo/McDojang and all other names

    First, I never liked the term McDojo. Many have said it applies to schools that are different, but first and foremost, I think it's meant to be derogatory. If someone calls a school a McDojo, they're not saying it's different; they're saying it's... a bad place. That what is taught is...
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    SKA at GWU

    That's interesting. There are JKA ranks above godan today, but I guess not SKA. I wonder when Oshima Sensei split off. Does anyone watch Survivor? Do you remember Bruce Kanegai? I think I remember seeing him do kata on the beach. Anyway, he's an SKA godan. I was reasonably impressed...
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    ju-jit-su Uniforms.....

    I don't have much experience with the Ronin judo and jujitsu gis, but I know the karate gis are good quality at a good price. Ronin is Kinji San's brand. Here's a link to their judo/jujitsu page. As mentioned, Adidas has some great stuff for judo and...
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    how many people here used to watch kung fu theater ?

    One of my faves was "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin."