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    New England Warrior Camp 2009: My humble report

    Well, since people seem to have liked my previous Warrior Camp and Seminar reports, I figured I'd write one up for this event as well! For those of you who are unfamiliar with NEWC, it is a three day training event held at a Boyscout Camp in central Mass that gathers instructors from all over...
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    A really good day in Winchendon, MA

    So last Saturday Ken Savage shidoshi had a large demo at his school up in Winchendon, MA and I figured I'd post a few videos and pictures for those interested. Short form, it was a lot of fun with demos of dakentaijutsu, jutaijutsu, hanbo, bo, tamegishiri, kenjutsu, shuriken throwing, a lot of...
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    Kukishinden Ryu kenjutsu seminar report-Winchendon, Mass USA

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to put a seminar write-up so please be gentle in pointing out where it was actually supposed to go! I hope that nobody minds but I haven't seen a lot of post-seminar reports and, having finally gone to a seminar on swords worth writing up, I figured...
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    Some new guy from Mass

    Just introducing myself as new guy to the forums. Started studying Shotokan Karate back in '88, spent four years studying Toyama ryu battojutsu and started studying Bujinkan Taijutsu on an off and on basis (more off than on until recently, sadly) up in Derry, NH back in '92. Moved to Michigan...