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  1. OUMoose

    Can We Get Any Crazier?

    But.... but..... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!! *eyeroll*
  2. OUMoose

    Criminals becoming younger and younger

    What I'm curious about here is why everyone is admonishing the little boys and not the little girl? Oh that's right... the "r" word... Nevermind she admitted to telling her friends about it beforehand at a sleepover, then changing the story so she wouldn't get in trouble. Lets just castrate em...
  3. OUMoose

    Lawmaker sued for allegedly groping a male legislative page...

    Define unwanted? Once, if the guy was unconcious and woke up to (why they were in the same bed, I have no idea) is one thing. 3 nights in a row? I don't think so. :lol: That's so not right, but funny!
  4. OUMoose

    Drac's House

    It would be so cool to live in something like that... until the first heating bill. :P
  5. OUMoose

    Last One Standing Preview Video!

    Any news on how the show was? I saw the preview, but fell asleep after work and missed it. :(
  6. OUMoose

    Lawmaker sued for allegedly groping a male legislative page...

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, my friends... This is conerning Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho): Edit: For the anonymous person who dinged me for posting this, allow me to...
  7. OUMoose

    "How we've won the war in Iraq"

    Yeah! Good thing the fight against it isn't it's own version of terrorism!! Wait... Rock on!! Woohoo!! Dang sissies! We should have wiped Japan off the map!! Bomb them back to nothingness!! Drop some on China so they get the message too! And just in case the rest of europe didn't get the...
  8. OUMoose

    user names once againe

    I LOL'd! :D The guys I used to train with started calling me Moose and the name stuck, and I went to OU. :)
  9. OUMoose

    cooking Chillies = terrorism?

    I'm reminded of Sandra Bullock in "Demolition Man" "...and it has been deemed that anything not good for you is bad, hence illegal. Alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, meat... Bad language, chocolate, gasoline, uneducational toys and anything spicy. Abortion is also illegal but so is pregnancy...
  10. OUMoose

    Combos and training routines

    I'm going to echo Thaistyle here, as it's good info. Also, grab a buzzer or some sort of timer. Try some interval training (60 sec full power full speed mid kicks/buzzer/60 sec elbows/buzzer/60 sec hooks/etc etc etc). Also, it sounds like you're by yourself at these moments. I'm notorious...
  11. OUMoose

    how do you toughen your shins?

    I've always been told that the best way to toughen up a striking surface (fist, forearm, shin, etc) is to hit with it against gradually less forgiving surfaces. Start with the bag, then fill the bag with rice, then beans, then pebbles, etc etc. You should never strike your shins with a dowel...
  12. OUMoose

    So, who here plays role playing or video games?

    /raise Tabletop games are few and far between now, as most of my old gaming buddies have "grown up". So, there's always World of Warcraft. ;)
  13. OUMoose

    Lots of Wildlife in My Yard and in My House

    Huh? Did someone need something? I think you're right... Isn't it the mothman on the east coast? :D
  14. OUMoose

    OJ at it again ...

    As far as my news interest is concerned, this ranks right up there with how fat people think Brittney is now. Now if OJ broke into the room to find Paris Hilton and Al Sharpton having a 3 way with Jimmy Hoffa's corpse, while the undead zombie of Anna Nicole Smith videotapes, hell yeah I'd...
  15. OUMoose

    Hybrid Updates

    I'd love to drive a hybrid with my 30 mile one way commute everyday. However, the natural problem arises... I can't afford a hybrid I can fit in comfortably. being 6'5" and "husky", I don't care to drive cars where one shoulder is on the window, and the other is on the passenger seat. The...
  16. OUMoose

    Hizb ut Tahrir

    Thread Necromancy ftw!!
  17. OUMoose

    Sparring Advice.

    If you're sparring with your instructor, don't sweat it too much. As others have said, keep your hands up and stick to the basics. Your instructor will push you, but he knows where you're at and shouldn't totally work you over. ;)
  18. OUMoose

    new to muay thai

    Just a tip, but when you're first starting out, make sure to take things slow and listen to your instructor. Some people can get hung up on wanting to go fast and hit hard, but as an old instructor of mine used to say "Why you in such a hurry to be so bad?". Heh. Power and speed will come...
  19. OUMoose

    Why the 9-11 conspiracies won't go away...

    /humor on Don't give them any ideas dangit!!! *looks toward the sky with a wary eye* As far as "intelligence assets", I'm going to go with MKULTRA for $500, Alex. :D /humor off
  20. OUMoose

    A Uniquely Emasculating Experience

    A guy I work with drives a Durango with full synthetic in the engine, tranny, and rear end. According to him, after 7500 miles, he changes the oil filter, and goes another 7500 before changing the oil. Says it comes out as clean as it went in. :) braver man than I am, but I guess it works.
  21. OUMoose

    Training at home....home gyms??

    The easiest and least expensive idea I have for cardio is the massive machine called "outside". :) I'm trying to take my own advice to heart and get out and walk after work. Depending on where you live, I'd imagine that's not always an option, so as others have said, give places like Sears a...
  22. OUMoose

    The guillotine guy

    I didn't think people from Michigan had this kind of enthusiasm.... :D *runs back into Ohio* Kidding!! All jokes aside, this does have an awfully peculiar feel to it. Why would you build a guillotine to off yourself? Dramatic appeal? Giving yourself time to talk yourself out of it? I've...
  23. OUMoose

    Please spare a thought or prayer for my Mom

    Wish I had a witty retort or something to add some cheer, but I'm at a loss. I do hope your mom pulls through this, and you have my best wishes. :asian:
  24. OUMoose

    Why the 9-11 conspiracies won't go away...

    How long can someone keep their sanity when they have to keep coming up with new and bigger theories to avoid admitting that the "conspiracy theorists" they hate might have a point and not be as bad as they said? Perception can be an evil thing. The truth/fact/crux/meat of the matter is that...
  25. OUMoose

    Should you show off that you know muay thai?

    A teacher of mine once told me "There are no winners to a fight, because once you decide to fight, you've already lost". Diffuse the situation peacefully, smile, laugh, remove yourself, whatever. The absolute last thing you should do is let on you have training in anything. Posturing and...
  26. OUMoose

    Friday the 13th

    Good gravy! It would be a bad omen if Friday the 13'th coincided with 9/11.... :D Sorry... couldn't help it. ;)
  27. OUMoose

    Ric Flair, Gone from WWE?

    Count me in on the "time to hang up the tights, Mr. Flair" boat. Great showman, and decent 'rassler in his time, but that time has passed.
  28. OUMoose

    A new "Bin-Laden" tape...

    After reading the thread (and the pixelated poo-slinging going on), I am one of the "wackos" that believes the tape is a fake. For all the intellectuals who are much better with facts and dates than I care to be at the moment, why did the tape get played on CNN, or even mentioned? Would it not...
  29. OUMoose

    Why the 9-11 conspiracies won't go away...

    /sarcasm on Soo... Anyone who disagrees with Heir Dubya is now labelled as "sick"? Man, it's a good thing that all those "black sites" were created, as now they can be renamed "mental health facilities" and these people can be brainwa... Ummm.. I mean "mentally sanitized"... you know, for...
  30. OUMoose

    Luciano Pavarotti

    I'm not a huge opera fan, but I do listen on occasion, and it's saddening to see such a star fall away. :asian: