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    Way of the Warrior

    at start was he in Okinawa or America?
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    How much can one Master?

    This is best way I've ever heard it explained. Thanks
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    Which belt to buy

    Amorofgod what Leon belt is that.
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    Which belt to buy

    Always been a big Shuriedo fan. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
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    Avengers Thread

    Have to admit he was a good hulk. Film was awesome even my Mrs likes it. That's saying summit! Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
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    First rank in Shotokan

    Nice. Its great to train with your family. Awful to train your family lol. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
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    Training With People That're Better Than You

    I'm not going to say I'm the best at martial arts but, I can hold my own. I know this as I train with lots of different clubs styles and even nations (either when I visit or when they visit). I make a point of it as I know reason I can hold my own is thanks to a boy 3 years older than me and...
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    An outstanding movie

    Never seen or heard of it but going to go now and watch .... if I can find it.
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    Kiku Matsu Dojo Kakejiku

    Is the dojo in Chicago one of the best you've seen ?
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    Does sex sell in Martial Arts?

    I think it does cheapen the sport a little drags it down into wrestling type entertainment.
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    Why Do We Train in Bare Feet?

    Without being rude ...... See the previous page someone bet you to it ! Bet you thought that was a right good joke to lol.
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    Why Do We Train in Bare Feet?

    I have been thinking about introducing shoes to some of our sessions. I know myself the first couple times you kick with heavy shoes on it almost takes you foot of as your not used to it ! Also in real life your attacked in alleyway you cant ask them to take there shoes off or wait while you...
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    Kata and Forms...?

    There is kumite without kata. There is no kata without kihon . From what I have seen of martial arts that learn "patterns" and not kata it is not essential. They use at as a quick way to practice in the house and yes there are so many other ways to do this , shadow box and so on. Kata though and...
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    need a video

    Does Chinto have another meaning or is it just as you say to be more recognisable. Also is there any other differences than the name ?
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    about Funakochi

    Real karate just is . I likeit, great post I agree
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    I agree with you are going to find Mcdojo's everywhere but I'm more inclined to say that permanent Dojo are mote likely to be one as they need the commercialization to make it work . Also when using community centres the checks are strict when with your own Dojo your in charge . Im going on my...
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    Were about and when ? The main reason I asked about ymca is I'm thinking of doing a sort martial arts / studio community thing. There none round here really and west lothian is getting big now. There's lots of small council run community centres but there getting expensive for what they offer.
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    lol i stay in west lothian .I must not have looked hard enough for them. Also i forgot west lothian may be big now but thats only happened over the last 10 years.
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    How good is IP Man Movie

    Yea Tony did make the movie if you ask me he is a good actor played the role well. Im gonna have a look for good school in scotland and see if I can go for a little while. Thanks for your post :D
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    I dont think they made it very far north before they movrd to america . I have never seen one in scotland or heard anyone talk about it from my family down south. I havr only ever heard about it from Americans. Dont know if its cause we have alot more comunity centres and so on all ready up...
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    I hear allot of martial artist talk of YMCA (I Think its YMCA). From what I hear it sounds like a commercialised dojo or sport hall but specificity for martial arts in America ? Is this correct or is there more to it ?
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    Guess who just became a security officer!

    congrats! in britian its daft we dont do a test just apply for a badge @瞿200
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    Got me a new gi...

    Gett sweaty in iy a few times will conteract the blue in notime. Smurfing lol I like it!
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    Calling all YMCA/Community center Practitioners/Teachers..

    Is there a YMCA equivalent in the uk ? There should be !!
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    How good is IP Man Movie

    Probably going to get mauled here ...... From what little I have studied it does seem so similar to karate (well the way I was taught) even some of the stances(advanced karate stances not the simple long and narrow front stance you maybe used to) . I dont think I would mix it into my Karate...
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    How good is IP Man Movie

    Hi there , I have been doing Shotokan Karate for years and years. One of the things I love about my Senei's are they always had respect for other styles and how they worked. The would not mind incorporating it into our free fighting and training it while keeping our basic and Kata traditional...
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    Ninjutsu Suppliers

    Tell me what you would like to see and I will see what I can do . Sensible suggestions only please ...
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    Looking for new drill/exercise ideas for class

    Good thing with older students is you can take your time. When I was younger we used to hate how much our instructor would go on and on. Now older and wiser I understand his view was we there to learn and be corrected. We should "practice" in our own time.
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    Bunkai II, III and IV

    great what ive read so far..
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    I havent done much 3 point sparing as my old association seen it as to "sporty" and not true to life. Hence probably half the reason why there on there way down the drain and im jumping ship. 1 point sparring is generally less exciting and a little frustrating sometimes as only perfect...