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  1. cane56

    I'm so sick of watching stupid kicks MMA

    I watch MMA to see it evolve. Most of the time I see the expensive mats, all the great gear that I never had. And a bunch of crap on the walls. Today I watched a YouTube video telling me, me that sidekicks don't work! I'm almost 65 and never competed in MMA. But in my Dojo we spared full...
  2. cane56

    I think it's time to talk

    My instructors all came from the blood and guts era. We we're always sparing force on force. Medium contact to the head, with the best gear available back 40+ years ago. I trained so many and learned from all. One of my best friends was a boxer, ranked 8th in the world. His brothers and everyone...
  3. cane56

    The mixing of Martial Arts

    So originally I'm from Wichita Kansas. When I first started taking martial arts there was two dojos in town. One was American academy of Taekwondo, and kki, or Kansas karate institute. Knowing the late Grandmaster Roger Carpenter, led me I'm kind of a journey. Knowing Jim Harrison and training...