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    Karateka Sound Off!

    Okinawan Goju Ryu... I also learned a few Shorin Ryu Kata - Matsumura Seito.
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    Northern Mantis Styles

    I really like the Liuhe(Six Harmony) Tanglang. I believe Mike Martello(RIP) learned it but don't know if he taught it. I have seen video of Master Zhang Dao Jin and think he is great. I have seen others but Master Zhang is the one the inpresses me most. Very Hsing I-ish. I find it weird that...
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    Kata Maxims

    And I totally understand that! But discarding something that you can't use on one person doesn't make sense because not everyone is a 6'2 265lb troll. Heck, I myself would grab the nearest pipe against a sasquatch! :asian: This is why it does not make sense to me. I can't use a grill to fry...
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    Static lineage kata vs. individually adapted kata

    I believe that every single technique in kata is useful. The movement in the kata teaches the principles of the mechanics and dynamics and don't necessarily have one application or specific use of the application. The "fit you" concept reminds me of whole Bruce Lee crap that the MMA crowd...
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    Okinawan vs. Japanese Goju Ryu

    I am not convinced that Goju Ryu is related to White Crane. I believe that the relation is closer to Hakka Styles like Southern Mantis. I have worked out with SPM practitioners and have done kata for them, and I even did Shisochin for Louie Jackman Sifu, and he was quite surprised at the...
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    Okinawan vs. Japanese Goju Ryu

    Pardon my intrusion... I am a Goju Ryu practitioner and throughout my training I have done Shoreikan and Jundokan versions of kata... I also heard Yamaguchi never actually trained with them. I was told he trained under a student of Yagi Sensei and he received some "correction" from Yagi. Then...
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    Shaolin-Do Curriculum?

    I meant that I would retract my post and send it as a PM if it was not allowed. :angel:
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    Top 10 Kung Fu Movies

    Not in any particular order - My young Auntie Mad Monkey Kung Fu Disciples of the 36th Chamber Return of the Master Killer 8 Diagram Pole Fighter Legendary Weapons of China Prodigal Son Fist of Legend Shaolin Challenges Ninja Martial Club These are all or mostly movies featuring Lau Kar...
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    What Style IS This

    Well put. Kudos for being "nice" about it.
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    Shaolin-Do Curriculum?

    But if you're not learn real martial arts... if you're learning made up forms - what good is all that effort? All you have to do is look at the video clip that shows him doing "mantis". He is a fraud. His "mantis" is BS, as is anything else I have seen from any "shaolin-do" that I have seen on...
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    Do CMA's have a concept similar to Kiai?

    I'm a little late and not on much here but I would like to include my 2 cents - that the Okinawan Kiai is similar to the methods from the Fujian and Hakka arts. The term simply means Breath Harmony. It implies harmonizing the technique and the breath to amplify the energy being released. It is...
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    Kata Maxims

    Hello:) With all due respect, I disagree with this one: "An interpretation of kata that will not work for the karateka must be set aside and the search must continue for a technique that will work for the karateka." If you practice your art the way your post describes, this does not apply...
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    Favorite youtube videos/links of traditional kata?

    I love the vid of Hokama Sensei doing Seisan - WOW! Also, anything from Kyudokan, Oyata Sensei, the couple of vids of Hohan Soken Sensei... there's one of Nishihira Sensei doing Passai and Chinto - all great.
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    Who is the father of Karate

    As someone stated previously, those who taught Sakugawa, impregnated him with the skill, making him the mother - giving birth to the art of Toudi. :uhyeah: Seriously though, I would say Sakugawa is the Father of Karate(Toudi). I don't know how Funakoshi could even be brought up in this...
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    Which way to correctly do mawashi geri?

    Crescent Kick is in Suparinpai. But correct about the others. Goju Ryu teaches Front Kick - Mae Geri, Joint Stomping Kick - Kansetsu Geri and Crescent Kick - Mikazuki Geri.
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    Soft parrying type of karate

    In Okinawan Karate you will notice that the hands cross at the wrists in many of the movements. You cannot really say that any technique is specifically for any particular attack, ultimately, whenever hands cross - as in Jodan/Chudan/Gedan Uke, they can be a parry... although they can be...
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    Questions about Go Ju Ryu, Uechi Ryu, and Shorin Ryu?

    This is an excellent article. I read it many years ago and it made me change the way I do and teach Sanchin Kata. I am a Goju Ryu practitioner and have trained under most lineages, except Meibukan. I also read an interview of Toguchi Sensei which mentioned that Miyagi Sensei's Daughter...
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    Who is the father of Karate

    No - that's the "God-Father" of Karate!:burp:
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    Do you like traditional Kata?

    The kata that you are discussing are Japanese and they are not really the "Old" way of doing kata. The old kata are the Okinawan kata - and they are more upright with the legs pulling in to protect the vital areas and points.
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    Looking for School near Bath, NY

    Hello: There is a Teacher who I have only seen on video, and thought him to be a practitioner of high caliber. His name is Stephen Hwa. From the clips I have seen I can tell that he has a full understanding of the body mechanics of his art. I live hundreds of miles from the area and never...
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    Rank recognition.

    For me - in or out of the dojo - Sensei is Sensei.
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    What makes an art Traditional?

    Good question - and it does apply! When you teach and your students do what you do, and their students do what you and their teacher did - they have kept the "tradition".
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    I don't smoke anymore but when I did, it made me want to train and since I lived in my dojo, I had moments when I just didn't want to be there. I took a few tokes and I forget about everything! I just hit makiwara, kumite, kata, and with lots of energy. I grew up with my Sensei so I couldn't...
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    What makes an art Traditional?

    BB - this has been my sentiment for a long time. I don't even use the term "tradition" anymore. I use "koryu" to describe what I do as it fits more. Even I have modified my kata - incorporating things like centerline theory, which is something that was there before the "do" era. So I am...
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    Universal Martial Arts Assoc.

    Fisher Sensei, Haisai! I have been considering this organization. I was teaching Okinawan Goju Ryu for a while at the local Y, and I love Shorin Ryu. I believe the two arts support and compliment each other. I saw there was a "transition program" for anyone from another art considering a...
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    Hello, I am knew in this forum. I just began learning Jook Lum with a student of Mark Sifu in...

    Hello, I am knew in this forum. I just began learning Jook Lum with a student of Mark Sifu in Philly. I read your reply about Poo Yee and was fascinated by your reply. I believe everything you said, even though I don't know much about Jook Lum, only the very basic knowledge. I learn more from...