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  1. Swanson

    Giving up some weight in this roll.

    Good moves Couldn't see many Leg locks
  2. Swanson

    Critique vs Criticism

    Always be positive if you can Like the famous book called the SECRET
  3. Swanson

    Welcome to the Beginners Corner.

    I joined a couple of weeks ago It is brilliant. Loads of useful information everyone seems respectful and willing to give informative answers Thanks
  4. Swanson

    Meet Denis cherry. Competing at 72 years old.

    Just to let you guys no The picture you see is the view from my house This is what inspires me to do my Krav
  5. Swanson

    Meet Denis cherry. Competing at 72 years old.

    If he enjoys it why not Life is short I'm 50 and loving my Krav Maga
  6. Swanson

    How to celebrate club's 50th anniversary

    50 years My age Let's hope both of us can go on for another 50
  7. Swanson

    Knee Brace Recommendation?

    A guy at my club has just had key hole surgery on his knee He's been off now for 5 months. The doctor tld him to go back but avoid kicks until you build the strength back in the knee with exercise.
  8. Swanson

    What makes a martial art ideal for older people?

    Good on you Keep going
  9. Swanson

    Importance of Martial Arts!

    Healthy body Healthy mind In my area which is Cornwall in the West Country There are 4 clubs within a 10 mile radius
  10. Swanson

    Double End Bag Work

    Good vid
  11. Swanson

    Double End Bag Work

    Again just a speed merchant There's no protection hands are low
  12. Swanson

    Bag Work N Speed

    No technique what so ever.
  13. Swanson

    Where did the term "boxing" come from?

    WOW!!!!!! What a answer Don't think I can add anything to that
  14. Swanson

    Newbie days.

    Couldn't agree more Next training session will be a lot better
  15. Swanson

    Material arts and tricking

    Looks cool to me
  16. Swanson

    Winner by Leg Knot, Heel Hook

    Leg locks can be very effective
  17. Swanson

    Newbie days.

    I had that problem last night Really bad session Couldn't get any drills right just felt weak with no coordination
  18. Swanson

    Decoding Martial Arts

    Great vid
  19. Swanson

    What to do after you have defended yourself

    If you can't walk away you done the right thing Defence and defend
  20. Swanson

    Training aid

    Don't like the look of that dummy Looks like one of them S...x dolls
  21. Swanson

    Training aid

    It's something to think about. Definitely want one as I think it will improve my. Movement and speed.
  22. Swanson

    Krav Maga questions?

    I've trained in km now for a long time It teaches you self defence skills not how to have a brawl. Always walk away from any confrontation that's the first rule of km If that doesn't work ask them to back away If that doesn't work and they throw the first punch take them down then walk away...
  23. Swanson

    Training aid

    Thanks mate For all your input
  24. Swanson

    Training aid

    Thanks pdg I totally agree with what your saying. With Bob you can be more accurate with your spinning kicks Reverse elbow strikes and palm strikes Trouble is they are so expensive at around £400
  25. Swanson

    Training aid

    I agree with you You can but I just wanted something more realistic
  26. Swanson

    Training aid

    Just to improve my palm strikes and spinning technique
  27. Swanson

    Training aid

    Hi I train once a week at my club And train twice a week in my garage I have two punching bags strike pads and kick pads. I would like a new training aid and have been looking into century Bob xl Can anyone give me advice or has anybody got one. Many thanks
  28. Swanson

    Hello all

    Alot of police officers and elite forces se Krav Maga style Which I have been doing for quite along period now
  29. Swanson

    Cheltenham martial arts centre for a novice?

    I do Krav Maga It's great self defence
  30. Swanson

    Hello all

    Welcome I'm new as well