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    The Future Of The Art

    Very nicely stated Guro Lynn. You wrote, "...and a host of others who are now teaching the FMAs that were influenced by Modern Arnis and GM Remy, which are different from the MA that was taught by Remy and yet still is Modern Arnis." I've seen some of the same things since RP's passing on. I...
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    can someone verrify this

    Difference of opinions happen. I'm reading your comments and perhaps I'm seeing more in them than you thought that you were putting there. OK, that happens. I believe that I've made some useful comments and observations, plus I believe that I followed some of your comments and asked questions...
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    Testing And Ranking Standards

    Guro Johns, Your comments are worth quite a bit. Having a curriculum is definately an asset for both the instructor and the student. It lays out a training plan that lets everyone know where they are going and what follows what. The best long term instruction follows a plan. The one on...
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    Testing And Ranking Standards

    Dear Guro Lynn, I am in complete agreement with you. There was nothing unethical about your being tested by Master Dan Anderson; even if some money had exchanged hands it would have been ethical because you did not have Modeern Arnis teacher for some time, you were not sneaking behind some...
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    can someone verrify this

    Hi MJS, I simply took you at your word. There are and have been a number of people on this forum who claim the late Professor as their MODERN ARNIS TEACHER. How else am I or anyone else suppose to read that kind of statement? You at least claim to have a person other than Professor as your...
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    can someone verrify this

    Hello MJS, Your points about training time are quite good and generally true. Be careful when speaking of people training once a twice a year with an instructor because a good number of Modern Arnis people got their ranks and certificates from Professor via the seminar method, training with...
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    can someone verrify this

    Hello MJS, Several people that I've talked to and who saw the certificate said it's the authentic thing, from Professor Remy Presas. One of my contacts has the very same certificate and dating back to the late 1970s'. GM Van Clief was an action movie performer as well as a trained martial...
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    How do you become a "Datu"?

    Once again, a statement about a specific person and with a very legitimate question but again without naming the individual. He or she might be able to respond quickly or contacted by someone else for a response if we knew who the person in question is. Just a thought. Morgan
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    How do you become a "Datu"?

    Yes. It's an expensive item but I am putting money aside for it. Morgan
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    How do you become a "Datu"?

    I fully agree with your statement above and I can only add that perhaps you might consider training with PG Bolden as well Datu Harman and Datu Worden, since he is just a couple hour drive away from Crommwell, CT. I'm merely making a suggestion and given that PG Bolden has 40+ years of FMA...
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    How do you become a "Datu"?

    I fully concur with your comment above, Sir. I believe that PG Bolden has stated that "Skill is Rank" and he has also printed that on his American Modern Arnis Associates organizational tee-shirts. Morgan
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    How do you become a "Datu"?

    A Special Announcement I am pleased to announce on behalf of GM Vicente Sanchez - founder of Kali Arnis International Federation, founding member of the Philippine Council of Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, Masters and Senior Master in both Modern Arnis and Lightning Scientific Arnis, has chosen to...
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    How do you become a "Datu"?

    My questions for The Game are: 1. Where can this press release be viewed? 2. Who is the "gm" who gave the "Datu Award"? 3. Who are the "couple of guys" who recieved this award? 4. Who is the one person "claiming to be a datu"? 5. Did you contact those "couple of guys" to see if they would...
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    Does Modern Arnis Lose Something By Not Emphasizing The Blade As Much?

    Hello Carol, Perhaps I can suggest an approach for you because I sense that you are refering to personal protection training and applications rather than martial arts training. Instead of focusing on the weapons, focus on angles of attack. That would involve considering how you would use...
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    FMA for college credit

    Hello Fangijan, Nice report. Great to see that the Balintawak System is getting some exposure in a very different venue. Which branch of Balintawak are you teaching? I wish that I could help you in some concrete way, but I'm not teaching anywhere yet. Morgan
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    What Are The Basic Tenants of Modern Arnis?

    Wowsers, Guro Harold, that is a great question! I really am interested in what others have to say so I'll just kick in a starter entry, then wait for more from others. I would see "basic tenants" as: 1. 12 Stick Strikes, accompanying blocks, counter-strikes and disarms 2. Empty Hand...
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    Sayoc Instructor?

    Wow, but you never spoke with Mr. Dabney, directly? Why not? Maybe there more to this than your informant knows and could tell you. My Sayoc infromant has a slightly different story to tell and he spoke directly with Mr. Dabney. Morgan
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    Coming soon...

    Thanks for the heads-up! I'm lokking forward to all 3 books. Morgan
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    Datu Hartman Video teaching in the Philippines 2009

    Nice stuff, thanks for all of the clips. Morgan
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    Dan Anderson Karate/Arnis Video Page

    It's good to learn new things and use them effectively. Morgan
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    Anyo Isa De Cadena De Mano

    Hello Guro Arena, Your video clip provides some very thoughtful insights and variations on the anyo and applications. Thanks. Morgan
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    Revisionist History...Again!

    Ok, I checked and my Modern Arnis certificate looks nothing like that one!! You're right, the picture is familiar but I just cn't place it yet. But it does look like a photo of Professor that might have appeared on the cover of Black Belt Magazine in 1997 or 98. I'm just not sure, but I'm...
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    Revisionist History...Again!

    Seeing the actual documentation that support these claims would be very helpful and important. Morgan
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    Revisionist History...Again!

    Wow, oh my, why this all over again? Morgan
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    Article and pictures of the 4th FMA Festival

    Great photos Morgan
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    Kelly S. Worden Announcement on Modern Arnis

    A friend associated with Master Kelly S. Worden, forwarded the following statement to me earlier this afternoon. I am submitting it in full and without any comments, as an informational piece for the Modern Arnis community on this web forum. Sincerely, Morgan...
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    Modern Arnis and Soke Boards

    Just how close are the systems of Professor Presas and his brother GM Ernesto? Are not the basics fairly close to some other systems of arnis, such as balintawak, LaCoste and San Migel? Morgan
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    Modern Arnis Mania in FMA Digest

    Wowsers... I've read the article in question several times and have come to the following conclusion: I believe that we need someone quite familiar with Filipino customs, culture and inheritance law to contribute to this thread. As I read thru this article, it became quite evident to me that...
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    Grandmaster/Datu Hartman Promotion Questions

    A very good set of questions. As the founder of MA-80, does SM Anderson need anyone to promote him? Could he not unilaterally claim the GMship as the founder of the sub-system or spinoff of the Original Modern Arnis system? I'm not sure as to the actual validity of such a claim, however...
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    Modern Arnis and Soke Boards

    A very good set of questions. As the founder of MA-80, does SM Anderson need anyone to promote him? Could he not unilaterally claim the GMship as the founder of the sub-system or spinoff of the Original Modern Arnis system? I'm not sure as to the actual validity of such a claim, however...