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    Thoughts about striking and balance.

    I have been away for the site for a while. A year ago, I decided that my art was getting stale and decided to take a break from bieng the so-called teacher and become a student again. Also, due to age and some minor knee problems, I had no choice but to internalize my art. So, with some of my...
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    Adding To The Art

    Vancouver Island Dojo Rats! In order to develop flow and sensitivity I have taken a year off any teaching and am about 6 months into the learning and practice of this wonderful 2 man Tai Chi form. Yang Family 88 movement fighting form. It has to be the worlds most complete flow drill. You...
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    DAV - 25 year anniversay seminar with Datu Kelly Worden was a great success!!!

    Datu Kelly Worden has recently planned an East Coast Water & Steel event. Check out his websiee. For those up here in Washington State, he has also just announced a Tacoma, WA. seminar for Saturday, 12-4-10. Should be a big one as well. Flyer will be available shortly...
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    DAV - 25 year anniversay seminar with Datu Kelly Worden was a great success!!!

    Two Datus in da house! Had to have been a great event! 200 attendee's! Wow!
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    Do you do FMA with another MA?

    I came into Modern Arnis with a little bit of Tai Chi that I was working on as a rehab from back & neck surgeries around 1994. While studying with Datu Worden, I noticed a lot of energy simularities that always kept a bit of the basic Tai Chi forms as sort of a "ruler" for movement. I was also...
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    The Passing of Bob Quinn

    I only met Mr. Quinn once at the last seminar that he hosted with the Professor at his school and have conversed with him a few times on this forum. This is sad news to hear. Chris A
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    Does Modern Arnis Lose Something By Not Emphasizing The Blade As Much?

    From my perspective, it is very important to understand the blade from an offesive view and a defensive view. And, from a military vs civilian type of application. It is understandable the the professor was hesitant to teach the blade in a seminar setting. Especially in America. However, blade...
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    Anyo Isa With a Bolo

    Guro Harold. The Anyo's have always been a big part of my training and I still teach the stick and empty hand anyos 1 thru 4 as taught to me by Datu Kelly and from my tapes sets from Professor Presas ( I have converted all of them to DVD). In addition, we practice stick anyo 1 and 2 combined...
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    2010 is the year of anniversaries!

    And we liked it!
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    2010 is the year of anniversaries!

    Yer all a bunch of youg puppies! Dang nab it! When I was a boy I had to walk 10 miles, though show and ice to the gym in order to train! UPHILL! BOTH WAYS! Chris A
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    Which FMA Teacher Has Made The Greatest Impact on the FMA's?

    Although I am primarily of Modern Arnis background. I feel that we have left out Manong Angel Cabales,Leo Giron and Max Saramiento. They had the first Eskrima School in the US. Dan Inasanto even came to them for lessons. These men should definately be on this list. It is a shame that his art...
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    success in an FMA school

    I have a student that has moved up into MMA competition. MMA is a serious athletic sport and it takes full time concentration. Although he loves FMA (and has the fast hands to prove it). He has no time for crosstraining. For him at the moment it is MMA all the way. It is hard to get most 20...
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    "Modern Arnis Family Reunion Camp" July 14 - 17, 2011

    Dang.. That sounds like fun! Chris A.
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    success in an FMA school

    My first exposure to FMA was in the late 1980's after recouperating from back surgery and looking for a martial art I could handle after some time studing Choy Lay Fut in San Francisco, prior to my injury. I walked into this school in San Leandro, Ca. and noticed the Arnis sign in the gym. And...
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    Changing The Art

    Datu Kelly Worden has been working on a "modulated" approach to his NSI concepts. It has been introduced at his "Water & Steel" events over the past 2 years and has gone over well from those who have been exposed to it. The Modern Arnis module is Modern Arnis. The kickboxing is kickboxing. The...
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    full time FMA school?

    Although I am in favor of seeing more "full time" FMA schools, the economy as Rich had stated does have a serious impact on anybody running a school today. In my area of Tacoma, Wa. it is almost impossible. Datu Kelly Worden sank a ton of $$$ in a school a while back only to have to close it at...
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    full time FMA school?

    I think that we are getting WAY TOO IN DEPTH in regards to the can-do or can't do stuff here. KuntaoMan has the right idea and I believe that he is on the right track. Forget about the small stuff stuff and look at the larger picture! In fact, go to the Modern Arnis portion of the forum and...
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    New Trailer of DAV (German Arnis Association)

    Deiter: I wish that more trailers promoting our art such as yours where out there. I have also noticed the Polish Modern Arnis groups have some very good vid's on U tube as well. In the states, we have good people, but you guys know how to visually market this art!!! I think that what shows...
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    Playing with the cane

    Over the past 2 yeas or so, I have been playing around with the cane. So far, this is what I got and I started a class through the local college. 2 semesters ago. Seems to work, cause the students came back for a 2nd time an one more has entered the group as well. I am considering naming my...
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    Fitting FMA into MMA

    Here is my observation. A person puts a technical discussion up on the site, even shows a brief video of what he is doing and you get 3, maybe 4 intelligent replies. Some are kudo's and some are corrections. Even better yet, they send back a detail of thier view on the subject and, maybe...
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    FMAT: Sinawali Clip

    Just a quick down and dirty one take we did a few saturdays ago as a way to wake things up and start to develop free flow double stick.
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    Fitting FMA into MMA

    Guys. Cool yer jets! Lets not get into the old my art is better than your art BS! Does training in a sport MMA art make you a deadly killer? Do you really train in your FMA class to be a deadly killer? ********! You do it for fun, exercise, social preferance, escapism from the boredom of...
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    Flow drill to Free flow development

    Guro Harold: These drills are a blast. I am working hard with my little group to develop strong basic skills. Especially before putting of the helmet and padded sticks. I have seen a lot of straight line whackaroo so called stick sparring by obvious beginners who do not have any instictive...
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    stick length in FMA

    We tend to spend much of our time with single stick lenghts of 24". This is a bit shorter than the average 26" 28" sticks, but we fel that the shorter lengths give a better hand-to-hand transition as we feel that the odds of getting into a stick fight is rare, but the chance of bieng empty hand...
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    FMAT: Video Training

    Man! does this article hit home. In fact, I am a living example of taking advantage of this media. YES! You need to have a good teacher and training partners! Won't waste time without it. I studied Modern Arnis under a highly ranked instructor for over 7 years before even starting to teach...
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    Looking for a u-tube Vid on punch blocking

    I'm currently looking for some new vids to challenge my little group of crazies. I am looking for u tub video that shows stick flow drill techniques where the player pulls a fast one and instead of striking with the stick, just punches his partner with his live hand and is then countered by his...
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    Datu Hartman Video teaching in the Philippines 2009

    This drill taught us a lot. Over the past two classes, we have worked this drill exclusively. Mind you, my students were fairly familiar with the individual applications. Once they got a hang of it. It was a no brainer! I remember may years ago, the Professor, and even later his son, Remy Jr...
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    The passing of a Presas family member.

    My condolences Chris A
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    Flow drill to Free flow development

    Here is a short u-tube we took at class tonight. We have found that most students can easily go thru this drill within the first year of training. We require these skills before we go on to padded stick sparring for reasons of developing proper form, strike accuracy and good control. Once they...
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    Datu Hartman Video teaching in the Philippines 2009

    My guys have been practicing those techniques for some time, but we never put them together in a flow drill form. It gives the Professor's technique a far better flow than the typical, put your stick out, grab, lock and so forth. I will shamelessly copy this drill. Thank you!! Chris A