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    Review of Ray Carbullido Sacred Movements/Efficiency of Humanity Seminar

    Ray Carbullido is here in Phoenix, Arizona this week and I had the opportunity to train with him in a private session earlier today. Having touched the man he has obviously embodied certain things within himself that many do not have. On Thursday evening he had a free intro class open to the...
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    Methods of Power Delivery

    I don't really like the term "power generation" as I don't feel like this is something I'm making more like letting happen. I've been putting together a list of the various methods I've been exposed and where I learned it. Please, feel free to comment, by no means do I mean this to be a...
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    I went and played with the local aikido guys nearby.

    Approaching an Art with an Open Heart I had a really good time. Haven't done breakfalls in a while. My body is sore in a good way but my shoulders are going to hate me at xingyibagua practice later. I hope you enjoy what I wrote.
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    Training in Phoenix

    Hey guys where can I find the Balintawak school here in the Phoenix metro? My friend's older brother used to train with Sam Buot but Sam has retired last I heard. My younger gong fu brother is interested in training some Filipino arts so of course this was the first I thought of after seeing my...
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    Getting Beng Quan - Crushing It

    That's my teacher doing wood fist with my elder gong fu brother a few years back. I started training with Sifu Lloyd in May of last year and wood was the first fist he taught me. Yesterday was the first time I went up and down the grass without hearing corrections whilst doing wood fist. Lloyd...
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    Sifu Lloyd Day Teaching Xingyi

    This is my teacher explaining some of the details of our wood phase from Kenny Gong's xingyibagua.
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    Archery Tag

    Has anyone done this yet? Looks like a buncha fun. I'd love to go sometime soon. archerytag - YouTube
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    Kempo Teacher in Stockton, CA 1970s

    Before he passed my grandfather told me how he put my mom and aunt in Chinese kempo in Stockton, CA in the 1970s. My mom doesn't remember training at all (too much cannabis, speed and acid during and after high school) but she definitely beat the crap outta me pretty good until I got into middle...
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    Greetings from the Valley of the Sun

    Hi guys I'm Matt or grey, whatever. I live in Phoenix and organize a local practice group for xingyi and bagua. As a kid I started off doing aikido but quit because I was tired of hearing that I wasn't a "good" uke, the art as it was taught didn't enable the smaller kids in my class to throw me...