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  1. Slihn

    Training Muay Thai again after months of from training

    You whats up everyone. I am finally back to training. My ongoing (4 month) knee injury was healed in one morning on November 1, 2009 at an alter call in church. They had a call initially for anyone who had any problems in the body and , then if you have any problems at all ( if my memory...
  2. Slihn

    Slihn HL vid

    Hey everyone , I just made a HL vid of myself (kinds corny huh? lol) Anyway check it out!!:)
  3. Slihn

    My 5th Fight

    Hey whats up everybody! Looks like yet another win from my fight up in New York last Friday. Now I am 4-1-0 !!:) Here are the results: Prefight warm-up HL : Rounds 1 + 2 : Round 3 ...
  4. Slihn

    Fairtex (Bangplee) , Kaewsamrit, or Keatkhamtorn Gym.

    Hi all I am in a dilemma. I am planning on going to Thailand in early September, but I am torn between three camps. I dont know if I should go to Fairtex (Bangplee) , Kaewsamrit, or Keatkhamtorn Gym. The gym I train now , is closley affliated to Fairtex , so I am guess the technique would be...
  5. Slihn

    Slihn's Fourth Fight

    Hey ladies and gents . Last night I just had my 4th fight. I dont want to ruin it for you so here are the links. Round 1 + 2 Round 3 Geetings Slihn
  6. Slihn

    Fight in one week

    Hey whats up everyone. Two days ago , I decided to take another fight Sunday after next (about a week). It is an IKF event up int Daytona , Florida. If anyone is in the area come check it out. Wish me luck!!
  7. Slihn

    Slihn's Third Fight

    Hi everyone . I my old account was Slihn , but I think that it was closed , because I was inactive for a long time, but anyway I just had my third fight. Round 1 + 2 Round 3...
  8. Slihn

    My second fight

    Hey what's up everybody.As you know I just had my second fight.It didnt quite go like I wanted , but oh , well that's what third fights are for. Check it out:
  9. Slihn

    Hammer Curls ( and stuff)

    Whats up everybody. Check out my new hammer curls vid ( in case you didnt know , I am now inspiring on being a model <on top of being a Muay Thai Fighter> )
  10. Slihn


    Hey check out my new vid !! ...ok, maybe I am showing off , just alittle bit!
  11. Slihn

    Montage of my Muay Thai Training and Fight

    Hey whats up everyone!! Please check out the Montage that I made of my Muay Thai training and my fight. I have another fight on the 20th of September , so I have been now training twice a day!
  12. Slihn

    High Quality version og my first Muay Thai fight

    Hey whats up everyone!! I FINNNALLY have the high quality version of my first fight!! It is here : Please check it out, rate , and comment with seggestions! I have my 2nd fight in Septmebe!!! Its now TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN
  13. Slihn

    Garage Bagwork

    Hey whats up guys. Check out of the new vid I made of myself doing alittle bit a bagwork in my garage. Im not going to lie , I created this vid most because I was boring and I wanted to test out my new camera. Well here goes:
  14. Slihn

    Debut fight photo vid

    Hey whats up guys , I know that this is in the wrong forum , but check out my new MT photovid!!
  15. Slihn

    Second Muay Thai fight on the 4th of August.

    Hey whats up guys?! I have my second fight on the fourth of August.Here is a link to the fight card( I am the second to last with the blue shorts).I am going to record this fight and upload it as well.Well wish me luck guys!!
  16. Slihn

    My debut fight

    Hey guys, here is a link to my first fight.It was at Master Merhdad's Muay Thai classic.Check it out and tell me what you think!!
  17. Slihn

    Fairtex Fighters?

    Hey just wondering something guys.Is Fairtex all that it is cracked up to be?I really do not know.I hear so much about Fairtex but I havent really heard of any Fairtex fighters being in K1 or K1 max(Not saying they havent been I just havent heard of it) I am just wondering if Fairtex is really...
  18. Slihn

    Baukaw in MMA?

    Hey guys I have always wondered how would Baukaw do if he trained Jiu-jitsu and decieded to go MMA.Every Muay Thai fighter knows that Baukaw strikes are phenomenal but how would be fair against MMA fighters(if he trained in grappling as well)?I have always wondered this,you thoughs?
  19. Slihn

    Sonic the hedgehog piano player

    I dont know how many of you where sonic fans back in the day,but this guy can play the theme music on his piano!!! ...brings back memories of the SEGA days!!
  20. Slihn

    kyokushin vs drunken boxing
  21. Slihn

    True or False True or false,tell us what you think.
  22. Slihn

    First night sparring with the fighters

    Hey whats up guys!Tonight was my first night fighting with the fighter's!!It went pretty well! I didnt know if I would get torn to shreads but I ended up having some pretty competive matches.This time(as oppose to when I first started training Muay Thai) I spent ALOT of time working on the...
  23. Slihn

    Muay Thai Gym Training Vids

    Do any of you guys have any vids of you and/or your gyms training?I am wondering how other schools train and what there methods are.Perhaps we can all learn from each ofter.If you have any vids of you and/or you school please post them here. This is a link at mine in Germany.They actually...
  24. Slihn

    Baukaw vs Jomhod

    A legendary bout between to legendary fighters.
  25. Slihn

    Batman Vs. Predator

    Not quite as good as Robo vs. Terminator but its a good fight.Batman seems abit gangsta in this one.Well,enjoy!
  26. Slihn

    Robocop vs Terminator Teaser

    Guess I maybe should have posted this one
  27. Slihn

    Robocop vs. Terminator

    Whats up guys!I dont know how many of you where Robocop/Terminator fans back in the day,but this is a cool video of the two duke'in it out!
  28. Slihn

    Fighter's Record

    How many of you guys have fought in the ring?If so what is your fight record?Mine is 0-0-0.LOL! I have not been able to fight yet but I am hoinh to within the next few months is everything goes well. Do you have any videos or pics of your fights? If you do,will you post them?
  29. Slihn

    CroCop Movie Ultimate Force

    Check out a clip from Ultimate Force,I didnt know the Cro Cop was an actor but there are some pretty intresting fight scences.