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  1. Old Fat Kenpoka

    EPAK reunification

  2. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Gruesome BJJ Tournament video

    Saw this on JiuJitsuGear Forum...It is a match from the 2004 BJJ World Cup in Brazil. The match is pretty interesting up until about 3:45 minutes into the video...then it gets really scary. Hope the guy isn't crippled for life...
  3. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Belt tests: Are they really necessary?

    Belt tests: are they necessary? Are belt tests necessary to determine proficiency? Should a belt test push a student to their physical limits? Should a belt test be an opportunity for a student to perform a demonstration? Or, are they unnecessary. What types of tests have you...
  4. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Who will impact EPAK the most in the next 10 years?

    OK, enough arguing about the past. Let's look to the future! Who do you think will have the greatest impact on Kenpo over the next 10 years? I've listed a few of today's many prominent Kenpoists. Please vote and comment about who and why.
  5. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Can Kenpoists achieve "Mushin" aka the state of "mind of no mind"?

    Another thread recently wandered off topic and started debating the conept of "Mushin" or "mind of no mind". Do you think this is possible or that it exists? Do you think Kenpoists can achieve this state? Even if you don't buy the classical theory, can you correlate it to phases or levels in...
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    A positive experience with Larry Tatum

    There has been a lot of bashing of Larry Tatum and his students on the KenpoNet and a little on MartialTalk. I would like to relate a very positive experience about the first time I saw Larry Tatum up close in 1981 or 1982 when I was a Brown Belt at the Long Beach Internationals... There...
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    What Have You Done For Kenpo Lately?

    Originally posted by Clyde T. O'Briant on the KenpoNet on November 5, 2003. Reprinted without any permission.
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    Silliest challenge or verbal threat you've heard.

    What was the silliest challenge or verbal threat you've heard? In 1985, I had a job doing telephone technical support for a software company. One very irate customer from Los Angeles who crashed his data was on the phone with me one morning... "I ought to get on a plane right now and come...
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    EPAK reunification

    Why won't EPAK ever reunite under one association? Because whenever EPAK people disagree with each other they run off and form a new association, start a new school, or go post on another forum. That's why. Can't we all just get along?
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    Developing effective techniques

    Once upon a time there was a thread titled "are all these techniques really necessary?" Several people made some excellent posts. That thread got sidetracked and is now locked. I think that the thread had some excellent stuff that is worth pursuing. So... How do you develop effective...
  11. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Parker/Tracy 32/24/16 Technique curriculum history

    Most of us are familiar with the basic history of the American Kenpo techniques curiculum: it "started" with a curriculum of 32 techniques per belt (5 Kyus, Orange through Brown), Mr. Parker introduced the 24 Technique curriculum (8 Kyus Yellow through 1st Brown), and Mr. Duffy created the 16...
  12. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Positional Strategy

    Does Kenpo have a hierarchy of positions that contribute to our combat strategy? I have not seen any formal hierarchy in my long but limited Kenpo experience. Those whove followed my posts know that I have recently embraced (pun intended) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have been espousing its...
  13. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Favorite Martial Arts books?

    Besides Ed Parker's "Infinite Insights into Kenpo" and "the Journey", what are everyone's 5 favorite Kenpo books? What are your 5 favorite non-Kenpo martial arts books? My favorite Kenpo books besides IIIK and the Journey (in no particular order) are: 1) Steve Saunders Championship Kenpo...
  14. Old Fat Kenpoka

    Kenpo in the 21st Century

    I've managed to aggravate many of you with my "Olympian Pontifications" on Kenpo, Kenpo ranking, Kenpo Groundfighting, the usefullness of Kata, and a variety of related topics. Now, I'd like to give everyone a chance to voice their opinions: What direction do you think Kenpo should take...
  15. Old Fat Kenpoka

    My school went up in flames!

    I'd like to start a thread on schools that failed badly. ------------------------------------------------------------------- From the Almanac Online covering local news for some suburbs south of San Francisco: Issue date: January 26, 2000 Arsonist Greg McCarthy faces up to 17 years in...
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    It's time to promote the Kenpo Grand Masters

    Since the passing of Ed Parker more than a few of the most-senior Kenpo grandmasters have ascended to 10th Dan. Some in the Kenpo community believe that only Mr. Parker deserves 10th Dan and that any other 10th Dan promotions are disrespectful of Mr. Parker's great achievements. As all who...