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  1. Jonathan

    Silverback Academy in Chantilly, VA? I'm curious about this, since it's easy for me to get to and Groupon's offering a pretty good deal for 20 KM classes ($75). Reading on the site, it looks decent, but I guess I'm trying to determine what kind of cred it really has. The instructors seem to be...
  2. Jonathan

    Is there a way to confirm this place is 'legit'?

    Hi- Been some time since I've been around these forums (fora?); been working and going back to school (again! Hello IT degree!). I'm not 100% sure that the Ninjutsu sub-forum is the right place for this, but it seemed appropriate given the content of the website. I saw this advertised...
  3. Jonathan

    Opinions on this KM school in Northern VA?

    I'm wondering what you all take from the website here- it's a local school, and seems to be well-regarded by the students I've spoken to. I'm just curious how the website presents it here: The various organizations confuse me a bit, so I'm wondering if...
  4. Jonathan

    When someone says, "Combat JKD"...

    ... what does that mean to you? I mean, I know JKD is not a style so much as a concept. The website of a school I'm considering suggests that it's basically teaching 'fighting tactics' The upside is the inclusion of escrima/kali and CSW in the mix, for...
  5. Jonathan

    The cake is NOT a lie!

    So, my wife was asked to do a cake for a co-workers' son's bar mitzvah. We decided it'd be our gift to him, as all of the places that would do it charged something in the several hundreds of dollars on up. The result of my wife's baking skills (single oven, using only 5 dowel rods and...
  6. Jonathan

    Best retail magazine?

    In my search for good quality reading (non-electronic) material in subjects I enjoy, I've been perusing the newsstands for MMA mags... so far I've seen Fight! and, IIRC, Grappling (though I think it recently changed names). Do any of you have an opinion as to which one is better, or have an...
  7. Jonathan

    Helio Gracie, RIP

    I didn't see this news in this forum, unless I'm just going blind...;_ylt=AsExQlvMwJR2wF9xT.1NSYA9Eo14?slug=ys-mmaweekly012909&prov=yhoo&type=lgns Sad to hear... can't imagine what MMA/BJJ would be like without his influence.
  8. Jonathan

    Good role models?

    Just curious- of the MMA fighters that are seen in 'the public eye', who would you suggest is a good role model? Someone upstanding, 'clean', etc.?
  9. Jonathan

    Krav Maga- determination drills?

    I've seen some Youtube clips of 'determination drills'- where a student puts on headgear (and sometimes gloves), is set in the midst of 4 or 5 students and/or instructors with kicking pads, and then told to spin in place while those around him kind of 'buttress' him/her with the pads to kind of...
  10. Jonathan

    So, good martial arts mags and periodicals?

    Hey all- I know has it's own magazine (into which I'm going to look shortly). My understanding is that it's PDF only, is that correct? Not a problem- I do have a preference for print, but I understand and appreciate the benefits of utilizing PDF as a means of getting the word out...
  11. Jonathan

    Berzerker style fighting. No, really! I'm cracking up at the site. I mean, it might be legit for all I know (however unlikely), but every time I read 'Berzerker', I get this image of someone just going ape *** and flailing their arms about while screaming. That, and I keep singing...
  12. Jonathan

    BJJ testing- what's it like?

    I mean, I know it changes from instructor to instructor/school to school, but what kind of criteria do they look for to advance a student? Does the student necessarily have to *win* a match, or just show that they're able to use techniques appropriately (as opposed to letting opportunities pass...
  13. Jonathan

    [BJJ] Colors of gis?

    Hey all- I think I might already know the answer, but wanted to hear from people actually in the know. Is there any understood significance in different colors of gis? Is it just an individual preference/style thing? Are there understood 'rules' as to when/where non-white gis may be worn...
  14. Jonathan

    Capoeira- what's it like for a beginner?

    A gym near my home is going to start offering capoeira in a couple of months. I know a little of it (enough to recognize it), but I've never been in a class proper. What can I expect as beginning exercises and techniques? I'm curious. :) Thanks!
  15. Jonathan

    [Halloween] It's funny how the accolades of children can make one feel good.

    A pretty typical, tame Halloween evening at the homestead- handed out candy, talked with neighbors, that kind of thing. We were late buying our candy, so didn't have much in the way of variety. What we did have, though, was quantity. I ended up going to Costco and buying a box of full-sized...
  16. Jonathan

    The MMA and pankration connection

    Reading about such a thing led me to a Wiki article about an ancient Greek athlete named Dioxippus. That's one scary dude, right there. I wonder how he'd do nowadays?
  17. Jonathan

    So, who here plays role playing or video games?

    Anything like D&D or Champions (tabletop- just to name a couple), or PC/PS2/Xbox games? I'm curious who among the MT roster of members is a fellow gamer. :ultracool
  18. Jonathan

    Well, that was a hell of a 9/11...

    After two and half years of fighting breast cancer, and hospice since the 1st of the month- and several days of pain when she wasn't asleep- my mother-in-law took her last breath at 4:33 am on 9/11/07. It's been hard on the family to watch her final days, but she passed very peacefully- and...
  19. Jonathan

    Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) vs. Brazillian Jiujitsu (BJJ): Differences?

    Heya- The school I attend now offers BJJ (some gi, some no-gi) classes. A school I'm considering going to offers CSW. Now, I know a bit of history on BJJ (founding, etc.). I only know CSW from blurbs from the internet (and a certain Erik Paulson's heavy involvement in it). My question...
  20. Jonathan

    Thinking I may not renew my gym/school membership...

    Been thinking about the gym (LA Boxing) lately... the boxing and kickboxing classes. I think... and this sounds bad... I think I might be getting bored with the classes. The instructors seem like they have fun teaching, the owners have been nothing but fair with me, and the folks I talk to there...
  21. Jonathan

    Anybody know anything about the fallout between Liddell and LA Boxing?

    I take classes at LA Boxing; I had asked about the MMA class that they offer, to see what the monthly fee was now. Turns out they're going to cancel it due to lack of participants; furthermore, it seems that they've cut ties to Chuck Liddell (who had been the LA Boxing 'spokesperson' till...
  22. Jonathan

    It is done. (AKA: I can has MBA!!!)

    So... Saturday marked the end of official coursework, for good, for my MBA (concentrations in finance, marketing, and international management). Still awaiting final grades, but I expect an A in my capstone course (Strategic Management), and perhaps a B+ or A in Sales Management, likely...
  23. Jonathan

    MMA gloves with good wrist support?

    Hey all- anybody know any brands/models that fit the bill? I'd probably opt for close palmed.
  24. Jonathan

    Biographies of MMA fighters?

    Hey all- Are there any good books re: MMA fighters that you might suggest? I'm looking for reading material on the fighters, mostly to get an idea of their mindset towards training. Thanks!
  25. Jonathan

    Looking for equipment suggestion

    When I say 'equipment', I'm specifically referring more to attire. The shorts I wear to the gym tend to be... how should I say... loose around the legs. The last thing I want to do is inadvertently advertise, if you take my meaning. ;) So, are there 'compression' shorts/MMA shorts or pants...
  26. Jonathan

    A chance to train with Jens Pulver

    So, my school will be hosting a seminar run by Jens Pulver, aka "Little Evil". I want to attend, but 1) it's kinda costly, and 2) I don't know if I'm in good enough shape for it. I haven't been in an MMA class except for a trial week back in late May. Think I should go? :)
  27. Jonathan

    Ankle support?

    Hey all- So, having rolled my ankle on Sunday during MMA class while warming up, I found myself wondering- are there ankle supports that you would 1) suggest, and 2) are legal during MMA matches? That second point isn't as important, since I wont' be competing- I just want to keep the...
  28. Jonathan

    Chuck Liddell- shady?

    I ask, because a buddy of mine (when I mentioned that I'm joining my boxing school's 'Chuck Liddell Fight Team', as he's the spokesperson for LA Boxing now) had said that he questioned his morals as person (though not as a fighter). This is news to me... does Liddell have a shady aura about...
  29. Jonathan

    My school rocks.

    So, we get kickboxing, boxing, and BJJ all for one price, as many times a week as we want. But now they are going to start teaching MMA next week; the inaugural week is free (after that, it's $50 extra a month). I can't swing that money on a monthly basis, but I'm definitely going to try the...
  30. Jonathan

    My school rocks.

    So, we get kickboxing, boxing, and BJJ all for one price. They are going to start teaching MMA next week; the inaugural week is free (after that, it's $50 extra a month). I can't swing that money on a monthly basis, but I'm definitely going to try the free week to see if I'd like to do it...