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    Tai Chi Chuan DVD

    I purchased the book Tai Chi Chuan by Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming a few months ago, and it references a 'follow along' Tai Chi Chuan Lecture DVD. I got the book at a Barnes and Knoble and it did not come with any DVD. I'd like it, as I think it'd add even more depth to the material in the book. I have...
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    kip ups

    Any trick to these? (prefeably NOT involving a trampoline). been workin for a while. missing something. insight sought. Thank you :-)
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    Pai Lum

    "Pai Lum" is White Dragon Fist style kung fu. I did ask the instructor about it and he said "Pai Lum" actually means "White Forest." The reason for it he said, may be because so many years passed where the martial arts had to be practiced in secrecy. This style incorporates many of the animal...
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    Kung Fu through fresh eyes

    First, I've never been much into martial arts movies. Like so many (as I've gathered), that's how they get introduced. Sure I've watched them but were never drawn to them. What REALLY got me into martial arts branched from my love of Philosophy. I think I was studying religion, and came...
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    Slainte (cheers) from PA!

    'Lo, My name is Amy, I am from Pennsylvania. Long time fan/ avid reader of martial arts philosophies-- I've just begun practicing tae kwon do; I've gotten to yellow belt but had to leave my dojo (money and travel.. I will get to that later). I plan to continue training at home as my boyfriend...