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  1. jim777

    Smooth Jazz Metallica

    I LOVE the original version of this tune, but this version is so clever it's just as good, IMHO. Nice reharmonization under the vocal line as well :) The guy who did it put a lot of effort into it, and it really works well Anyway, smooth jazz Metallica does "Enter Sandman"! OBmM79YadYM
  2. jim777

    Sold out from under us :(

    So, we got some bad news at class the other night. It seems the Camden County, NJ, has sold the property our school sits on (it's in a 4H barn on a parcel of land) and we've got approximately 30 days left before we have to vacate. The school has been in the same place since '92, with only one...
  3. jim777

    Your most difficult pre-Dan test?

    Not counting your 1st Dan test, which are almost always "The Big Test" at any given school, which of your other tests was the most difficult for you? I'm not asking which of the kup/kyu tests you think is the most difficult (as that would be totally subjective), but which one was the most...
  4. jim777

    United Breaks Guitars

    I love this song. Besides being funny, and true, it's simply a great little tune :) If I had a Taylor 710 (an expensive, NICE guitar) broken on me by folks who could only thow it around, I'd be furious! This guy's reaction is far better, and will likely get his issue resolved I'm thinking ;)...
  5. jim777

    another 'what should I ask?' at this school thread

    This school opened about a mile from my house about a year or so ago. I haven't had the time to go over and check them out, as I haven't had the money for classes. Now, I'm thinking of going over and checking the place out, but I have no idea what questions I should be asking when I get there (I...
  6. jim777

    Arthritis in the wrist

    Yeah, back from the orthopedic specialist today, a guy who works on a number of the Philadelphia Flyers, and he says the wrist is screwed. A lot of the cartilage between the bones is gone, and the bones are rubbing causing all my pain. The bones under the thumb have no cartilage between...
  7. jim777

    missed a CHK seminar :(

    Due to family obligations that literally popped up at the last minute, I missed a 4 hour seminar this weekend with Master Frank Noguera. I try to get to at least one CHK seminar a year, and was really looking forward to this one. Anyone else get to it? It was at Master Brian McCann's Self...
  8. jim777

    Mexican reporter caught in shootout

    Absolutely insane footage, shot on Tuesday Feb 17th, '09. Drug gangs and the police in a Mexican border town. It's in Spanish, but that doesn't detract from the clip. (you need speakers for this, it's the sound that's the key)...
  9. jim777

    Anyone familiar with the NYC Shaolin Center?

    I'm not asking of this is authentic Shaolin, I'm just wondering if anyone has checked this school out or had any personal contact with it? It is incredibly reasonable for a NYC martial arts school, and by a very long shot (most schools are $100-$150 a month, not $400 a year) as well...
  10. jim777

    Put it right up to your head, it won't hurt you...

    Heck, you've probably done it a few times today already! jim
  11. jim777

    New Basses!

    I'm telling everybody ;) So, I took two nice guitars that I haven't been playing and traded them for basses. I used to have an EBMM Bongo that I sold, and it was a ton of fun to play, and I missed it, so I rectified that situation. I picked up a Carvin LB76 that shipped today and will...
  12. jim777

    Seido 32nd Anniversary Tournament in NYC

    In case anyone in NYC wants to see some Seido, or meet Kaicho Nakamura. Saturday, Oct. 18th, 2008 @ Hunter College 68th St. & Lexington Ave, NYC 9AM: Children's Tournament and Adult Preliminaries 4:30PM: Finals and Demonstrations Tickets: Adults $20 and kids over 5 $10 Osu! jim (Mods, if...
  13. jim777

    KI Mugen Orange label gis - anyone have one?

    I've been looking for a decent tournament cut gi, because I like the shorter arms and legs and I may want to get a few, and found these. I don't want to bother bring a bunch of gis to get tailored shorter if I can just get them that way to begin with. Does anyone have one? They seem pretty...
  14. jim777

    Congratulations to Hanshi Charles Martin!

    Just a quick note for all of the Seido folks out there, and the old school Kyokushin folks as well. Shuseki Shihan Charles Martin has been awarded his 8th Dan in Seido karate, and is now Hanshi :D Hanshi Charles is an astounding martial artist, and a wonderful human being. Congratulations...
  15. jim777

    The Shat Man can't get behind that!

    I love this guy, in my book he can absolutely do no wrong. Sorry if you've seen this one before, it isn't Rocket Man ;) jim
  16. jim777

    Guess her age

    A woman decides to have a facelift for her 50th birthday. She spends $15,000 and feels pretty good about the results. On her way home, she stops at a news stand to buy a newspaper. Before leaving, she says to the clerk, 'I hope you don't mind my asking, but how old do you think I am?' 'About...
  17. jim777

    Richard Simmons on Whose Line

    This may be old, but it was new to me! Completely off the wall :lol:
  18. jim777

    pre-test injuries

    I ended up with a broken rib from a roundhouse that got through last Friday night, and I'm going to miss my promotion test on Nov. 30th because of it. This was for the belt I should have tested for last July, but had a bone crack in my leg from a punch to the ankle (when a block would have done...
  19. jim777

    Any Seido? If so, say so!

    I've signed up a group of my co-workers for a free class for next Wednesday at the school on 23rd St. in Manhattan. I believe it is 'the dojo' of the world headquarters. They are running an intro special for new students that's $100 for 100 days. I'm already planning to join full time after the...
  20. jim777

    Anyone ever train here (in NYC)?

    The place is called World Martial Arts and they seemed nice when I went to look around. It's a nice looking school, and the instructors seemed very nice as well. I was just curious as to whether anyone here goes there, or trained there in the past. I'm considering this place for my group of 4...
  21. jim777

    Alan Lee's temple in NYC?

    I've tried the search function and haven't found any instances of anyone going to the school or being a member of the temple. Is anyone familiar with the school as it is currently? I went for a short period in 1980, but at the time beginners like myself were simply taught running in place and...
  22. jim777

    Bong Hyunf Il bo video

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone knows of an online video of this basic bong form (like the type of videos of various hyngs and katas that are floating around). I don't study Tang Soo Do, but we had a visiting instructor come to our class last week and teach this form, and I'd really like...
  23. jim777

    Bong Hyung Il Bu staff form

    We had a visiting instructor in our class last week who showed us the bo form Bong Hyung Il Bu. I thought it was really cool, as even the black belts in our class took up staffs and joined in (there are usually 6 or 7 black belt instructors in our class of about 20 or so). Anyway, I'm sure I'll...
  24. jim777

    Greetings from South Jersey

    Greetings all! I was looking through Google for some Bo forms, as they were recently shown in my school by a visiting instructor, and I found this great site. I decided to join, and take advantage of all the great knowledge that I'm sure is here. I personally am 3 weeks from my orange belt test...