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    WC for the Physically Challenged

    I've got a lot of health issues and doing high/spinning kicks and techniques involving deep stances are difficult if not damaging. I was watching the Fight Quest episode on Wing Chun and it seems as if their is little emphasis on high kicking or other techniques requiring a great deal of...
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    Discussing A Students Limitations Before Training

    I was wondering what the policy was at people's schools about having an interview or even a questionnaire to ask students if they have any limitations prior to beginning training. I always thought it was strange that I was never asked if I had any medical conditions or injuries before I began...
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    Transitions In Hyungs

    How do you learn to transition from say a back stance, 90 degrees into a front stance without thinking about it? My stances suffer I believe because I'm concentrating on something else when I transition. My instructor seems to do it without thinking about it but I've got to remember to turn...
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    2 x 13 > 31
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    "Protected by Chuck Norris",23739,25441767-5013016,00.html?referrer=email
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    Another Dobak Question

    Seeing all these dobak questions reminded me... I saw a new student last night and looking a him and myself in the mirror his dobak was crisp looking and mine was kind of, I don't want to say thread bare because it is not shabby or in need of repair but after a couple of years of use it looks...
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    How Do You Memorize Hyungs?

    Do you memorize each move or do you simply not consciously try to and just learn it through repetition? I asked one of our BB/assistants this question once and he said he memorized the name of each move. I have tried to make a diagramming method and I've found this helps me because it forces...
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    We're From the Goverment, We're Here to Help
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    Any Hearing Impaired?

    I had a hearing test a couple of weeks ago and the Audiologist found I had some hearing loss. The type of loss wasn't age or environmental so I was directed to go to a ENT specialist about it. He told me that surgery could give me back some of the loss but not all and that in any case the loss...
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    Pushups and Weight Training, What's Too Much?

    The workout week I've been trying to do goes like this: Sunday - 1hr. stationary bike at cardio pace Monday - Weight training Tuesday - TKD Wednesday - Weight training Thursday - TKD Friday - off Saturday - Weight training I've been trying to to this 5 sets of...
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    Panel Advises Against Waste of Taxpayer's Money

    ...on a national, Maryland/New York-style ballistic fingerprinting scam scheme.
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    What Do You Consider Pushups?

    I can't see others in the class doing pushups while I'm doing them. I've had instructors/aides come by while I'm doing them and complement me on my pushups. I thought I was being patronized for being the old guy but now I feel different. My instructor showed the class how he wanted...
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    Is Your Side by Side a Class III Weapon?

    According to the BATF if if ever doubled it is. So is your unmodified Ruger 10/22 or basically any semi auto that could double. Remove all breakables before you read:
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    So, Did Santa Bring You any MA Gear?

    He missed my house.
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    Opinions Sought on This Style

    I came across this site and was thinking about checking it out at one of the locations as a possible adjunct to, or in lieu of, my TKD training. My main concern is that it seems to be a unique creation of one person and should I relocate elsewhere I'd be...
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    How Have Your Goals Changed?

    Did you begin martial arts training with a goal or goals in mind and then have them changed or the priority of those goals shuffled? What were those initial goals? What are they now? Why?
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    New MA Program on The History Channel

    From the TKD Times Website: "HUMAN WEAPON Series Premieres on Friday, July 20 at 10pm ET/PT on the History Channel HUMAN WEAPON follows Jason Chambers, Americas own fighting Welterweight Champion & Bill Duff, former Pro Football Player & Wrestler, as they train with international...
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    Does Shotokan Do Less Jumping Than TKD?

    I've heard that Shotokan uses fewer jumping and high kicks than TKD. I'm curious to find out if that is true because I have arthritis and anything that would be easier on the knees would be better for me. Thanks.
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    Anyone Know Where This Is?

    From the TKD Times website: I can't find a "Midwest University" any where near St. Louis, Mo.
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    I'm Unbalanced

    Physically speaking that is. The owner and third Dan of my dojang was watching us prep for a belt test and told us that we should perform the kicks in our forms slowly. I know I don't have a lot of balance, particularly in side/roundhouse kicks. I tried practicing side kicks last night doing...
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    Indian Bruce Lee?
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    Have I Been Conned?

    Being relatively new to the MAs, I picked up a book on stretching in which the author stated that you really couldn't gain dynamic flexibility through static stretches. News to me since in class we mainly do static stretches before and after class (splits and other floor exercises). Just a...
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    WCL Fighter Passes Away

    From the World Combat League via email: In memory We are sadden by the news that WCL Fighter Erin Cantrell has passed away from acute pneumonia. This was a surprise to her family, friends and all of us in the World Combat League family. About Mrs. Cantrell Mrs. Cantrell is survived...
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    When Pimps Attack
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    DC Gun Ban Found Unconstitutional,2933,258067,00.html
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    Did Ruger Stop Making It's Pistol-Caliber Rifles?

    I went to the Ruger website and couldn't find any auto-loaders except 7.62X59, .223 and .22LR. I know they used to make a pistol caliber rifle that used pistol mags but I can't find it.
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    Where Can I Find an XXL Rib Guard?

    I just started sparring and the rib guard I got from the dojang is a bit small to say the least. It is either a Macho or Century, I'm not sure because it has the dojang's logo on it. I was told these are one-size-fits all and that is pretty much what I've found to be the case with all the...
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    Anybody Else Watch World Combat League?

    To me, WCL is a great deal better MA show than all the "Ultimate Fighter" type shows out there. They seem to mostly have some half-hearted kicks followed by a lot of boxing that ends in grappling. The WCL rules are simple but they seem very effective. You have to kick and you have points taken...