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  1. Jonathan

    Silverback Academy in Chantilly, VA?

    Well, went and bought the deal. We'll see how it goes!
  2. Jonathan

    Silverback Academy in Chantilly, VA? I'm curious about this, since it's easy for me to get to and Groupon's offering a pretty good deal for 20 KM classes ($75). Reading on the site, it looks decent, but I guess I'm trying to determine what kind of cred it really has. The instructors seem to be...
  3. Jonathan

    Is there a way to confirm this place is 'legit'?

    Ah, yeah, I know that place- it's literally across the street from my university! Thanks for your insight, folks! :asian:
  4. Jonathan

    Is there a way to confirm this place is 'legit'?

    Hi- Been some time since I've been around these forums (fora?); been working and going back to school (again! Hello IT degree!). I'm not 100% sure that the Ninjutsu sub-forum is the right place for this, but it seemed appropriate given the content of the website. I saw this advertised...
  5. Jonathan

    Haganah or Krav Maga? Does it even matter?

    Cutting to the chase a bit here- is there an easy way to determine that a school is officially affiliated with, or certified by, IKMA/IKMF/KMF/KMWW?
  6. Jonathan

    Opinions on this KM school in Northern VA?

    Thanks Spork; where did you get those details? Is it possible that some of the other instructors are, in fact, certified?
  7. Jonathan

    Opinions on this KM school in Northern VA?

    I'm wondering what you all take from the website here- it's a local school, and seems to be well-regarded by the students I've spoken to. I'm just curious how the website presents it here: The various organizations confuse me a bit, so I'm wondering if...
  8. Jonathan

    Is it any good?

    So, the school I'm considering has this on their website... how accurate a depiction is this? There seems to be numerous KM 'parent' organizations that each sound official... but how does one make sense of it? Krav Works is the ONLY Krav Maga school in the Washington, DC area that is...
  9. Jonathan

    Haganah or Krav Maga? Does it even matter?

    I keep running this question through my mind, too- there's a both a KM and Haganah school in the area. I can't speak (or shed any doubt on) the effectivenss of Haganah, but for some reason the way it's presented as 'F.I.G.H.T.' sets off some kind of 'cynic bell' in my brain, like it's trying...
  10. Jonathan

    When someone says, "Combat JKD"...

    ... what does that mean to you? I mean, I know JKD is not a style so much as a concept. The website of a school I'm considering suggests that it's basically teaching 'fighting tactics' The upside is the inclusion of escrima/kali and CSW in the mix, for...
  11. Jonathan

    The cake is NOT a lie!

    Seeing as how the mother cried when she saw it, and several people told my wife it was the best cake they'd ever tasted, I think they did. Thanks! :)
  12. Jonathan

    The cake is NOT a lie!

    So, my wife was asked to do a cake for a co-workers' son's bar mitzvah. We decided it'd be our gift to him, as all of the places that would do it charged something in the several hundreds of dollars on up. The result of my wife's baking skills (single oven, using only 5 dowel rods and...
  13. Jonathan

    Best retail magazine?

    In my search for good quality reading (non-electronic) material in subjects I enjoy, I've been perusing the newsstands for MMA mags... so far I've seen Fight! and, IIRC, Grappling (though I think it recently changed names). Do any of you have an opinion as to which one is better, or have an...
  14. Jonathan

    Helio Gracie, RIP

    Ah, so it is- apologies. I really should peruse this site more and become more familiar with the different areas!
  15. Jonathan

    Helio Gracie, RIP

    I didn't see this news in this forum, unless I'm just going blind...;_ylt=AsExQlvMwJR2wF9xT.1NSYA9Eo14?slug=ys-mmaweekly012909&prov=yhoo&type=lgns Sad to hear... can't imagine what MMA/BJJ would be like without his influence.
  16. Jonathan

    Good role models?

    Just curious- of the MMA fighters that are seen in 'the public eye', who would you suggest is a good role model? Someone upstanding, 'clean', etc.?
  17. Jonathan

    Looks like it is over

    This, folks, is history. Though I voted Democrat, I raise a glass to the Republicans who treated this election with a fair and just eye, and voted based on truth and love of country.
  18. Jonathan

    If The Other Party Wins....

    Never underestimate the smallness of thought in large groups. That said- I'm awfully proud of my country... our country. This is history, and those of us who voted were part of it.
  19. Jonathan

    Krav Maga- determination drills?

    I've seen some Youtube clips of 'determination drills'- where a student puts on headgear (and sometimes gloves), is set in the midst of 4 or 5 students and/or instructors with kicking pads, and then told to spin in place while those around him kind of 'buttress' him/her with the pads to kind of...
  20. Jonathan

    So, good martial arts mags and periodicals?

    Hey all- I know has it's own magazine (into which I'm going to look shortly). My understanding is that it's PDF only, is that correct? Not a problem- I do have a preference for print, but I understand and appreciate the benefits of utilizing PDF as a means of getting the word out...
  21. Jonathan

    Berzerker style fighting. No, really!

    Y'know, I'm inclined to think that he's actually posting as multiple users... note how many are 'convinced' of the art's effectiveness. All of which just makes it even FUNNIER. :D
  22. Jonathan

    Store employee fired for stopping shoplifter

    Most retail stores tell employees to not get involved with a shoplifter as a CYA maneuver- stores don't want to get sued by employees who get hurt on shift. At least, this is how it was explained to me. I wonder though- since the person is a shoplifter, are they still a 'customer'? I mean...
  23. Jonathan

    Berzerker style fighting. No, really! I'm cracking up at the site. I mean, it might be legit for all I know (however unlikely), but every time I read 'Berzerker', I get this image of someone just going ape *** and flailing their arms about while screaming. That, and I keep singing...
  24. Jonathan

    USMC Christmas/Written by a Marine

    I've seen this before, but I always love reading it. It's particularly touching, since my former Marine reserve unit deployed to Iraq again on 12/3. They're in Kuwait last I heard, not sure when they'll pass the line of departure. I fully intend on sending them care packages once I get an...
  25. Jonathan

    Capoeira- what's it like for a beginner?

    Not at all! If you'll forgive the analogy- in the world of martial arts, Capoeira is one of those cities I've never visited but always wanted to. :) So, it's a bit like saying "I'm so much better, I don't even HAVE to actually strike you."? I think I understand what you're saying. :)
  26. Jonathan

    Capoeira- what's it like for a beginner?

    Thanks for the anecdote! Actually, the 'culture' surrounding capoeira interests me too... the 'baptism' of which you speak, is this part of capoeira training (as opposed to a typical 'belt promotion' in other styles), or was it something specific to your group? And nicknames? Are those...
  27. Jonathan

    BJJ testing- what's it like?

    I mean, I know it changes from instructor to instructor/school to school, but what kind of criteria do they look for to advance a student? Does the student necessarily have to *win* a match, or just show that they're able to use techniques appropriately (as opposed to letting opportunities pass...
  28. Jonathan

    [BJJ] Colors of gis?

    Kind of what I thought- I was just curious. So it's largely practical (differentiating competitors while grappling), and just individual taste, then. Thanks all!
  29. Jonathan

    [BJJ] Colors of gis?

    Ah, see, that makes sense- not unlike different color boxing trunks in western boxing. That's the kind of thing I'd like to know- is there a practical and/or deeper meaning (such as red signifying courage, that kind of thing)? Or is it just that- a means of separating one competitor from another?
  30. Jonathan

    [BJJ] Colors of gis?

    Hey all- I think I might already know the answer, but wanted to hear from people actually in the know. Is there any understood significance in different colors of gis? Is it just an individual preference/style thing? Are there understood 'rules' as to when/where non-white gis may be worn...