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  1. Bill Mattocks

    Do you still go to your class?

    I'm avoiding this forum for the duration. I'm afraid I cannot read the ill-informed drivel being passed as medical fact without losing my temper. My wife is sick. We're in the age range that is most at risk of death. Those walking around with few or no symptoms because they're young and fit...
  2. Bill Mattocks

    Do you still go to your class?

    My dojo was closed by order of the governor of Michigan. I am working from home as I am in a high risk category (age and diabetes). My wife is sick.
  3. Bill Mattocks

    Kyu rank promotions

    One of our students mothers took this video of me promoting one of our young students tonight. Hopefully it will show up in the link above. Edit: I guess not. My apologies. I can't delete this or I would.
  4. Bill Mattocks

    Open or closed hands whilst fighting or sparring?

    I have had my hand broken while trying to block a kick with an open hand. However I tend to keep my hands open anyway for the reasons given regarding parties and deflections. If I am sparring someone who keeps causing me to jam my fingers, I'll close them. But not tight, that drains energy.
  5. Bill Mattocks

    Long/exaggerated/deep stances... unhealthy?

    Stances are to provide stability and a platform from which to deliver power. Moving between stances (transitions) has another set of requirements. My personal opinion is that there is often a tradeoff required between a very stable stance and the ability to rapidly transition between them. As...
  6. Bill Mattocks

    'Returning to the root' of your martial art

    Did someone say tubes? I rebuild tube amps as a hobby, and I listen to vinyl records.
  7. Bill Mattocks

    'Returning to the root' of your martial art

    Not that I recall, sorry.
  8. Bill Mattocks

    Smash glass bottles with your fist!

    I wouldn't recommend it, but that's just my opinion. For one thing, from what I could see in the first video (didn't watch the second one), that wasn't a 'punch', that was a backfist. And it was a weak backfist at that. It had speed, but lacked power. Perhaps some styles use that format for...
  9. Bill Mattocks

    'Returning to the root' of your martial art

    I was in Okinawa 37 years ago - 1983. Same.
  10. Bill Mattocks

    'Returning to the root' of your martial art

    I think that despite all the modern advantages we have today, they had some parameters to deal with that we do not. No phone. No TV. No social media. And in many cases, actual danger to deal with. So they had the time to work on their self-defense techniques without distractions, and for...
  11. Bill Mattocks

    'Returning to the root' of your martial art

    I train under an instructor who trained under two instructors, both of whom were students of the founder. I am third-generation, so to speak. We do have frequent contact with other first-generation students of the founder, who assist us in keeping our training as close as possible to what the...
  12. Bill Mattocks

    The proper method to develop MA skill

    My opinion is that martial arts is about so much more than that.
  13. Bill Mattocks

    Movement as a requirement

    Unfortunately I am on four oral diabetes meds so I'm out of alternatives. When this latest one stops working, it's insulin.
  14. Bill Mattocks

    Movement as a requirement

    Yes, he does. Thanks for telling me so I'd read it.
  15. Bill Mattocks

    Movement as a requirement

    I'm diabetic and don't really drink, try to avoid sugar. I drink diet drinks or water. My weight gain started when I was put on a new medication, which lists weight gain as a possible side effect. My blood sugar is great, a1c is 6.9. But my weight is up 30 pounds in 6 months. My work has a...
  16. Bill Mattocks

    Movement as a requirement

    I do have you on ignore. I'm sorry but you irritate me, which is my problem, not yours. I'm responding here because you have a valid point. Thank you.
  17. Bill Mattocks

    Movement as a requirement

    When I began training in isshinryu, my cardio was horrible. I was very much lacking in cardio fitness, and I came home drenched in sweat and wrung out after every class. Even as my cardio improved, as my general fitness increased, I still burned a lot of energy in every class. After all this...
  18. Bill Mattocks

    Different 'focus' in forms training

    In house kata are fine. We have several. But they are not part of the system, and we ensure we explain that. Learning to use weapons such as sai, I performed some of our open hand kata with the weapon, which required me to think differently about the meaning behind each block, strike, stance...
  19. Bill Mattocks

    Different 'focus' in forms training

    We have 8. It is more than enough.
  20. Bill Mattocks

    Meridian and Vital Point Death Touch

    I don't know what I don't know. I suspect that such things do not exist. I can imagine how a person could suffer internal injuries from a fight that do not manifest immediately, or which aggravate existing conditions resulting in delayed injury or death. Such things, having been observed, beg...
  21. Bill Mattocks

    Assist instructor requirement

    In our dojo, students tend to start giving back at green belt. Not everyone can. Not everyone does. It's not a requirement for promotion in the kyu (under black belt) ranks. By the last level of brown belt (we have three), most students are doing at least something in the way of teaching...
  22. Bill Mattocks

    Thoughts on the "what martial art should I take for self-defense" question

    This question has been around forever and it will probably be around forever. The correct answer is always "it depends," followed by an interrogatory that seldom varies. Different people will find different answers based on traversing that decision tree. Unfortunately, newcomers tend not to...
  23. Bill Mattocks

    Closing the doors....

    My respect and admiration for all concerned.
  24. Bill Mattocks

    Merry Kickmas

    From Sensei Santa.
  25. Bill Mattocks

    Virginia to ban all forms of self defense

    People believe hysterical rants and either cannot or will not simply read the text of the actual bill. Good grief, what a pack of ninnies.
  26. Bill Mattocks

    What if you were offered your dream job, but had to take a 30% pay cut?

    I'm at the other end of my career. I got tired of driving 2 hours every day and working 60 hours a week. Took a pay cut for a job 10 miles from home that believes in a 40 hour work week. I'm happy.
  27. Bill Mattocks

    How long do you think you'd last?

    I'm originally a country boy, and a Marine. I can start a fire and build a shelter and hunt / fish. I know where and how to find clean water. Realistically though, I'm old and need several medications just to stay alive. I suspect I would not last long. My priority would be getting back to...
  28. Bill Mattocks

    Combat Sambo vs Pankration vs Muay Thai vs Salit

    Thus proving my point. Goodbye.