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  1. WC_lun

    Obama finally plans to raise minimum wage

    Every time this issue has come up in the past, the same old arguements about it will cost jobs and increase unemployment are used. Historically the opposite has been true. The economy has grown and as a result jobs increase. I admitt that some companies who pay thier employees minimum wage...
  2. WC_lun

    Is China Gearing Up For War With Japan?

    China is not going to do anything serious unless Japan does something really stupid, like fire upon a Chinese naval ship or something. China will do what it thinks is in its best interest, much as the US does. War, particularly which would involve a major ecomic trading partner is not in thier...
  3. WC_lun

    Nwes Flash: Pope Resigning

    He said he was not strong enough to continue. I wonder if the next pope will be a reformer or not.
  4. WC_lun

    Poor sense of philosophy and history

    I find your post to be a bit self important, haughty, and a huge generality. I personally know of many martial arts teachers that do not promote children to black sash/belt. I also know many that are very intteligent and scholarly, doing quite a bit of research into martial history and other...
  5. WC_lun

    Drones in the Press .. again.

    I still canot come to a conclusion for myself on this. I am extremely uncomfortable with killing American citizens without due process. I'm also a bit uncomfortable with even assasinating foriegn nationals. Both set precedence that would very easily be abused. I'm also very uncomfortable...
  6. WC_lun

    Ways to escape without fighting?

    I have to admit, inj my mind, someone says fight training, I automatically think one of two things, it is training for a sporting combat match or training for self defense. The advice offered on the blog and in a couple of threads here make me believe niether is happening here. So what...
  7. WC_lun

    FASD Street Fighting Strategy

    Oh for goodness sakes, you are selling books to advise others on "how to fight"?!?! You are not qualified to do so. Your advise will get someone hurt. That makes you a fraud. I know that is harsh, but it is the reality of it. Either your ego or your drive to sell your non-expert opinion...
  8. WC_lun

    So called fancy - If you can, then do...

    For me its a risk vs reward thing. Sure I can do fancy, but I much prefer to keep to the less risky options. If I gotta fight, I'm not doing it to impress anyone, I'm doing it because I have to. My first priority is getting out safe, not proving that the 360 jumping roundhouse kick can work...
  9. WC_lun

    Wing Chun sparring basics

    As Tez said, what you are going through is normal. To progress and get better, train your tail off and trust that training. If you understand and implement WC training, your centerline (includes your nose) will be very difficult to strike. It takes knowing what you train worls and the...
  10. WC_lun

    Dancing or 'Kata'?

    It is a pretty performance. The things that make me think it is more dance is in a lot of places she would lose her weapon if it hit another sword or shield. Also in many places the edge is not leading the cut...makes it hard to actually cut a target. :) When she does the dual swords I am...
  11. WC_lun

    New video: Wing Chun against Boxing

    That pretty good :) Western Boxing was one of the first things I did. It definitley has its' strengths. Wing Chun does work against it. The OP did a diservice to Wing Chun because it claimed to be against boxing, but there really was no western boxing.
  12. WC_lun

    Chinese martial arts in China question

    I know the history part of Wing Chun can be very hard to decode because the Chinese government outlawed it because it was designed to be used by rebel troops. Get caught doing Wing Chun and you got killed and so did your entire family, including relatively distant relatives. That caused a lot...
  13. WC_lun

    New video: Wing Chun against Boxing

    What everyone else said. Not great Wing Chun in my opinion either.
  14. WC_lun

    Shaolin-Do Curriculum?

    Not trying to be an ***, but if your training is similiar to any of the Shaolin Do I have experienced in the past, you have no base in either the internal or external Chinese martial arts. Most of the stuff I have seen more closely resembles Japanese arts than CMA. Not that there is anything...
  15. WC_lun

    Scientific Study Says People Are Too Stupid for Democracy

    In fact there are many people who would like to study martial arts and cannot do so because of money isuues. For many years I taught underpriviledged kids and heard over and over again how grateful the kids and parents were because they could not afford a normal class. So Mak, I'm gonna have...
  16. WC_lun

    FASD Street Fighting Strategy

    Terrible freaking advice in OP. How to streetfight? Really? Its a bunch of theorycraft malarky based upon ego and fantasy. Here's the bare bones of street fighting or AKA self defense, don't put your **** in a place where you will find trouble. if you have accidently put your butt in a bad...
  17. WC_lun

    Scientific Study Says People Are Too Stupid for Democracy

    So only the educated or people who have sacrified get to vote. So what happens when they vote someone into office or pass a piece of legislation you don't like? Where does the bar raise from there? Poll taxes so only those who are 'makers' can vote? What about IQ test? Or should it be only...
  18. WC_lun

    Ways to escape without fighting?

    Don't put your body in a place where it might need to escape a violent situation, using all of the above excellent suggestions :)
  19. WC_lun

    Scientific Study Says People Are Too Stupid for Democracy

    "Also, at one time, only those “People” with something to lose; with “skin in the game”, were allowed to vote. But, that was considered unfair and over time everyone who lives here over the age of 18 can now vote; regardless of how ignorant they are." So are you saying that only people with...
  20. WC_lun

    Disrespect? Am I wrong here?

    Tend to your own house. It isn't your job to go challenge every Mcdojo out there. Sounds like your training is leaving you too much time on your hands if you have the time to worry about another school.
  21. WC_lun


    On the bright side, many of those electronic conversations happen with people from far away places, making it more difficult to think of Hassan as that Muslim out to kill Americans and that his true nature as just a friend. Like any tool, it can have its' good points and bad. It does annoy the...
  22. WC_lun

    Never practiced a martial art before

    Do not judge a style from Youtube. Remember that the posters have an agenda behind thier post. BJJ can also help you keep your feet in a situation, rather than having to go to the ground to be effective. Good BJJ is not taught to be performed from just the ground. I personally train in WC...
  23. WC_lun

    Sympathy for the devil...

    You act like this is a recent development. It isn't at all. Look at US history and the bad guys looked at as heroes. Heck, one was already mentioned, Jesse James. Then there were the gangsters in the 20's and 30's. This is not knew to modern times. It is a human flaw that we sometimes...
  24. WC_lun

    Board breaking

    Board breaking is like many of the kung fu tricks. Awsome for show, very little to do with true martial ability. I do think it is great for the confidence of beginners though.
  25. WC_lun

    Shaolin-Do Taiji and Bagua

    Blaze, It is good you enjoy your teacher and what you are learning. However, the videos you post definitley do not show even a base understanding of CMA, either Shaolin or Taoist based. There is just so much that is not proper chuan fa that I don't even know where to start. I understand you...
  26. WC_lun

    Shaolin-Do Taiji and Bagua

    Things that struck me prety quickly is not a very good root and he hangs on to the energy of his techniques way to long.
  27. WC_lun

    Wing Tai

    It is very difficult to "mix" Wing chun with another art. The engine that drives WC is not the same as used in almost every other martial art. Unless the WC is understood to a great degree, mixing the art with something else waters it down to something far less that it really is.
  28. WC_lun

    Why did Adam Lanza shoot up a classroom full of little children?

    I don't agree with this at all. There are many, many, many, children in daycare due to both parents working. most from just a few months old. Very few of them kill children when they become a teenager.
  29. WC_lun

    We Must Never Forget

    Sorry Tez, I will never pronounce "Jauguar" like you :) It just sounds...wrong :)
  30. WC_lun

    'Horrific' scene after teen allegedly shoots parents, siblings

    I saw that same info on CNN and later both Yahoo and Time.