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    Texas schools revive paddling

    No, I do not see. Were I to have any advance warning of anything threatening my children, I could and certainly would prevent it by legal means - obtaining a court injunction, exhausting the school hearing processes, mounting a media campaign, using an advocacy group, removing my child from...
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    Texas schools revive paddling

    When it comes to protecting my children, I'm not looking to be an example. I'll take any and all the condemnation anyone wants to hand out. But if anyone hurts my children, most especially with a weapon, I will find them and deal with them. No discussion, no exceptions. One need not like or...
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    Good Guys 1..Bad Guys 0

    Given the very limited facts available as of this time, I wouldn't be so quick to draw conclusions here...... "a heated argument" could be many things.
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    Tito Ortiz, woman beater

    I have no idea which of these demented lunatics is telling the truth, if either. What this shows is that we need to stop romanticizing what the "stars" lives must be like...... as this.... and Tiger Woods.... and endless political scanals show, the Stars have problems just like average folk...
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    Robbery victim fights back, shoots suspect

    Sadly, there are all too many cases in the USA of various bad/stupid/undeserving guys successfully suing in civil courts...
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    Robbery victim fights back, shoots suspect

    The UK is a wonderful nation, a good friend to us....and needs no guidance from me on how to run things there. However, I am glad that I live in the USA where I do not face the awful choice to either: 1) passively accept being robbed and possibly murdered, or 2) face jail for taking necessary...
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    Wanted to say Hello to all

    Welcome! Hope to read more from you...
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    Media Leave "South Park" Creators Out to Dry

    Since the beginning. There's this Commandment: Thou shalt not take the Name of Thy Lord, Thy God in vain.... should clue most anyone in that an "art" exhibit entitled "Piss Christ" would be highly offensive. Who's kidding who here? Tell me that artist did not know, indeed intend, to offend...
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    Media Leave "South Park" Creators Out to Dry

    This has nothing to do with only Muslims being disrespected for living "in the West". Right here in the West, Christians are expected to tolerate splendid "art" such as Piss Christ, a crucifix submerged in a jar of urine. If that be protected, the Muslims in the West must tolerate cartoons of...
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    Nature hoists Europe back in time

    Odd.... the Weather Channel shows a sudden severe thunderstorm forming right over your region... haven't seen that much red on the map in quite awhile...
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    Nature hoists Europe back in time

    There are really 2 issues here.... the first is whether the European decision to ground flights had any scientific basis. On Sukerkin's prior thread I cited an example of an airliner losing all 4 engines in a volcanic ash cloud; there are also data from Mt Saint Helens as cited by Haakon. Do...
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    So, who wants to buy a condo!

    So what region are you headed for? Hopefully not one of our Peoples Republics in the Northeast...... I say that because the state motto here could be, "Yes it CAN get a lot worse"
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    We're half way done.

    Kids are half done, Mom's half baked and hope you didn't buy the full problem package......
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    Texas schools revive paddling

    Simply because violence is state sanctioned does not make it legitimate or appropriate or beneficial. People seeing things differently than I do makes them neither health hazards nor unintelligent. Anecdotally, we have 4 children who are wonderful human beings without our having raised a hand...
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    Volcanic Danger or Health and Safety Farce?

    There's a story on CNN Travel website that a jet attempting to fly through an ash cloud in 1982 temporarily lost all four engines.
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    "martial arts specialist ninja" (ninjer) arrested

    The "specialist" ninja do not need valid drivers licenses.
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    Texas schools revive paddling

    What, sir, is wrong with a "sense of annoyance"? I, personally. hope that I annoy the piss out of this Forum each and every week. I do not say that in any hateful or spiteful or malign sense whatsoever. But, Sukerkin, this world is slipping into Hell...... and I'd rather not go quietly. We...
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    Hello everyone!

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    Texas schools revive paddling

    If there was a thread about a new city law allowing misbehaving dogs to be whipped in public, the screams would be deafening..... somehow its okay to do it to human children, though. :confused: As others have noted, the potential for lawsuits and sexual abuse claims is significant. Can't we...
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    Teen Sold Stepsister For Sex

    Which is more disgusting: that a teen would sell her 7 year old sister to a crowd for sex... or that she had so many apparent takers? Already the stories are emphasizing that the accused's rights were supposedly violated by police... and one can be sure the juvenile system will vomit the 15...
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    It's official! I've got my own class.

    Congrats! This is a huge vote of confidence in you by your teacher!
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    New here

    Welcome - we look forward to seeing some of your insights in the Chinese arts section.
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    In the woods - trying something a bit different

    The rest of us can only hope to see more Carol + Shelley "debates", supported with ample photos from each side.....
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    Steven Seagal sued for allegedly keeping sex slaves

    Anybody can sue anybody for anything.... proving it, now that is something else. Anybody can make allegations. Famous people, deservedly in some cases and falsely in others, are frequent lawsuit targets. I would say let's see what evidence surfaces....
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    30th Anniversary of Terry Fox Run

    This is a terrific personal story and a wonderful Canadian story. It deserves to be remembered. If memory serves, Canada Post issued a postage stamp in his honor.
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    I was promoted to Yon Kyu (Blue Belt) tonight

    If you feel half dead, this was a worthwhile test. Beware the ones where you walk off thinking "that was nothing".... later you will realize that, sadly, is exactly right. If you feel you could be much better, then you have learned the greatest lessons from this test. See - good guys do...
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    The US is a Banana Republic With No Bananas According to IMF Experts

    I think this is 'on the money' with regards to corporate perversion of our political process. The very notion of this huge corporate political expenditure being in any way a "contribution" is simple fiction.... when you give to the American Cancer Society, that is a contribution. When huge sums...
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    Newest family member

    Two years ago, we got a small black lab puppy from a breeder for my Mom as a companion. He was a maybe a little smaller than your guy; Coal is now enormous but has the same affectionate manner. Look at the paws - you, too, will grow a huge dog.
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    Justice John Paul Stevens retiring, who replaces him?

    I believe Orrin Hatch actually raised Hillary Clinton.... Wonder which way she'd vote?