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  1. MBuzzy

    Moving to San Antonio

    So I just got orders to move to Randolph AFB in San Antonio, TX. So what good studios are there in SA? Particularly Korean, but I would like to hear about good Aikido too. Also, anything else good to do in San Antonio would be good too. We'll be there for 3 years with a 16 month old (now)...
  2. MBuzzy

    Back after an extended hiatus

    Hey everyone! I thought I'd just drop in here, since I've been gone for so long. For those of you that still remember me, Hi! I'm glad to be back - I've missed this place a lot! For all of the new people, my name is Craig Mills. I joined the board back in 2006 while I was in Korea. I've...
  3. MBuzzy


    There was just an article in our local paper about a high school grad going up to Connecticut to be an Uchi-deshi in Kykoshin. I was wondering how common this is in the US? Are there still a lot of dojos that offer it? How about in Japan?
  4. MBuzzy

    Linear vs Spiral training in Aikido

    So my first question is, how does your dojo train? And more importantly is one way "standard" or more common in Aikido? When I trained in Aikido, we did strictly spiral training....which is a hard paradigm shift for me....but is a great way to learn. If you're not familiar with what I'm...
  5. MBuzzy

    Lights in eyes

    I have started noticing something about eyes in photos. You frequently see the reflection of a window, light source, sun, etc reflected in a person's eyes in a closer portrait. I also know that there are photoshop actions specifically designed to capture this effect and ADD it to eyes and...
  6. MBuzzy

    McKenzie Familiy Shoot

    Just did a shoot a few days ago and wanted to post some pics for opinions. These are the edited, photoshopped versions. They got a great deal of standard, "uneffected" pics also. These are some of our favorites though.
  7. MBuzzy

    Equipment Insurance

    I have just been dealing with this, so I thought I'd share what I found out. We're getting up to a LOT of equipment, worth a lot of money now, so I've been looking in to insurance. WELL, if you are using your camera equipment for a hobby, it is fully covered under your homeowner's insurance...
  8. MBuzzy

    Stealing photographs

    My wife spends a lot of time on some other message boards and they recently got into a very heated discussion about this topic, so I wanted to see what we had to say. So we had an issue happen to us a few months ago. We went to photograph a horse show (20-50 shots of every horse/rider...
  9. MBuzzy

    Pampers cause chemical burns.... So social networking strikes again.... My wife and I recently ran out of our pampers.....which we loved. Much more than when we tried huggies. Then these news stories came I...
  10. MBuzzy


    Do any of you use fisheye lenses? What mm do you prefer?
  11. MBuzzy

    Printing Releases

    We just ran into a new problem, curious if anyone has heard of this. It is actually a GOOD THING in general.... We sold a CD of some photos to someone, with full rights to them. When they took the photos to a Lab to be printed (just a walmart/CVS kind of place), they refused to print the...
  12. MBuzzy

    Mudo Chulhak

    If anyone has every heard of it, before GM Hwang Kee died, he wrote another book called the Mudo Chulhak - or Martial Philosophy. Does anyone have a copy of it or for that matter have heard of it? I have seen a copy, but never read it, I am excited to get my copy, but I'm curious if anyone has...
  13. MBuzzy

    Translation Assistance

    Anyone up for a challenge? My dad found these while going through my grandfather's WWII stuff. We tried an American Japanese linguist, but the characters are in an older Japanese kind of cursive. We would LOVE to have this translated if anyone can help at all.....
  14. MBuzzy

    Capt Jenna Wilcox

    A good friend of mine, Capt Jenna Wilcox died recently in a freak accident in Scotland. She and her husband both returned from Afghanistan a few weeks ago and were on vacation together in Scotland. Apparently they had to change out a tire, but couldn't store it in the trunk because it was full...
  15. MBuzzy

    The outsourcing of the US Military

    Another thread started to touch on Military outsourcing. This is becoming a huge issue now as we use contracts to fill a lot of gaps that we either don't have the manning, funding, or capability to fulfill. Outsourcing is particularly hitting the support world hard. Civil Engineering...
  16. MBuzzy

    New Baby Coming Friday

    We just had our last Doctor's appointment today and we're on for a C-Section on Friday morning. This is our first kid and we're really excited....although a little nervous. His name will be Logan Edward Mills. I will post updates when I get back to a computer after the baby is born.
  17. MBuzzy

    White Balance Issue

    Ok, I'm using a Nikon D300, with an SB-900 External Flash unit and SB-10 battery pack. My problem is that when I take the SAME picture, with the SAME light and all other setting equal (on a tri-pod, pictures taken back to back), the camera is wildly adjusting the white balance. If I take 3...
  18. MBuzzy

    Dealing with Competitors

    We have a horse show photo shoot coming up this weekend. The problem is that the show organizer doesn't want to put us on official contract or "commit" to us being the "Official Show Photographer." My concern with this is that our only competitor in the area also shows up. I'm just having...
  19. MBuzzy

    Studios in Korea

    So those of you who have visited or lived in Korea - I'm curious what your experience in relation to the studios there was. First, how did you find the studios in general? Would you say that the quality of facility is above or below that of the US? Second, What was the breakout of what...
  20. MBuzzy

    Leave your kids at home....

    Ok, bit of a rant here.... I just went to a performance of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (full piece), plus his March Miniture, Piano Concerto, and Serenade for Strings. 4 incredible pieces of music, VERY talented Symphony. Ticket prices reflected that of course. I also spent the entire 2...
  21. MBuzzy

    How do you choose pictures????

    Ok, so we tried something interesting at the show this weekend. As the shots were taken, we downloaded them to the computer and let people see their pictures between their competition classes. We had them write their favorite photos down while they were doing it. Well, when we got home and...
  22. MBuzzy

    Removal of Shadow?

    What do you guys think of this photo? Particularly, should we use Photoshop to remove the sunlight and extend the shadow on the ground? We had someone buy the photo yesterday to display - it was just a random person though, not someone who owned the horse, they just liked it. We're...
  23. MBuzzy

    Cross Fit

    Has anyone else tried the Cross Fit program? Today is my second day and I am in a huge amount of pain - just curious what others perceptions of long term benefits of the program are. I've heard good and bad things.
  24. MBuzzy


    We have been having a lot of discussions on what our rates should be. I'd like to have a discussion and possibly compare what others are charging for their photography. I know that there is a chasm of difference between portraiture of people and horses or glamour shots versus horse show shots...
  25. MBuzzy

    Insurance protocol

    I will be picking up some students in the next few weeks and I'm wondering what you think the insurance protocol may be? These will be a few independent students, basically in my back yard or in public parks, so no real school affiliation. My worry is that when dealing with pointy objects or...
  26. MBuzzy

    Tang Soo Do (Soo Bahk Do) Volume 2

    Well, after 4 years of searching, I finally found and purchased my own copy of the Soo Bahk Do Volume II text in Hangul. There have been several questions regarding the book, its contents and the "lost forms" that have popped up over the last few years. I can finally lay some of these to...
  27. MBuzzy

    New Photography business

    So here is my wife's new website for everyone to check out. Please feel free to offer any advice, comments or suggestions that you have! We're just getting started so constructive critique is appreciated!
  28. MBuzzy

    Odd phone call....

    My wife recently started an Equine Photography business in our area. Meaning she ONLY shoots horses and horse shows - kind of a niche market. There are no other local photographers who specialize in horses, but a few who take the jobs. It is way too small of a market to make a full time...
  29. MBuzzy

    First "live" sword

    Well, I just got my first "live" sharp sword. It is a samgakdo from a chinese forge. Very inexpensive, but high quality for the price. I consider this my "starter sword." Just to give myself a start and some practice on straw cutting and fruit cutting. A few times a year isn't going to cut...
  30. MBuzzy

    Technique Variations

    I'm wondering how many variations there are to a certain technique? For example, Shomenuchi Ikkyo, you have an omote and an ura variation. But beyond that, are there multiple ways to execute shomenuchi ikkyo? The name only implies the attack and the way that the wrist is being manipulated (if...