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    Cold weather training from a jkd pov

    Sitting here wearing a Coach Jeff Burger tshirt and smiling, knowing cold weather will be hitting Canada soon. It's in the 30's today.
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    ways criminal assault their victims

    The Jack Benny stance. First time I've seen Shrek used as an example. May have to update the reference for the younger generations.
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    Does anyone think Spirtiuality/Magick/Mysticism/Occultism is very neglected in European swordsmanship (and HEMA in general)?With how Catholic it was?

    Obviously it is up to you to found a HEMA school replete with religious symbolism and statues so that the true art can be once again appreciated by those of of us who are mere mortals devoid of the arcane knowledge you so obviously possess. Then you could franchise it. McBullsherdogo.
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    Can you theoretical people stop talking about jabs in fight videos as if you actually have brains?

    Is "brutal honesty" code for I'm socially inept and don't know how to speak to people in a semi civilized manner? I mean, if we're being brutally honest.
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    I need to find a place with a large emphasis on sparring. There seems to be none in my area. How the F am I supposed to learn how to fight?

    Without answers to these questions, the OP is just ranting and there is nothing anyone here can do to change his position.
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    ways criminal assault their victims

    Look up Craig Douglas (Southnarc) of Shivworks. Look up Dr. William Aprill (RIP). Check out Greg Ellifritz on Active Response Training. That will keep you busy for a long time going down the rabbit hole. And yes, I have trained personally with each one of these men, so am vouching from...
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    What has happened to Japanese Ju Jitsu in the UK?

    Kata Garuma was banned due to leg contact, not because it was/is inherently dangerous. It is the same reason other techniques like Morote Gari were banned from IJF competition, you cant touch opponent below the belt.
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    Multiple MMA gyms?

    You rich? You can go to as many gyms as you can afford. Most people go to one gym for convenience and budget reasons.
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    What do you believe is the powerful technique in unarmed, martial arts combat?

    So it stands to reason that if an extremely powerful throw didn't work, its the fault of the thrower, not the throw.
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    What do you believe is the powerful technique in unarmed, martial arts combat?

    Which proves your Uchi Mata sucks. How much Judo experience do you have?
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    best lethal grip breaks

    Punch a black belt in the face, he becomes a brown belt. Punch him again, purple... Carlson Gracie
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    Or being thrown by a white belt. I've never been seriously hurt when being thrown by someone who knows what they're doing, but have had a dislocated shoulder when a white belt lost his balance while throwing me, and had a broken wrist from a caveman strong white belt who used waay too much...
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    Who would you train under

    The only time I am aware of GSP teaching was back in 2006 when some friends had him booked for a seminar here in Ottawa. Between the time of booking him for the seminar and the seminar date, he won the UFC championship for this first time. The increase in his popularity had the seminar moved...
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    Question on different stick fight styles

    Why can't you poke that hard with a cane or stick? I know I can put a serious dent in a car door with a cane, and am sure I could bust ribs with a short stroke with a cane or stick. If anything, because you are concentrating all the power of the thrust into an area of less than 1", a poke...
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was thinking Greco-Roman or Freestyle wrestling. Momentarily forgot about Catch or submission wrestling.
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    I'm going to guess you were a child when you trained judo. They tend to not teach chokes, strangles or armbars to little kiddies PS. where do you think the Mata de Leo (rear naked choke comes from? Or the triangle choke? Or just about any other choke in BJJ? With your extensive knowledge...
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    In 9 months of training, you never did any randori? You never did grip fighting? The only matches in judo that start with opponents having their hands on each other is for blind people. Do you learn individual techniques from the position? Yes. If you were taught that free fighting(randori)...
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    Question on different stick fight styles

    You would be better off to hold a cane like a baseball bat than like a katana.
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    Unquestionably, one of them would win. Unless it's the other one. In that case, it's them.
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    Newb Needing Direction

    So, somewhere in the Nashville, Miami, Atlanta area? i
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    I no longer care about Jeet Kune Do

    Wow, and I'm not even a provincial judo champ.
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    I no longer care about Jeet Kune Do

    Fascinating comment. says everybody else can't read, tells a moderator and staff member he(GP Seymour)just wants to fit in with the site.
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    I no longer care about Jeet Kune Do

    "Prior to meeting Bruce, Jesse studied Judo primarily. He excelled as a Judo player, winning many tournaments against higher ranking belts due to his superior technique." Jesse Glover. Hmm, in his book, Jesse doesn't claim to be a national judo champ. On the Seattle Non Classical Gung Fu...
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    I no longer care about Jeet Kune Do

    Can you point out where (time stamp) in this video James Demile states that Jesse was a national judo champ? I hear him say he won tournaments, nobody has argued against that.
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    Push on your opponent's shoulder when he punches you

    It's called sport jiu jitsu. That is the name of the competition style, sport jiu jitsu.
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    I no longer care about Jeet Kune Do

    what it says about my intellect is that I'm forced to use deductive reasoning, common sense and the ability to differentiate between primary and secondary sources of information. You are obviously not limited by such things Why haven't I disproved his students claims? I've questioned the claims...