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  1. Kong Soo Do

    Self Reliance Illustrated

    A while back I had a thread on the magazine, Self Reliance Illustrated. I had all of the issues linked and pics of the cover. I was also a Mod on their forum. It was an excellent publication and every issue was full of useful information from experts and ordinary folks that lived the life...
  2. Kong Soo Do

    Taurus PT111 G2

    I've recently purchased two of the G2's. I was looking for a good CCW gun for my wife and also something smaller than my off duty Glock 19 for when I needed to carry differently (IWB vs. OWB). I have had Glock 26's before and liked them quite a bit so that was my first thought. I discounted...
  3. Kong Soo Do

    The Effectiveness Of Concealed Carry: This Is The Most Important Video Youll Watch

    The Effectiveness Of Concealed Carry: This Is The Most Important Video Youll Watch, Part 1 This video has a lot of good information in it. First they have a decent cross-section of shooters and range of experience. From 6 hours training to 50 hours of training. This brings up some points...
  4. Kong Soo Do

    TKD and self defense - a look at qualifications

    Through the years we've of course had numerous threads on TKD and self defense i.e. TKD is great for self defense or TKD sucks for self defense or TKD was never designed for self-defense etc. What I'd like to look at is the 'why' for a person's perspective on TKD. If 'you' feel that TKD is...
  5. Kong Soo Do

    What would we do if the lights went out?

    What would we do if the lights went out
  6. Kong Soo Do

    Kata bunkai for self defense

    For quite a while now we've had a plethora of threads on sparring, kata and bunkai, as it pertains to self defense and sport. I figured that it would be interesting, and hopefully productive to have a thread where practitioners of kata, who feel kata has self defense value, to discuss which...
  7. Kong Soo Do

    Since we're doing commercials ;)

    I like this one...
  8. Kong Soo Do

    Just wanted to share...

    Just found out... One of my 6th Dans is now working in Iraq as part of an international engineering program tasked with rebuilding several of the cities. He's back for the holidays and we had the chance to get together and fellowship. He's now training members of his engineering team in Kong...
  9. Kong Soo Do

    Hapidoish Taekwondo Training

    Who's TKD training also incorporates Hakidoish techniques? To be more specific, not someone who takes both but rather someone that takes TKD exclusively but the training also encompasses things often associated with Hapkido such as locks, throws, chokes etc. If so, at what level does this kick...
  10. Kong Soo Do

    What is your main focus?

    In your TKD training, what is your primary focus for training? And what is the goal of your focus? For example, if you train in TKD for sport, is your goal to compete at some level? What is it about TKD that best facilitates you achieving this goal?
  11. Kong Soo Do

    TKD tips and tactics

    This thread is also devoted to Terry and designed to pump life into this section :wavey: Okay, just as in the other thread, TKD is the art that can be both a sport and self-defense art. If you are involved in TKD as a sport, what tips and tactics could you offer someone also training with...
  12. Kong Soo Do

    In support of TKD

    I devote this thread to Terry :wavey: Okay, TKD...the art that can be both a sport and a self defense art. If you train in TKD as a sport (or as a hobby, exercise, social outlet etc) what do you like about it? What is your favorite aspect of training? What would you like to see change? And...
  13. Kong Soo Do

    If the power went out - poll

    I moderate a couple of different forums that discuss emergency preparedness and self reliance skill. I started a poll in regards to the level of preparedness of the individuals participating in the poll. I wanted to try this same poll in a forum that wasn't necessarily devoted to this specific...
  14. Kong Soo Do

    What is a BOB, GHB or EDC? What goes in one? And why the heck would I want one anyway?

    Survival and Emergency Preparedness - Been talking with a lot of folks lately interested in getting into some sensible prepping. So I started the above linked thread on the SEP board for them to reference. It is a work in progress and I will add content as the time permits...
  15. Kong Soo Do

    My new position as the USG of the World Sport Karate Federation

    Receive great news that I was nominated for a position in the World Sport Karate Federation. I'm sure it was an oversight that I was nominated for a position 'in' the Federation rather than 'over' it as a whole. I'm sure it was the broken English. I'll clear that up when I take office. I...
  16. Kong Soo Do

    DIY Survival Food Bars :)
  17. Kong Soo Do

    Hapkido for 2014

    Well it's been pretty quite in the Hapkido what's your 2014 goals?
  18. Kong Soo Do

    IKSDA Videos The above link is to the video page of the International Kong Soo Do Association (IKSDA). Included are videos on the Basic 20, Mu Shin Shodan Kata, applications, self defense etc. This page will have video added as they become available from various...
  19. Kong Soo Do

    Development of a new art - question of legitimacy

    Throughout the ages, new arts have emerged from prior arts. The reasons are of course many and varied. In some cases, an instructor may have learned information outside of the traditional system and wished to incorporate the information into a new art. Perhaps he was encouraged by those...
  20. Kong Soo Do

    Self Reliance Illustrated Magazine If you haven't seen/read SRI yet, I would highly recommend it. It comes in either hard copy or e-mag formats (kindle, PDF etc). I started with ordering back issues of the premier issue and issues 1-3 ($3 each) and have been very pleased with the content...
  21. Kong Soo Do

    Tkd & hkd

    I was curious as to how many folks here with TKD training have also taken/take HKD training? Do you have/desire Dan rank in both? Do you find it quite different from one another or a very good, complimentary fit? :)
  22. Kong Soo Do

    Dual Survival Season 3

    For those that follow Dual Survival (I like the show too), here's an update if you haven't seen it yet: Quote: The popular Discovery series Dual Survival has revealed to FOX411 exclusively its new military survival star: Joseph Teti. Teti is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces...
  23. Kong Soo Do

    550 paracord wrapped sheath

    I re-wrapped my Mora knife tonight. Thought I'd share it :)
  24. Kong Soo Do

    EDC/Survival kit

    I wanted to start this thread off with a YT video someone did on Cody Lundin's recommended survival kit (from Cody's book, "98.6 Degrees The Art of Keeping Your *** Alive").
  25. Kong Soo Do

    2013 IKSDA seminar - free to all

    2013 Annual International Kong Soo Do Association Seminar When: April 5-7 2013 Where: All American Martial Arts 4731 SE 29th Street, Del City, OK 73115 Cost: This seminar is FREE and provided for all instructors and practitioners of the martial arts courtesy of the Technical Advisory...
  26. Kong Soo Do

    Why HKD?

    Why did you choose HKD as your martial art? What did/do you expect out of the art? What are your goals in the art? Has it met your expectations and/or would you change anything about the art if you could?
  27. Kong Soo Do

    Why TKD?

    Why did you choose TKD as your martial art? What did/do you expect out of the art? What are your goals in the art? Has it met your expectations and/or would you change anything about the art if you could?
  28. Kong Soo Do

    HF Magnesium bar w/striker

    Looking around the net, I've seen a few people having issues with Harbor Freight & Tools magnesium bars w/striker. Too me, a magnesium bar w/striker is one of the most useful, and possibly inexpensive fire-making tools one can have. Whereas Walmart and sporting goods store have these for...
  29. Kong Soo Do

    Survival foods

    For anyone interested in the various freeze-dried/dehydrated prep foods, many companies offer free samples. I've got free samples coming from several like Wise Foods, Go Food and several others (don't remember them all at the moment). Just go to whatever website and you should see a free...
  30. Kong Soo Do

    Ways to start a fire

    Obviously fire has a plethora of uses, warmth and drying, protection, purifying water etc. And yes, a lighter is a great way to start a fire, particularly when you can run down to Walmart and buy a package of Bic or Bic clone lighters for very cheap. I think I bought a package of 8 or so...