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    Indoor Rock Climbing

    So I haven't found a MA school in my area yet that I am interested in attending so in the mean time I am looking to try something new, indoor rock climbing. there is this place near me, sportsrock or rockplex or something that has a bunch of indoor walls and a lot of classes for noob's like me...
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    Would-be Seattle ninja impaled on fence

    Odd news of the day...
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    Newborn Babies Cry in Native Tongue

    I just thought this was really kewl...obviously it was just a small study and needs lost of future work to verify and expound upon....but still neat...
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    Not all bad guys are completely bad....
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    Electronic Health Records

    I am curious as to what folks think about EHR. EHR is touted as this huge cost savings thing related to the whole universal healthcare stuff coming down. Currently I go to two doctors that use them, one is good with them, one bad. The good, everyone has laptops, I don't know how many...
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    Best Language for Interface Design

    I know we got a few technie's and geeks on this forum, so here's the question. What's your language of choice for the design of a database interface for the web? I've got a new project for work, I can't give too many details on it, but at a high level, it is a web interface for a database. It...
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    Wondering why your posts get no responses?

    I stumbled upon this paper in the course of my work and thought some might find it interesting.
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    IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China

    Aren't the Olympics supposed to be politics free?
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    Determining your Gender from where you surf on the web I will say, it was slightly off for me, they don't appear to have made allowances for female geeks, still kind of interesting :) Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 5% Likelihood of you being MALE is 95%...
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    Jack Lucas - Youngest WWII Marine to get Medal of Honor
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    Can someone with more legal knowledge explain this....

    Ok, so I don't understand this.... See now I was always taught that almost only counts in horseshoes and hand how can you not prosecute cause 1 month after the act she would have been of age to give consent? This comes from an article about how girls are turning to the net and...
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    True Sportsmanship

    Be nice if things like this happened more often....keeps the hope for humanity alive... Basically in a game to determine who would go to the NCAA tournament, a player who had never hit a home run, hit one, and then after hitting first base tore her ACL. With no other choice but to crawl back...
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    U.S. Funded Health Search Engine Blocks 'Abortion'

    So this is what I don't understand. If it is just a search engine to give access to literature, how is pointing the way to more information actively promoting abortion?
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    Tried Kali For the First time this week

    So there is a small group of folks that do Kali a few times a week at work and I joined them this week. The first day was awkward for me, I am a kenpo-ist by training and I felt that much of what I was doing was going against my kenpo instincts, like with the stances, and that left me kind of...
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    States may free inmates to save millions

    Isn't this like robbing Peter to pay Paul? You save a little money today, and tomorrow have to pay twice as much cause of costs related to all the reoffenders?
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    April Fools for the computer Geeks

    I work for an engineering company and we among other things work with computer security....this was a post on one of the e-mail lists a lot of traffic, took people a minute to figure out this was an April Fools.... Can you tell I work in a company of geeks? The bolded part is...
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    javascript/html help

    Ok, I have hit a stumbling block I can't seem to get around and would appreciate some help. I am programming in javascript and html. I pass a bunch of variables on the url: called.html?a=1&b=2&c=3 ...etc... when called.html gets loaded I need to take one of the variables off the url and display...
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    Any Graphics Designers?

    Ok, anyone here have any design skills they are willing to lend me for 20 min or so to make a logo. I am doing a project for one of my classes, designing an ATM interface with html and javascript and I would like to have some sort of banner or logo for my fake bank. You wouldn't doing the...
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    Zero tolerance on candy???

    erh? Is it just me or are schools walking into territory that they should be avoiding....I mean it is one thing to stop selling junk food in vending machines or even to confiscate candy that is being sold, but another to suspend a kid of buying a bag of skittles...
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    What is the line of child endangerment?

    So I am wondering, especially for the parents on this board, at what point does something become child endangerment? There are things my parents did when I was growing up (that I have no problem that they did), that these days would get them arrested...but now a woman who left a sleeping 2 year...
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    I am curious to other people's thoughts on this, especially the LEO's on the board... I am of two minds, on the one hand I have concerns that a site like this might put cops at more risk than they already face, on the other, I wonder what makes cops worthy of more protection not to Be...
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    Another Example Of No Personally Responsibility....

    Stuff like this annoys me....just as bad as people suing McDonald's for making them fat...or the dry cleaners sued for 54 million for loosing a pair of pants... Another thing that makes the American court system look bad...
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    Runner's socks?

    Does anyone use "runner's" socks? The kind that are supposed to ventilate or whick away sweat. Anyone have any recommendations? I've tried two kinds and felt they didn't work as well as I had hoped. My socks weren't as wet as normal, but my feet felt wet which normally they don't and I...
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    I guess you can sue for anything and win....
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    Muscle Help

    So, I seem to be having lots of trouble with my muscles lately. Either I am getting really bad cramps in my calfs, the kind that wake you in the middle of the night and make you scream or I keep straining muscles in my neck/back/ or shoulders. I am trying to figure out why all of a sudden this...
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    11 Tips on How to Handle Women Employees From 1943
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    PC/Mac Commercial parody with DC/Marvel You should check out all his DC/Marvel Videos, some of them are really funny, here are a few.... av6fWfmugds LvFjo5TTY6c azGhHh9mV_Q DnHHDzQ4Axw
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    Life expectancy of Americans hits 78

    Life expectancy of Americans hits 78
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    Don't take your iPhone overseas....

    ....even if you keep it turned off.... Nice to know they take care of you....this is why if you want to make sure your electronics are relly off, remove the battery....
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    Credit Card to use internationally?

    Ok, so I am going to IRELAND!!! I am psyched. I am wondering if anyone knows of a credit card that can be used internationally that isn't going to tack a 2 or 3% surcharge onto the exchange rate when you use it in Europe? Thanks...