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    Fight Quest- Kaju

    For those of you who missed this episode (like me) it is playing tonight at 11pm (PST) on the Military channel, which is 287 on DirectTV. Enjoy, Jamey
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    Professor Chow 20th Memorial Highlights

    On Friday September 21st 2007, nearly 150 Kara-Ho Kempo students, instructors and family from all over the world converged at the gravesite of Professor William Kwai-Sun Chow in Kaneohe, Hawaii on Oahu to re-dedicate and pay respects to our founder. We had a prayer and dedication, which was...
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    Professor Chow Memorial in Hawaii

    Good morning folks! I have posted information about the memorial that the Kara-Ho Kempo organization has been planning in the events section. If you are a past, or present student of Kara-Ho Kempo please feel free to contact me for more information about this event. I posted it in the...
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    Professor Chow Memorial In Hawaii

    Dear friends, This event has been in the making for the past 2 years with Grandmaster Kuoha and the board of directors and is for Kara-Ho Kempo students and instructors alike. If any of you are past or present Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate members, you can contact me for more information about...
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    What are your favorite Aikido books?

    I have read the Spirit of Aikido but was wondering what other books you all might recommend? I know Tohei Sensei has quite a few- and I really like the KI principles... Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! James
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    (2) Free Prof. Nick Cerio videos

    I just found a couple of tapes from 1990 if anyone would like them. 1. Nick Cerio's Kata Series vol.#1 (Blocking forms 1,2 &3) 2. Nick Cerio's Kenpo Hands vol.#2 I would ask that the prospective individual cover the shipping (maybe 3-4 bucks?) Let me know if anyone wants 'em James