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  1. Gordon Nore

    Help nominate William Shatner for Governor General of Canada

    There were some PO'd students at McGill University when a building was renamed William Shatner Hall some years ago. Shatner, like many Canadian performers in America of his vintage, kept his nationality quiet. A far cry from people Mike Myers, John Candy, Martin Short, Michael J. Fox, and so on...
  2. Gordon Nore

    Bisexual men sue gay group, claim bias

    Intolerance comes in all shapes and sizes. Members of marginalized groups can have their issues too. FWIW I don't approve of the league's stance on this. It appears that the issue was raised by members of an opposing team. So this sounds to me to be as much about the North American male and his...
  3. Gordon Nore


    I am not SURPRISED! Really, Shelley, well done!
  4. Gordon Nore

    Meet and Greet

    LOL. When you wrote that you started in '67, you made me feel young... until I read your stats page, saying you'll be forty-three in the fall. Larry, are you by any chance, related to Bruce R. Bethers? I don't know him personally. He was a teacher to an acquaintance of mine, Robert M. Carver...
  5. Gordon Nore

    My lovely wife on television

    No doubt about it. I married up.
  6. Gordon Nore

    My lovely wife on television

    Technically, the organization she volunteers for is a rescue -- in this instance, a breed-specific one focusing on pugs. It's not a brick-and-mortar shelter, such as an SPCA, Humane Society, or city-run shelter, etc. The animals may have been in shelters at some point. When they get to a rescue...
  7. Gordon Nore

    My lovely wife on television

    From an earlier appearance on the same program, Blanche with "Theo," one-eyed Shi Tzu with a heart murmur. We never adopted him out. He is my dog. Edit: Forgot to post the YouTube link.
  8. Gordon Nore

    My lovely wife on television

    Indeed, which is why I never watch the channel except to catch the weather ticker. It's a 24-hour news channel serving the Greater Toronto Weather. Their nightly news is simulcast on its partner station, minus all the stuff on the screen. As for attention spans, yeah, it's worse even than CNN.
  9. Gordon Nore

    My lovely wife on television

    My wife Blanche was on CP24's Animal House Calls today for Toronto Pug Club with Pippin an owner-surrender pug we are fostering right now. Blanche usually turns up on the show several times a year. The host Ann Rohmer is a strong advocate for animal rescue.
  10. Gordon Nore

    US military says US kids are too fat to fight

    I'll dig up the source, but some twenty years ago, high school cafeterias (can't remember if it was Boulder or Denver) were turned over to McDonalds. Yes, McDonalds. Now, at the time, McDs was ineligible for funding under the National School Lunch Program in the US. Students who could not afford...
  11. Gordon Nore

    FDA Says Walnuts Are Drugs and Doritos Are Heart Healthy

    I try to bring my lunch to work to economize, but once a week I let loose, purchase a submarine sandwich combo with a bag of Doritos from Subway (remember Jared?), so that must make me some kind of health and fitness god. Cool.
  12. Gordon Nore

    Texas schools revive paddling

    Couldn't agree more, and here's the Hell of it: I was paddled myself. There was Christian Brother who taught grade eight at my school for some forty years. He taught me grade seven math and grade eight homeroom in the early seventies. Brother Arthur by this time was in his early sixties and kept...
  13. Gordon Nore

    Texas schools revive paddling

    Or maybe some right wing cracker permanently disabled some kid?
  14. Gordon Nore

    30th Anniversary of Terry Fox Run

    Yes, I recall the first film quite well. It was somewhat a typical lower-budget Canadian film in its time, but Duvall jumped enthusiastically on board. Young Eric Fryer had lost a leg to cancer, like Terry. Shaw Ashmore gave a very fine performance, and CGI was used to make him appear to have...
  15. Gordon Nore

    Epic Win! Student uses Westboro Baptist Church visit as Fundraiser!

    Yes, I recall reading that the core membership are family or extended family. I believe they share a family compound. Perfect setting to indoctrinate the children and control assets. In other words: a cult.
  16. Gordon Nore

    Epic Win! Student uses Westboro Baptist Church visit as Fundraiser!

    I believe every Baptist organization of note has condemned the WBC for its antics.
  17. Gordon Nore

    Epic Win! Student uses Westboro Baptist Church visit as Fundraiser!

    Brilliant protest strategy.
  18. Gordon Nore

    With Regard to Genetically-Modified Foods...

    Also, GM crops are not grown on the space station -- in isolation. They're grown here. As I understand it, there's no separating a GM crop from a non-GM crop neighbouring it. For good of for ill, whatever is being grown gets into the ecosystem. Hadn't been aware of Monsanto's involvement. They...
  19. Gordon Nore

    Waiting for summer........

    The bluishness made me think of the characters in Avatar.
  20. Gordon Nore

    Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver Causes Security Alert

    From what I understand, Elisabeth Sladen was a very popular Dr Who companion. In one of the DVDs, Tennant talks about what a thrill it was to play scenes with her, since he had watched her as a boy growing up. Their first scene together was School Reunion (2006), in which she and Tennant played...
  21. Gordon Nore


    Seems like it should come with a couple of USB ports. That's not a lot to ask. What about Internet connectivity? Does it have an ethernet jack? Similarly, I use a 3G wireless stick from Bell away from home with my netbook. Doesn't seem right to have to add an attachment to the thing just so I...
  22. Gordon Nore

    Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver Causes Security Alert

    Same here. The original series was carried here on one of our public broadcasters, but I never watched, so I wasn't even aware that the role of The Doctor was passed from actor to actor with such fanfare. I agree about Tennant -- he's given some amazing performances. The old Baker episodes I...
  23. Gordon Nore

    I was promoted to Yon Kyu (Blue Belt) tonight

    I hear ya, brother. Some tests are like that. I sailed through my green and brown belt tests -- felt absolutely invincible. I remember during my brown belt, I got kicked square in the jaw, and it didn't rattle me. Another guy, much younger, better skilled, was out-sparring me, so I chased him...
  24. Gordon Nore

    Looking for Info

    FWIW my Norton flashed a warning that the site may be unsafe.
  25. Gordon Nore

    I was promoted to Yon Kyu (Blue Belt) tonight

    Couldn't happen to a nicer fella. Any pics to share? At least post a couple of you in your new belt. Rei
  26. Gordon Nore

    Teacher Sick-Out in Miami-Dade

    When I was still teaching community college in the nineties, I had an interesting exchange with the VP at my son's elementary school. We had just come out of a PTA meeting. It was nine at night, and she was exhausted, following fielding questions about what the school was doing, what the kids...
  27. Gordon Nore

    Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver Causes Security Alert

    BBC was dragging its heels on TW season four. It's currently listed as "in development" on IMdb. As you know, Suke, they worked their way up the foodchain to BBC One (I believe it's called). There was much disappointment among fans that season three was a five-episode mini-series. It was a...
  28. Gordon Nore

    Michael Caine interview - Parkinson - BBC

    Great interview. I spotted Billy Connolly there. Was that the delightful Amanda Holden of Britain's Got Talent next to Michael Caine?