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  1. astrobiologist

    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    H.G. Wells' "First Men in the Moon"
  2. astrobiologist

    Who has tried P90X?

    That's exactly how I am treating it. The workout is on the level with a cardio kickboxing class taught at any local gym by an instructor with no experience in martial arts or kickboxing. Having no interest in training in bad techniques I choose not to do such workouts. I still love P90X. I...
  3. astrobiologist

    Krav in Colorado

    And yes, I realize how old this thread was, but if you still live in Colorado and have interest...
  4. astrobiologist

    Krav in Colorado

    I just started at Colorado Krav Maga They charge one price for all levels and that price includes Krav Maga, Crossfit, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and their Kickboxing courses. They have a lot of classes throughout the week and at different times of the day. The...
  5. astrobiologist

    Is it any good?

    I'm new to Krav Maga. I just had my second class tonight. But, after my entire life in the martial arts (well, since i was 5) I feel like Krav Maga is going to be a good fit. After having been an instructor in my father's martial arts school in Pennsylvania, it took me almost two years to...
  6. astrobiologist

    Progressive Fighting System in Colorado

    Ya, that's pretty much how I took it. I can't think of the month/year of the article. I think it was Black Belt Mag, but I could be wrong. Anyone really interested could probably look it up. I had never heard of Vunak, but after reading that article I had definitely formed a very unfavorable...
  7. astrobiologist

    Who has tried P90X?

    Ha ha, ya, one of the only real downfalls to P90X is that you end up spending a lot of time indoors working out to the DVDs. I love getting out and biking and hiking myself (we just spent $5k on two new mountain bikes!). And the time commitment is intense. You have to give an hour to two each...
  8. astrobiologist

    Should we Legalize marijuana?

    Yes, we should legalize it. I mean, we all know how well prohibition worked for alcohol, right? If we would like to stop adding to the drug cartel problems of latin american countries, if we'd like to help our economy by having a tax on a recreational and medicinal substance that many...
  9. astrobiologist

    Just out of curiosity, how many people here are Krav Maga instructors? Students?

    My girlfriend, my roommate, and myself all just joined Colorado Krav Maga in Broomfield, Colorado. After all of my years training in other martial arts, I'm super excited to train in Krav Maga. The classes so far are fun, intense, and full of good technique.
  10. astrobiologist

    Progressive Fighting System in Colorado

    I don't know too much about Progressive Fighting, but I read a statement from Paul Vunak in a martial arts mag sometime back where he said that the best defense against a knife attack is to throw yourself to the ground and start biting ankles because he thinks there's nothing else you can do. I...
  11. astrobiologist

    Who has tried P90X?

    My girlfriend and I have done P90X. It's awesome. I personally did not like the kenpo-x workout (a lot of the typical, bad cardio kickboxing style techniques and poor instruction), but the other workouts are fantastic. We really love the Core Synergistics workout! If you're thinking of...
  12. astrobiologist

    Modern Army Combatives Program

    I was checking out a book on MACP, and it made me wonder why there was such a strong focus on grappling. Don't get me wrong, I love grappling and the ground game is important, but it would seem logical that in a war-zone (or in a dark alley even) that going to the ground is the last thing you...
  13. astrobiologist

    self defense against a dog

    I hail from the school of thought that a good kick in the stomach will be enough to slow a dog's attack so that you can then choose to defend or retreat. Honestly, I think one of the biggest problems people experience with dogs is they let their fear show. Dogs sense gesturing and anxiety...
  14. astrobiologist

    *SF soldier dies after bar fight over Jimmy Buffett song in Steamboat*

    If I had to die to a Buffett song it would most assuredly be A Pirate Looks at Forty. Good tune.
  15. astrobiologist

    Join Dr. Frank Dux as a Martial Arts Doctorate Holder!

    This is so silly... Frank Dux: Doctor of Ego Inflation
  16. astrobiologist

    Schools in boulder Colorado for 6th grader

    I'm moving to Boulder, Colorado in about two weeks. My girlfriend and I may at some time be looking into schools in the area. I'll keep you in mind when I do and if your aunt and cousin haven't found anything by then, I'll be sure to share what I can.
  17. astrobiologist

    Thank you for your suggestions. I may look into it. I'm actually considering taking a break...

    Thank you for your suggestions. I may look into it. I'm actually considering taking a break from formal training and just spending my training time with my girlfriend while we work on our careers. Btw, welcome to Martial Talk! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here
  18. astrobiologist

    Astrobiologist/Biochemist seeking work in Boulder, Colorado area

    My girlfriend is beginning a program for her Master's in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I'm hoping to get into some undergrad courses in astrophysics, aerospace engineering, and the geological sciences to prepare me for a future grad program. I'd really love to find a job in biochemistry.
  19. astrobiologist

    Retired Navy Captain Opens Fire in Holocaust Museum with Rifle

    Disgusting. Double period. The U.S. National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. is one of the finest museums I have ever had the pleasure of touring. I cried for three solid hours in that museum. What this man did is disgusting. I would love for such hatred to disappear in our nation...
  20. astrobiologist

    What does being "pro life" mean to you?

    When I hear the term "pro-life" I obviously think of the abortion debate. To me "pro-life" means a staunch refusal to accept death. I mean no offense to those who consider themselves pro-life advocates. Cells die. Organisms die. A human fetus in the first trimester cannot survive outside...
  21. astrobiologist

    Jindo Applications

    I haven't practiced the Tang Soo Do Jindo Hyung in a while. I always thought that of the TSD forms that I trained with it was one of the more graceful and elegant. The applications are many and varied. I've seen many different perspectives on the movements. If you want some advice, while...
  22. astrobiologist

    Korean Fighting Staff Previews

    I agree that there was a bit too much "twirling" in the video, but I was very glad to see a KMA practitioner teaching bong sul with chokes, trips, throws, and applicable strikes. In the Tang Soo Do I came from and most of the Korean schools and practitioners I've seen, their staff work was...
  23. astrobiologist

    Steven Seagal: Lawman

    Regardless of what I think of Seagal's career as a martial artist and as an actor, I'm still totally gonna watch some of this show.
  24. astrobiologist

    Not worth your time...

    I agree to a point. It is definitely time for a good applications book (or several) for TSD. However, I think teaching applications should begin from the get-go. Little bits at a time as the student progresses. Once their muscle memory and knowledge builds they will be able to take on more...
  25. astrobiologist

    David Carradine R.I.P

    So much assumption of how and why Mr. Carradine died. We know so little. Unfortunately, Thailand, especially the Bangkok region, is known for a lot of crime and a lot of trouble (not to say that there aren't similar regions of my own country or others). It is unfortunate that the man passed...
  26. astrobiologist

    Robber Picks Wrong Man To Mug

    Hey ya! Good for him. He should be commended for standing up against injustice.
  27. astrobiologist

    The meaning of "ous"

    I like using "Osu". I'm not one to use it all the time, nor do I fully know what the original meaning was for it, but, for me, it is a sign of respect and comraderie, a means of sharing our intent to continue fighting together, and as that article posted earlier mentions, it is a means for the...
  28. astrobiologist

    Star Trek Movie. (Contains Spoilers)

    Btw, the space jump that we saw executed in the film, that is a little less sci-fi and a little more science fact... Or at least it is coming in our future. I almost interned for a company called Orbital Outfitters. They have a small venture called Space Diver which is aiming to beat the...
  29. astrobiologist

    students declining rank

    Rank is really only important for the instructor and student. If the student wishes to remain at whatever rank they are, then so be it. It's really not that important that they advance. I understand the competitive aspect you are all talking about, so in that case it may seem unfair for a...
  30. astrobiologist

    Star Trek Movie. (Contains Spoilers)

    Watched the movie twice... Going back for number three soon. Loved it. Still loving it. I'm a trekkie, so it is hard to accept the change, but the film is awesome and fits the Star Trek envisioned by Gene Rodenberry. I think if he were still alive, he would be proud of this new film.