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  1. celtic_crippler

    Orlando Combatives Club now Open

    So a few open-minded martial arts instructors who cross trained with each other got the notion to open up a facility to offer lessons to the public and different club members. We currently have instructors teaching: Eskrima Kenpo Wing Chun Defensive Tactical Systems No contracts. No politics...
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    How I feel about people changing schools, instructors, lineages, etc.

    The view of being "loyal" to one school or system is out dated. Modern martial artists routinely cross train in other systems and if you want to attract them to your school you're better off offering different options. I teach Kenpo at the Orlando Combatives Club in Florida and we also have...
  3. celtic_crippler

    2017 Line Up of Masters Seminar

    Master George Elmer, founder of the ACKKS, is once again hosting his "Line Up of Masters" seminar and banquet on October 14, 2017 in Cherry Hill, NJ. The seminar will run from 9:00AM to 5:00PM at the Holiday Inn located at 2175 Marlton Pike West in Cherry Hill, NJ 08002. Call (856) 663-5300 for...
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    Martial Arts: What Were They Designed For?

    Simply put, to do harm to another. As they've evolved into modern day "martial arts" many people have found other benefits and their respective schools have adjusted the curriculum to cater to those wants and needs. But, at the end of the day... it's all about doing damage. Why else practice...
  5. celtic_crippler

    America in the New World

    Not favorably if approval ratings are to be believed.
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    New Sex Super-Bug Worse Than AIDS

    How could this new “super-bug” be worse than AIDS? It was first detected in Japan in a 31-year-old sex worker. This is significant because Japan requires routine screening of sex workers. In the US, where it’s illegal, there is no such requirement or oversight and the potential for this super...
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Game of Thrones... can't put it down.
  8. celtic_crippler

    Serial killer abortionist...coverage on Fox...

    …wow. Allow me to hold your hand and guide you through the wonderful world of the Interwebz. Here is a link to a host of article provided by the Huffington Post on the matter. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine with that source.
  9. celtic_crippler

    Glenn Beck, stark-raving "Wingnut:"-yet again!!!

    Thinking about it further… And I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner… I wonder how much of this “favoritism” is tied to the agreement Nixon brokered with the Saudi’s in 1973 regarding “oil for dollars”… US dollars to be...
  10. celtic_crippler

    A Symptom of Gloabalisation

    Been happening all over the Western hemisphere for decades. We're all trying to go to "service" industries... which will mean absolutely squat if and when the world economy goes south. Try trading your "customer service" skills for a loaf of bread.
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    Glenn Beck, stark-raving "Wingnut:"-yet again!!!

    So, I’m reading through this thread and making some observations. I see post after post of people trying to be funny, calling Beck a “nutter” or “moonie” or whatever. Your standard name-calling fare that’s typical here. I guess because it’s easier than rubbing two brain cells together. I...
  12. celtic_crippler

    a blunt statement that gets right to the point...

    The underlined portion, in fact, supports the “sheep” assertion. Notice how the quote lacks any indication or encouragement to take action. Further, it reinforces that the majority are unaware of just how much atrocity occurs on a daily basis. For, in fact, if the...
  13. celtic_crippler

    81 years for weed?

    Priorities… It’s all about our priorities isn’t it? What’s a good indicator of where our priorities are in regards to “crime”? How about the average punitive action in the form of jail time assigned to each “crime” on average? I’d say...
  14. celtic_crippler

    a blunt statement that gets right to the point...

    Kind of reminds me of Dave Grossman’s article titled “On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs.” He doesn’t necessarily take the stand that all people are violent, but he does say there are...
  15. celtic_crippler

    a blunt statement that gets right to the point...

    Well, it looks like FB has taken it down so I can’t read it in its entirety. Something to ponder though: events like this happen every day in some countries, often paid for by your tax dollars. That’s right, every day. Let that sink in for a moment. It’s a lot different when it happens in...
  16. celtic_crippler

    Explosions at finish line of Boston Marathon - many serious injuries, poss. fatalities

    Pictures of the legless guy are all over the internet. I’m not sure if it will “remind” people of anything in the future other than it being a tragic event. People perceive things differently. For example: two people can view the old photo of the little girl with napalm burns from Vietnam and...
  17. celtic_crippler

    On the management of risk in a society...

    The concept, in and of itself, is fairly simple: if you’re not causing or threatening bodily injury to another or damage to someone else’s’ property there should be no reason to dictate control over their actions. Problems with this otherwise simple concept begin to arise when: Personal...
  18. celtic_crippler

    Strong Reason to Retain the Second Amendment

    Some accumulated stats and facts for your reading pleasure: A few highlights: Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year -- or about 6,850 times a day. 1 This means that each year...
  19. celtic_crippler

    Cop fired for Trayvon Martin Targets

    There's no "face" on the target, it's simply an individual wearing a hoodie?!?! How does this resemble “Trayvon” in any way? I routinely wear black t-shirts. Should I complain about targets depicting a male wearing a black t-shirt? Beyond ridiculous! I find it fascinating that...
  20. celtic_crippler

    The Scientific Method

    Best part of the article.
  21. celtic_crippler

    Cerio/Masters Black belt returning to study EPAK style

    Though I’ve studied many kenpo systems, the Cerio/Villari system is not one I’m too familiar with. Cerio studied under Chow, so I’d assume that style to have more of the “Chinese” influence meaning it likely to be more circular in nature. Regardless, based on my personal experience, all...
  22. celtic_crippler

    Serial infanticide...not interesting to media...

    You'd think as much as the mass media love "atrocities" that this would be on the 24/7 loop. Guess they feel the story isn't conducive to their "Pro-Choice" agenda?
  23. celtic_crippler

    Strong Reason to Retain the Second Amendment

    But Don, didn’t you know Arni feels that we should pay for everything for those who can’t pay themselves regardless of personal responsibility? Not Arni specifically of course, because it’s much more fair to take and spend your money instead. BOOYA! And there’s the...
  24. celtic_crippler

    Stuck somewhere between....

    "Fact. Fact. Fact. Fact." -:btg: - "Screw your facts. Unicorns and rainbows mother&^#*!"
  25. celtic_crippler

    Stuck somewhere between....

    You should go kick the FBI in the shin (or higher.)
  26. celtic_crippler

    Why Is This Not Huge News?

    Browncoats! “News” like this doesn’t seem to sell advertising. What can I say? I’d actually prefer more of this kind of “news” to the garbage we’ve been getting lately.
  27. celtic_crippler

    The "It Can't Happen Here" Syndrome

    But even as events unfold that impact our personal lives, people still tend to refuse to see. Perhaps it’s because our nature is ironically one of optimistic hope where under certain circumstances this characteristic is not conducive to self preservation as it prevents one from...
  28. celtic_crippler

    Being Muslim Grounds for Appeal in Rape?

    Okay, now to address the elephant in the room. If this fellow were claiming “ignorance” on any other basis other than being a Muslim, do you think he would have been granted grounds for an appeal? Do you think fear of retaliation by the Islamic community or fear of not appearing...
  29. celtic_crippler

    Strong Reason to Retain the Second Amendment

    Why do you need to exercise the 2nd Amendment when you can just stab a shooter in the eye with a pair of scissors? :fart:
  30. celtic_crippler

    The "It Can't Happen Here" Syndrome

    Never too late to educate yourself. :)