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    Buakaw. K-1.

    Who saw the fight between Buakaw and Yoshihiro Sato? I cannot believe how Buakaw got knocked out literally. Buakaw is legendary. He has already beaten Sato twice and now, suddenly, Sato KO's Buakaw? Why were Buakaw's hands so low and the time of the knockout? That's a mistake Buakaw...
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    How do you pay for your classes?

    How do you all pay for your martial arts lessons? Do you pay each class? Do you pay per week? Do you pay per month? Do you pay per year? Do you pay in cash? Do you use direct debit? I was just wondering because the club I am training at wants me to pay by credit card or direct debit for...
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    Who trains in muay thai here?

    Who here trains in muay thai or has done so in the past? If yes then for how long? I have just begun my journey in muay thai but I have a few questions for practioners out there: How effective do you believe it would be in a street fight if you were attacked? Have you ever had to test your...
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    Started muay thai last night. =)

    After wanting to start muay thai for quite some I finally supressed my nerves and went! I was quite nervous at the start and when I first walked in; after training for about half an hour I felt welcome and my nervousness had left me. It was quite a workout indeed. There was approximately 30...
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    Hello, from Australia.

    Hello all. I am new to martial arts and I look forward to discussing them and learning more about them. All the best, Shane.