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    Multiple MMA gyms?

    Do people go to multiple mma gyms or often stick to one? Say one gym has different technique but another gym works on great grappling
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    Ginastica Natural

    Is this art going out of style? Havent seen many instructors in the USA
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    Im 36 and have very little training in martial arts My question is what arts do you guys train that get the most injuries and the least
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    Who would you train under

    As Im getting older I am starting to consider going to different gyms when I go on vacation if you had your choice of training with any martial arts teacher you wanted, who would it be?
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    Kali Tudo?

    Does anyone here do Kali Tudo by the Dog Brothers, if so whats your opinion of its real world application.
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    Pressure points?

    I saw a few clips of Leon Jay (Wally Jays son) doing what looked like pressure point strikes. what do you guys think, is it bs?
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    Who is on your Mount Rushmore of MMA?

    For me its Fedor- Fedor in his prime was unstoppable, wish he had made it to UFC earlier. Fedor is a bad *** in Sambo and amazing boxer. Khabin- this is probably one of the greatest fighters in MMA. 29 and 0 record Royce Gracie- a true pioneer in MMA the guy beat guys like Ken Shamrock, Dan...
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    The issue with MMA community

    Ive noticed an issue with the mma community, if you start discussing anything that isnt judo, muay thay, wrestling, bjj, boxing, kickboxing etc you immediately get attacked. this again just the community, the people who actually teach or fight are way more open minded. Guys like Anderson...
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    Does JKD work on the street

    Have you made JKD work on the street or in sparring vs boxers and BJJ guys? I remember Tim Tackett saying if it doesnt work against a skilled opponent he doesnt care to learn it.
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    Does Kali empty hand work?

    So in your experience does Kali translate well into an unarmed fighting system? I mean have you used the destructions etc ?
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    Question about self defense

    Weird question but say you're learning Muay Thai for self defense, the stance is very square, how do you protect from groin kicks?
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    FMA with best empty hand system?

    What Filipino Martial Art has the best empty hand system? What is your opinion on the matter?
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    Hisardut is it any good?

    Dennis Hanover founded Hisardut in Isreal and has trained in it and trains people in it for over 50 years from what I can rememeber. He was awarded 3rd dan by Mas Oyama Himself and Achieved 10th Dan in Jujitsu you can read this in which is a school that trains directly...
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    Does Benny The Jet still teach Ukidoan Karate?

    From what I have seen in the schedual at Team Karate Centers website It seems Benny the Jet only teaches Ukidokan Kickboxing.
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    Good Long Machete?

    My friend was in korea, the Phillipines, and Vietnam. He said that a Filipino Bolo was the best Machete he ever handled. Does anyone know were you can find a good Bolo at a fair price that is a good length about 20 inches in the blade?