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    What is considered Ving Tsun (Wing Chun/ etc)

    As some of you are aware, I posted earlier 2 vidoes of my recent Full Contact Ving Tsun Competition. Although my opponent was not really doing Ving Tsun (according to me that is), nevertheless since I didn't know him and I had no idea of his martial arts background, thus I fought the way I...
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    HK Ving Tsun Full Contact Competition

    Here is a video of a recent Ving Tsun Full Contact Competition. This was my first ever Full Contact competition. This was the 30- 50 years old 80 KG weight category. I was at 73 KG and my opponent about 80 KGS give and take. Age wise I am turning 37 and him either 39 or 40. I forgot. The...