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    Bruce lee arts

    Ok so I wanna do the arts Bruce lee did which are WingChun, Chinese martial arts and Jeet Kune Do but the problem is that Chinese martial arts have alot of styles and its gonna take alot of time in that. So to fight somewhat like Bruce lee is JKD enough or do I have to learn Chinese martial arts...
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    is there any type of art in which...

    Is there any martial art or arts that have moves which you perform while standing on your hand? Any other than Capoeira
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    muay thai good for street fights?

    I know the attacks are very good for the street but the problem is the stance. The way they stand is less defensive, thier hands near the head and thier groin exposed so it can easily be hit. So if it is defence less it cant be used in the streets
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    muay thai or jeet kune do?

    Which of these arts would be best for street fights, one on one and multiple opponents? The arts are muay thai and jeet kune do. Please give reasons for your opinion and how one will dominate the other in the cases I stated. Thankyou :D
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    can a kid beat a man?

    I have a little brother, he is14 years old so I want to know if he learned muay thai could he beat up a full grown man who doesn't know any martial arts?
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    muay thai good for multiple opponents?

    Can muay thai be used for multiple people? Please give a detailed answer with reasons. Say for example 10 people and your a master in muay thai but the 10 people are just street guys with not much fighting experience