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    The feel of the blade

    So, some months ago, I bought a katana from swords of northshire for about $380. Now, prior to receiving this sword, I practiced with an Iaito from Tozando in Japan. The two swords feel completely differently and I want to make sure I understand why. The iaito is far easier to handle than the...
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    Looking for a live blade

    Can anyone here recommend a reputable website that sells high quality BATTLE READY live blade katanas? Also, if would you know of a website that sells sword canes/walking sticks with battle ready live katana/ninjato blades, I would appreciate this as well.
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    A few perfect techniques

    Can anyone here name an empty hand style that utilizes a relatively small number of techniques and focuses on their perfection?
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    Iaido Training: iaito vs. boken

    Can anyone tell me if theres a noteworthy difference between the handling and weight of an iaito when compared with that of a boken?
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    Martial arts existing with other athletic hobbies

    Does anyone here do more than martial arts? If not, theres absolutely nothing wrong with that but, for those of you who do, how do you do it? I, for example, am a bodybuilder but Im beginning to get back into MA and Im wondering the best way to make the two coexist. I dont want to sacrifice...
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    What should I ask before beginning Iaijutsu/kenjutsu

    Could anyone tell me what types of questions I should ask and what types of things I should look for (or be on the lookout for) when checking out a school for Iaijustsu, kenjutsu, etc? Much Thanks!
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    Rabbit Hole

    I hear some martial artists speak of the continued study of their style, saying they wish to see where it takes them. Some say certain styles are more... sportish... if you will... and are primarily what you see is what you get while other styles run deep with discovery, hidden truths, etc...