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    NJ & OR : Pumping Gas, Best Left to Trained Professionals?

    The reason behind Oregon's law is that a father 15 years back or more filled up gas tanks and tried to burn his son to death in a motel room. Yeah weird that one circumstance changed the laws. But I have a funny story as well. I'm 19 and in need of gas. Me and a friend pull up and the attendant...
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    Do Crystals really have the ability to Heal? By Bob Hubbard

    Some could say the same for religion. What does your mind need to short cut to good feelings, when we cannot find the way ourselves?
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    Need help with Diet

    I agree it's the platuea thing. The body is always trying to regulate itself. I have the opposite problem. I am trying to gain weight. 6'6" and 180. It's hard trying to trick it. I would suggest as above changing your work out routine, between light weights, and cardio and mixing it up. Also...
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    Wing Chun in the Oklahoma City area?

    I think there is one school that I may have googled. Do not know anything about it. Is wing chun the only thing your looking for? I myself train in a mixed martial art (non-sport) mixture of phillipino, vee-jitsu, silat, art with Darrell Sarjeant here in OKC. We are a very realistic self defense...
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    Sparring: More Harm Than Good?

    I train in phillipino and silat with a mixture of other things. A while ago I attended a class where my children go and sparred a black belt from their school. It is a traditional Okinawan Goju school. I had never sparred before except like two step sparring maybe, slowly. I felt all out of...
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    I have found how well my breakfalls actually are by doing them on a wood floor or concrete. Especially of not letting those ankles hit, or not letting those knees touch the floor on the back roll. We only do this occasionally. Kinda scared me my first time. But after a few years I guess I've...
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    Gas pricing

    I heard a little of the news article about the gas companies saying that there huge profits were really in line with the type of business they are in. Ok, maybe I can except some point. Here in my city we have raised the sales tax by 1 cent to raise millions of dollars to pay for a...
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    instructor/student relationship- what to do?

    Sometimes when you really feel as though you like a girl, it's hard to get the hint. It does not come down to neccesarily a sexual harrasment issue becuz of his persistance. Hard headed yes. Yes you need to be assertive in your own intent. It feels weird but then good after you let someone know...
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    Kote Gaeshi

    Anybody use this for striking? As in place wrist into locking position and then punching that hand while in lock? truelly nasty destruction. Yes the takedowns are pretty, some submissions if your lucky to find them. Depending on the situation I find snapping and moving on better for self defense.
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    Breaking in and Breaking out!

    We breakdown the drill into components. Work those, and then add stuff in. Then once were comfortable do some free flow. We have not sticks for awhile, now that are dojo is inside our professors apartment. Just knife work. I find my knuckles fair better. No sticks until we can get a warm day in...
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    always wondering?

    Sweet isn't it! I sometimes have to hold the watery eyes back when I swell up with pride. I train both my kids as well on the side. My son will sometimes make up moves, like "hey dad what if I went like this". I like it. sometimes I am like well if you changed this to this you have a lot more...
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    Neck tension

    I tend to clench my teeth sometimes, or clench my jaws during stress. I do not notice when I am doing it. Sometimes while I sleep. I had a lot of neck pain right at the base then also down a little out to the side on the bony notches that kinda stick out. I would massage these until they turned...
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    Training in OKC

    By OKC you mean oklahoma city correct? No I do not think there is any EPAK around. Maybe in Tulsa there is a guy. I am from Midwest City and train at with Darrell Sarjeant. Darrell has some kenpo back ground but it is not EPAK. We are a mixed martial art for self defense only...
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    sparring with another style

    I tried to parry everything that came my way. The bruised forearm and swollen finger show it from the kicks. Usually from kicks we absorb and scoop, or cirlce around. It was fun stuff. Me and one of the younger guys just smiled as we round kicked and smacked knees together.
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    sparring with another style

    My wife and kids started going to a traditional goju school. I was told I could drop in and train with them anytime. Cool. I currently train in a phillipino, Vee-jitsu close combat self defense for last 4 years. So I attend a night in which there is a sparring class. I have never done free...
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    Who What and Why

    instructor: Darrell Sarjeant. Style: kempo-jujitsu, Fillipinpo (pambuan), and Indonesian (silat). His teachers: Moses Powell, John Bain, Cliff Stewart, among others. I wanted a no-nonsense street art. I liked the fast striking, the joint locks-destructions, gunting, throws, rolling...
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    We have another name for it in our system called transition points. When in the lower belts theres a light that turns on after learning a new technique sometimes. I turn to me teacher and say "at this point here I could use this other move as well right"? It's was a giant leap for me that day.
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    New school new style for my kids

    I myself am staying were I am at. They have tried a couple of classes of goju. They love the large dojo, and all the kids, compared to working out of a garage type atmosphere with adults. Yes I am worried they'll be dumbed down for awhile. But bascially from talking to instructor what they will...
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    New school new style for my kids

    The last two previous schools we were at, both same style aiki-jujitsu/kempo/ Pambuan arnis. But due to there basically being no children in either of those two I am switching them out. They have learned a lot except how to have fun. And now I am faced with them stopping or moving to where...
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    Hook Punch

    I beleive the same. If their to close you may need to cover up. With distance a inner block, or cutting block. In later stages we work the cover, with elbow up covering side of face, and step into the centerline, elbow to assialants face.
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    time to black belt

    I do not know much about the ranking in aikido and I'm sure it's different everywhere. But is 1 year for any black belt any style just to short? Does aikido work from a different approach? I have seen where people are seemed to be ranked fast (different styles) in order for the teacher to hold...
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    rolling . What is the point?

    A great example, I was walking with beer in hand, ( a little buzzed) when a trip over a mound of dirt, front rolled, tucked my beer, and came up feet first. No spilt beer, no foam. I turned back to my friends and said "did you see that"! Sad no one did. But I know now the training paid off...
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    who all uses the flex or soft sticks?

    We have not yet got any of the soft or flex sticks yet. I have some personal ones from century that are a foam type thing. My instructor says soon he'll get some flex sticks so we can go at each other a little bit. I am not so crazy about the stick portion of our curriculum (phillipino...
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    stick work in silat

    Is stick work emphasized in Silat very much, or just the knife? I love what I am doing right now, but sticks is not my favorite part of class. I do like that the stick can convert to empy hand and vice versa, I am mainly a self defense kinda guy, and not sure where the stick will come in handy...
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    Kata and Juru same thing different word

    What is the actuall difference between the two kata and juru. So far it would seems as if the juru's are not particular techniques but body positional movements and transitional points for the body to apply techniques. Clear as mud? In kata it seems that some techniques are very evident where...
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    Judo has katas!

    Interesting note about judo kata. My previous style Okinawa kempo mixed with jujitsu we had the Pinans to perform, and also had a self defense curriculum which included working your throws against various attacks. Throws are a lot harder to get good at without a uke. Basically I was working a...
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    Insertion points!

    another problem in that I have is the difference between silat and phillipino knife work. The Silat seems simpler to me, and an easier base to learn from, since I'm new to it. The Phillipino is a little flashier to me. We work our jurus and then work applications from it. We also have base sets...
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    Kids and submissions

    I have two kids, in which we train some groundwork on our saturday classes. They started this at 8 and 9. My instructors would pay close attention whenever the kids are applying locks or chokes to make sure of arm position, good, bad, not to tight for training purposes. I think a good...
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    Your Lead

    I like to lead with the left. I am a little ambidexterous I guess. I was trained a lefty for baseball by my dad, everything is right handed. But I feel pretty comfortable with both sides. At my new school we do a lot of single stick, so I am in a southpaw most of the time, and converting to a...
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    Pools of Sweat on the Dojang Floor

    Me and another guy from class are the sweaters in the class. And we mostly work with each other. We work some grabs, and it's gross to me, even being almost as sweaty myself. I find being well hydrated and not drinking any caffeine 5 hours before class I sweat less.