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  1. dani416

    Second Muay Thai fight on the 4th of August.

    Yo good luck.. ill be waiting for the link of the fight video
  2. dani416

    Home training

    [LEFT]thiking of fighting, outlasting the opponent, burning off what i ate, UFC, gliding through the usual workouts at my gym, thinking about the ajuahn coming to me and feel i am in good condition.
  3. dani416

    How much does it cost to start training Muay Thai?

    I live in a major city Toronto in Cananda so the rent for these places at 8,000 sq ft. i am guessing is through the roof. here is a price list for you to look at... Monthly Membership (Cash/Debit/Credit/Cheque)...
  4. dani416

    Basic "getting in shape" questions

    I am new to martial arts but i did take boxing for a while, i am 17 and took boxing for conditioning to help my cardio primarily to help with me during hockey, jump rope/skipping same thing... is an amazing cardio workout out and i have read many great things on it.. jogging or brisk walking is...
  5. dani416

    Daniel new today

    Well im new to MT, i have been reading around the site, posting comments getting fimilar with things, trying to pass my word on things so i can get to know all of you, this forum is very welcoming and it is pleasing to see people talking with each other at all diffrent skill levels.. thanks...
  6. dani416

    How long have you been training Muay Thai?

    Today was my first class lol, but ive been in the cardio aspect for about 2-3 weeks. so i could go in with some okay cardio, worked in abs, and push up power, just a start to see if i could handle it... what a rush to be in a school surrounded by this art. i hope to make this a long lasting hobby.
  7. dani416

    New to muay thai

    LOL i am just realizing the dates above posts wow im a little late.
  8. dani416

    New to muay thai

    Try before i just joined a school, i was doing the same thing you were, i trained how i read/saw muay thai fighters train, for a few weeks to see if i could handle the excerzies, if i had dedication and so i didint go to a school and waste my time getting into shape when i could...
  9. dani416

    Who is your favourite UFC fighter? and WHY

    I am a fan of the UFC, I have watched a little Pride/K1 and also like it however the UFC is very well known so it is most talked about. My personal favourite is Rich Franklin as he seems very genuine and true to himself and fans, his grappling and submission skills keep surprising me. His win...
  10. dani416

    DragonBall Z/Martial art anime

    haha i have been watching DBZ since i was 12.. it would pump me up so much while i was watching it and made me anxious for the next episiode the next day, everyone at school would talk about it then leave the playground to watch DBZ grab a bite then return to the park to play around.