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    2016 USA Olympic Team

    Developing TKD athletes is reasonably inexpensive when compared to developing say an Olympic level gymnast, figure skater, downhill skier etc. You know "the prestigious medals" in the Olympic Games. This is why a country like Afghanistan has 1 Olympic medal in the history of the games and it...
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    Chuck Norris Thread

    Did you know that Chuck Norris can't even do 1 push-up? Apparently every time he tries, he just pushes the Earth down instead.
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    black belt club

    For many schools it is probably a way for the dojang owner to collect a lot of money upfront so that one night soon, he/she can lock up after classes are done and head to the airport on a permanent vacation to Korea.
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    Fleecing black belts

    Here is what I replied to the other thread:
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    Te$Ting: TaeKwon-Dinero (in DC/MD/Nova)

    When they tell you that little Johnny green belt's testing fee is going up because the Kukkiwon has raised their fee, that is when it is time to run away. Yes I have seen that in writing as the excuse for raising testing fees on color belts. So sad to report that no parents or even adult...
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    Fleecing black belts

    My daughter's school did this and presumably still does. She attended from 98-06. BB's didn't have to pay for the tests but had to test at just about every color belt test and demonstrate that they could perform under the pressure and scrutiny of a testing environment. I think it was more...
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    The Return of Team X?

    Speaking as Team-X parent #1 (if we had been assigned numbers at the formation party) allow me to chime in. When Team-X was formed it filled a need at the time. Kid's that had essentially been shunned by their "Traditional TKD" school due to their love of competition and those that were not...
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    Has olympic Taekwondo ruined the reputation of the art?

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr You are watching an Olympic sport and you are not happy to see the athletes that are playing the game do what...
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    US Open thoughts!!!

    It was great to see you Tal. As you know it was the first TKD event I have been to for a couple of years. It was fun to see so many familiar faces and to cheer for some folks that I have not seen in a very long time. I was only there for the second half of the day on Saturday but from what I...
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    Mats for home training

    If you are in the Southern California or Southern Nevada areas, I have 15 top quality 1M x 1M red/blue reversible mats that I will give up for cheap. I bought them ($25 each) new several years ago and converted a room in our house for my daughter to train but now her time is done in TKD so they...
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    Hmm, did he pick up that silly hip motion from Gel or did she pick it up from the prince? Does she still do that like she used to when she was fighting 10-13?
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    Why do people not understand

    How about this one Terry. It was several years ago and I probably posted here about it at the time but I once went by my daughter's original school where she learned up to 2nd poom. I needed to talk to one of the other parents about something and as I was standing outside the door to the...
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    Kukkiwon Certifications delayed

    I wonder what the record is? I know that my daughter tested for 3rd dan the first week of Feb in 09 and her certificate was issued from KKW on Jan 20, 2011, just 2 weeks shy of 2 years. In her case it was 100% USAT eff'ing with her. Eventually in mid December 2010 while I and the master...
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    Taekwondo - red the winning colour?

    - Watch the scoreboard. Red kicks blue in the head and judge 3 first pushes the correct (red/head) button then immediately also pushes red/body by mistake. Then judges 1 and 2 BOTH push blue/head before pushing red/head resulting in 2 points for red, but came very close to resulting in 2 point...
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    TKD Cheerleaders? is this year's team Facebook page. There are some pictures and videos there.
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    TKD Cheerleaders?

    This is a team of California athletes that GM Young In Cheon took to Chelyabinsk Russia for the 1st Russia Open which wrapped up yesterday. They wore the black dobaks during the team fight off portion of the competition which is a format of competition that GM Cheon also does at his annual...
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    TKD Cheerleaders? Maybe USAT should try the Cheerleader option like they seem to have in Russia. Perhaps that could save them.
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    Defense v. multiple opponents

    When our former school did this as part of BB testing, it was pretty much a "no holds barred" type part of the test. It seemed to me that the most effective way people dealt with the scenario was to grab hold of the smallest of the 3 (hopefully you are larger than him or her) and use that use...
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    us loses a great coach to uk

    Keep on rocking it and let the spirit of Team-X continue on!
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    us loses a great coach to uk

    Small business owner with his wife Carly - CrossFit High Voltage in Burbank CA - Involved in USA Weightlifting
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    us loses a great coach to uk

    It is a great honor for Coach Salim and I am sure he will do well in his new position. It is the 2nd blow in the form of lost coaching staff (First Tim Thackrey and now Joseph Salim) to Team-X in a year and it is likely that the team will not survive beyond this point. Unfortunate for the...
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    Is 8 too young for such high praise

    Here is the copy of the letter inviting him to the ceremony: It says that he is getting their "Youth Excellence Award" for having an extraordinary competitive "backround". Not sure if they meant background or...
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    Is 8 too young for such high praise

    Just to clarify again, he is not being entered into the HoF. Just receiving a "Special Award" from the HoF. Still I think that someone should have to do a bit more in life than beat up a few other 7 & 8 year old kids in the ring to get even a "Special Award" from the HoF. I am not sure what...
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    Is 8 too young for such high praise

    I don't know, here is Tiger at age 5 -
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    Is 8 too young for such high praise

    I imagine he is proud, as he should be. I do not know though. I have not seen him for a few months now.
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    Is 8 too young for such high praise

    Yes, in the USA we follow "Junior safety rules". Many, Most, All (I don't know) other countries allow full contact for all ages and belts. When I think "Hall of Fame" even if not inducted into said location, I think of people who have had long and distinguished...
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    Is 8 too young for such high praise

    This weekend, Denmark's 8 year old TKD wonder kid is who trains also a few times a year at Team-X in North Hollywood CA, is in Korea for the Hall Of Fame Ceremony where he is getting a special award. Most of us...
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    Taekwondo - red the winning colour?

    I saw this earlier today which gives a little more detail into "what variable wasn't considered." which to me seems like none. The extended quote from the link is: It turned out that...
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    Here's 1 to add to your Netflix Queue

    If you didn't cancel your Netflix subscription after the recent rate hike, here is a not yet available "movie" you might want to add to your queue: By Trish Baregrounds
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    Two Taekwondo contestants have altercation before contest

    After a bit of digging it has been determined that the suspect in this incident is from "Doral Taekwondo And Family Fitness" in Doral Florida, a suburb of Miami and a USAT registered school. and he is one of the captains of the school's demo team...