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  1. Drac

    Last Person Thread #4

    Hello and Greetings to all. Just popped in to make my presence known. I will not bore you with a lame attempt to update you on the goings on in my area of the world. This site saved what little sanity I had left many times. Its a debt I cannot ever repay..
  2. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 3.0

    Greetings and Good Afternoon to all. The Prince of Darkness is just popping in to say Hello. Hope everyone is well. I am dealing blackjack at Cleveland, Ohio new and only casino.Like everywhere jobs are scarce and because of my police disability there are limits to what I can do employment wise.
  3. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Good Morning my M.A.D Brothers. Happy Thanksgiving..
  4. Drac

    Favorite NCIS lady

    So many choices..
  5. Drac

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Drac

    Black Friday

    Well tomorow is Black Friday..If you are venturing out I hope you have a safe and productive day.
  7. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    That works for me.. Maybe we can bribe Bob with a banner for us to display on our page..
  8. Drac

    Black Friday

    No Black Friday for me either. My wife will prolly venture out as she as done for the past years. I am not invited as my patience with stupid people was never long and it seems to have shortened..
  9. Drac

    My life sucks

    Yes, EVERYBODY'S life suck at one point. Ya wanna hear about sucking? Going to class and being forced to sit about 1/2 way through because the pain in the lower back and knee is so intense.
  10. Drac

    Hello I'm Jason Brinn

    Greetings Jason. Welcome to MT..
  11. Drac

    Hello from a Jack of all Trades, master of none in Maryland

    Greetings and Welcome.
  12. Drac

    Aloha from Texarkana Texas

    Greetings and Welcome to MT
  13. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Welcome Seasoned..
  14. Drac

    Black Friday

    The merchants here are starting to gear up for Black Friday. I actually saw signs in stores on Halloween announcing their hours. So as Cyrozombie said when he started this thread back in 2005: Is anyone venturing on Black Friday? Again I will invite the lurkers to post here. Its a nice safe...
  15. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Good Morning fellow MAD brothers. Feeling a lot better.
  16. Drac

    Other Hobbies

    Riding my Harley and acting in local theaters..
  17. Drac

    elderly selfdefense course

    Jeeze Bill. WTF..
  18. Drac

    Superman's New Look

    Didnt they do that about 10 years ago? Took everything back to square one. I have the new storyline ( at the time) Superman comics. He wasnt a wimp, he played sports and was dating Lana. The only thing I really liked was they finally dumped the the whole "Mom made his costume from the blankets...
  19. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Good Morning or Afternoon. I apologize for my absence but I was diagnosed with severe bronchitis and have been out of it for the last few weeks. I am proud to be included in MAD Associates..
  20. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    We should form our own club. My knees and back protest when I drop to the floor for crunches.. But I aint gonna stop...
  21. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Good Morning one and all. I am still around and apologize for not logging on here like I use to. Did another Intro to Self Defense for the Ohio Civil Air Patrol sans Master Steve and it went pretty well..I spent the first 1/2 hr debuking all the misconceptions they had, you know regeistaring...
  22. Drac

    Are you a good Uke?

    Since I got over my bout with depression I started attending classes and assisiting Master Steve with teaching. I often find myself working with one of our youngest female students. She just started High School and is concerned for her safety. When I Uke for her I tell her to " pour-it-on ", my...
  23. Drac


    I attended the Y for years,mostly for swimming. They always seem to have a martial arts. weight lifting and wrestling programs and since you were already a member it was free..
  24. Drac

    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Good Morning all LPT devotees. The only thing I miss about my old full time cop job was the ability to log on here and post for 8 hrs.
  25. Drac

    Police Baton too rough today?

    Yeah, baton training takes time and practice. I remember when the side handle batons came out and everybody wanted one. The problem was ya couldnt purchase one unless you showed a certificate of training or were already a sworn LEO..I know officers tha have spent hours practicing drawing their...
  26. Drac

    Police Baton too rough today?

    I carried a Tazer and never used it. My baton worked everytime. Fighting off a Tazer? I did see one well seasoned martial artist/LEO fight off the effects of the first generation Tazers, he surprized the reps from Tazer International who explained that the battery was probably low. The officer...
  27. Drac

    What is the men women ratio in your class?

    We have only 3 female students outta 10 regular male students. One works as a dispatcher so she is not there alot.
  28. Drac

    NYPD Officers Disciplined For Throwing Football.

    Wow, that is so sad. When I was sworn in by the Township the Chief told me that the Trustees were big on officer interaction with the public. When on patrol if a resident waved "Hello" and started a conversation we wee encourage to get outta our cruisers and talk with them. If they lit a smoke I...
  29. Drac

    Hello I am newbie here

    Greetings and Welcome to MT....