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    Disney's 2021 Movie Raya

    I've seen it and loved it. Kinda funny how I saw the memes before the trailer though.
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    GM Rene Latosa on History Channel

    I have always respected grandmasters. They've practiced the discipline so much to the point that it's second nature.
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    What's the best bit of advice you've ever received?

    hmmm. My parents told me to invest and save up some money, as time went on I invested in stocks and in cryptocurrency, it payed of really well. For reference and first timers of the crypto market: Bitcoin 101 - Bitcoin for Beginners - First Licensed Online Bitcoin Casino |
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    First thing you wanted to learn

    Personally, the first thing I want to know about is the history of martial arts and how it actually started. This is actually because it is amazing to see that it is popular around the world for several decades now... and the reason why a lot of people are willing to learn it. Well, I understand...
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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    I can't really forget about the things that happen during my first day of training. It is actually one of the most embarrassing moments that I have encountered haha. I am still new so I did not know any body. So, I just sat in my seat in silence and wait for my immediate supervisor to call me...
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    Can knife fights be won by simply overpowering an opponent? Can disarms be done with brute strength?

    I personally think that it is possible for you to win in knife fights by simply overpowering an opponent. However, you need to make sure that you can definitely defeat your opponent because it might cause you to lose some of the things that you already unlocked or have your experience points...
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    My new toys

    It is actually great that you received it as a present coz it can be really expensive if you buy it on your own. It is also interesting to know that it can be refined. Well, you can definitely use it for other things like use it as a kitchen knife haha. Hope that I can also receive a gift...
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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    Confusing. Not really sure about the relevance of certain exercises. Looking back, they were all worth it. I still do some of the most basic stances to this day on my own.
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    Critique vs Criticism

    True. I have been very careful about my reactions and wording online when I don't know the origins of the person I'm talking to. There were times when my joke was taken out of context as it seemed aggressive or offensive.
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    The Newbie Guide to Martial Arts Training (ver 2.6) - by Jeff Pipkins

    This is great advise. Luckily, I already know what martial art I wanted to learn and I developed my preference based on how I played video games. I really like the idea of redirection and grabbing so the mantis style really aligned with me. Also because it looked so cool when Toph in ATLA does...
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    First thing you wanted to learn

    I was really more into developing my reflexes when I started taking lessons. I thought it would help me stop being clumsy.