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  1. Harry Flannagan

    Knee and Hip Pain

    A week of observing the pain with rest and mild stretching intended for the pained area is good before going directly to a doctor, if the pain persists and worsens or with swelling obviously go for that doc you'll never know. Don't prolong your agony for more than a week.
  2. Harry Flannagan

    Tell me about your first day of training..

    I remember my first day training, the son of our coach was a bit cocky (blue belt) kept mocking my kicks and I was having a hard time, like come on that was my first day and what made it worst I accidentally kicked him on his stomach -_-
  3. Harry Flannagan

    What's the best bit of advice you've ever received?

    When I was in elementary my uncle once told me "Don't spit in the air, cause the the spatters come back on your face." Gross in literal but makes sense, it means: don't do stupid things, because you'll pay for them.
  4. Harry Flannagan

    Are all rash guards created equal?

    It is meant to give extra protection and yes it might seem pointless but hygienically it's still serving it's purpose plus good quality rash guards like this brand and scramble with moisture-wicking technology helps keep you from just soiling under your gi.
  5. Harry Flannagan

    Website Suggestions for BJJ?

    so much good content now. we are lucky
  6. Harry Flannagan

    An embarrassment of riches

    Flexibility is something you can work on. I think in the west, we dont pay much attention to flexibility and spend enough time on it. Even though, it can help soooo much I have been stretching much more now with the lockdown and I feel so much better. Imporved my cardio, technique and I sleep...
  7. Harry Flannagan

    Website Suggestions for BJJ?

    Is it this one? If it is, yeah, man, I watch a lot of their free stuff. Can't afford the paid courses yet, but hopefully I will get there soon! Thanks for the reco
  8. Harry Flannagan

    New Student: when will you quit?

    Thanks, Buka! Appreciate that.
  9. Harry Flannagan

    Website Suggestions for BJJ?

    I've been training in BJJ for a while. I love reading stuff from the BJJ guru, I learn lots of cool stuff. I was wondering where you guys are reading? And which sites can help me improve my grappling techniques? Videos on YT are helpful but I think I obsessively went through all of them already...
  10. Harry Flannagan

    Which female fighter is the future of bjj?

    +1 for Jessa Khan in my opinion! She's got a bright future ahead
  11. Harry Flannagan

    New Student: when will you quit?

    Very well said! There were plenty of times I wanted to quit before, but I soldiered on. It took me longer to get my blue belt. But I'll keep working to get my purple. This is very in