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    Welcome . Take your journey one class at a time.
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    A kata/form tip for beginning students

    OP you are so right. During my yellow belt test, all belts brown and down had to do EVERYTHING they were ever taught. Some had forgotten how to start the Pinan's from orange and beyond. Lets just say sensi was not happy with them that day at all. It came back to them when it was imparted...
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    New Years Resolutions

    Get two belts next year . Orange and Purple in Kenpo, and level 1 and 2 certificates in Krav Maga. I gotta stop playing around and go to class more .
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    New Here

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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    First day of Kenpo was easy. They showed you the basic blocs, Basic strikes, you did the warm ups and all around cool environment. A month earlier was my first day of Krav . Man I had no idea how to punch, form a fist, throw a proper punch, strike with the elbows, and learn 8 count kicks. The...
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    Hey its important to take something that you like. That flows with you . My teacher tells all of us this al the time . Take what you feel comfortable with and have a passion for
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    I cross train at my school. Though I have the same Sensi for both my arts. Taking Krav Maga has improved my Kenpo a lot. Now I will be honest, Sometimes I will break out of a Kenpo choke hold using Krav and vice versa, however, I like the options both arts give me. Its fun during...
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    Starting my journey late in life. Duo Art Tallahassee, FL

    I responded with a link in your welcome thread. Heres the Wikipedia page on Systema as well. Systema - Wikipedia Bear in mind my friend. You might want something else. Akido and Judo are practiced over in Russia a lot I heard as well . But Systema is one of the most brutal and popular self...
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    Starting my journey late in life. Duo Art Tallahassee, FL

    Thank you for the welcome . I got a lot to learn about my two arts and others.
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    Starting my journey late in life. Duo Art Tallahassee, FL

    It in the forum here. A whole section in fact, for Krav Maga . Basically it and Systems, which I recommended for you, are military style self defenses . Geared towards real world combat. Krave is Isreali self defense . Systema is the Russian version . While they have differences, both are...
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    Welcome Polina . I was new a few months ago to this wonderful lifestyle. Draste moy drug :) I would ask about Systema. Here's an article on it. Its very popular in Russia. Systema Vasiliev. Russian Martial Art
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    Where is everyone?

    Tallahassee, Florida
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    Starting my journey late in life. Duo Art Tallahassee, FL

    Hello everyone. I have decided to join a forum, because I need to interact with people who love martial arts as well. No matter the art you take, your putting time into it and there has to be a passion there . So respect to all martial artist out there. I started this journey only 9 months...