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    Looking for Peoples take on being avoided in class

    This is the millennial entitlement attitude. Your instructor needs to tell them to suck it up.
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    Need some martial arts research for a story I'm writing

    I started training in Taekwondo in 1966. Went to my first tournament in 1967. It was an open style and there were kids competing.
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    How much do you feel technique evaluations are subjective?

    Over the years, I have developed a basic guideline for judging technique: Would the technique have hurt the opponent? Was the student in balance when the technique was delivered? Would the technique have NOT hurt the student? If I can answer yes to all, then I can say the technique was good.
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    Words of wisdom....

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    The purpose of crescent kicks?

    This is a good description. If you jam your opponent, you can bring the crescent kick up and nail them in the head with it and they will never see it coming.
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    Situational Awareness

    I used to teach it by telling the students to play a game. Get a partner and go to the mall. Sit and watch the people. Point out to each other who potential victims were if you were going to mug someone. That simple act of observation grows and you find yourself watching everyone and...
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    Has anyone had this happen before?

    I used to get a couple of those scam letters a week. Me being somewhat of a jerk, I would respond to them. I would work up an outrageous quote. Quote the four kids with no family discount at the highest program rate, Shureido uniforms, private lessons were $140 for a half hour, $250 for a...
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    What Percentage of People Have Achieved the Rank of Shodan or Equivalent?

    This has stuck with me over the years. I heard it in a seminar easily 15+ years ago. The number was 10%. If you have a group of 1,000 people who start on the same day, at least half will be gone within six months because they find out it's hard work and they ain't gonna be a Ninja Turtle in...
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    Doing forms with eyes closed

    That was one of my favorite drills. All the forms in my style begin and end on the same spot. if you can do that with every form blindfolded, you not only know your form very well, you have also developed consistency in your stances and techniques as well as excellent balance.
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    Rank based on progress vs. merit, and/or when to switch

    In ATA, we test for all ranks. There are no merit promotions. The closest one comes to merit is when you make 6th Degree, at which point you are considered a Master Nominee. You begin a year of extra training. In addition, there are certain guidelines for Mastership that have to be met...
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    ATA's new identity

    No, it's a good question. ATA does provide advanced training and requires all certified instructors to re certify every three years. This is to make sure that we are all teaching the forms the same way. Everyone tests for rank, period. Starting at 4th Degree, you must test in front of the...
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    What is the best Martial Art for Street Fights?

    The best martial art for street fights is one that will teach you situational awareness and self-control so that you don't get into street fights in the first place.
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    How's everyone doing?

    I'm glad that everyone is doing okay. Hang in there, guys. We WILL come back stronger!
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    How's everyone doing?

    In these days of massive insanity and overreaction, how are you holding out? Are you doing online lessons? Are you staying healthy? How about your students - any reported cases of Covid-19 with them? I personally feel that SWMBO and I dodged a massive bullet by deciding to close our doors...
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    Coronavirus/Covid 19

    The corona virus scare is nothing but media hype and fearmongering. There is no epidemic in the USA and probably won’t be because of the precautions we are taking. I would consider H1N1 flu to be closer to an epidemic. It’s killed more than 12000 people in the USA. Corona virus has killed...
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    Thoughts on time variance to earn black belt

    When I was running my school, we always talked about Black Belt. Stand like a Black Belt, answer like a Black Belt, etc., trying to get the student in the habit of setting long term goals. But by the time they got to Brown Belt, we were talking about a goal of Second or Third Degree or beyond...
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    Thoughts on time variance to earn black belt

    In my not so humble opinion.... Too much emphasis is placed on making 1st Degree Black Belt. It's a great goal to have, don't get me wrong, but it is not the be-all and end-all of training. It's very much like graduating from high school. All it shows is that you have learned the basics...
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    Movement as a requirement

    Yep. Same thing happened to me. It's apparently the norm to put on weight as we get older. But I thought I was "exercising" during my workouts, but like you, I apparently learned how to move more efficiently. It wasn't until I threw Warrior X-Fit and going to the gym into the mix that things...
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    Closing the doors....

    Dayum! I shouldn't complain. My friend, you are the poster child for perseverance. <bowing while typing>
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    Closing the doors....

    Thank you. We have always said that we help build the future, one Black Belt at a time. I looked at my inactive student list and some of our plaques and I know that we have helped touch lives in a positive manner.
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    Closing the doors....

    Yes. Business in that we were running on the edge for far too long. We had a chance to sell, but the lady was not able to get her financing. Personal in that we ain't getting any younger and teaching a full slate of classes just flat hurts. It was just time to step back.
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    Closing the doors....

    We brought home a bunch of stuff. I plan to turn our middle room into a mini workout area. After we sit with our feet up for a week and unwind, we'll probably start going to a school near us to help teach.
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    Closing the doors....

    This is a rough day. It will be our last day of operation. This school opened in 1987. I've been the owner since 1994. We've had a good, long run, but it's time to pull the plug. SWMBO and I plan to stay semi-active in the organization, but the day-to-day school operations end tonight. It...
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    I hope Santa is good to everyone!

    Best wishes to all of you for a very happy Christmas, and that 2020 will bring even more success!
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    Martial Arts and Weight Loss

    Excellent! Don't eliminate carbs completely, you do need them. And make sure your protein stays consistent.
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    Very strange TaeKwonDo instructional roundhouse kick

    When he does the air kick, he's not turning his hip over. But when he hits the bag, he does. Not very consistent in his technique.
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    Challenge the instructor?

    Or MasterCard. Or Amex. :D
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    Challenge the instructor?

    Several years ago, I had a guy walk into the school and challenge me to a fight for ownership of the school. I just laughed at him and said something along the lines of, "Dude, you have watched too many bad kung-fu moves. We don't need to fight. Haul out your checkbook and I'll sell you the...
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    Okay. this made me laugh

    Had to share!
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    Taekwondo class structure

    Our classes are 40 minutes long. This is a very generic structure for our non-sparring class: Warm-up 5 minutes Basic floor drills 5 minutes This can be whatever I want to work on today: punch, block, kick, stance, combos whatever. These are almost always techniques from the form they...