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  1. Em MacIntosh

    Blocks: open hand vs. closed hand

    If you're going to use open handed techniques, brake out the sand and mason jars. You want strong fingers. Fingertip pushups, make hamburgers, pull weeds, kneed dough and squeeze the stress ball in-between. Also, I've never met a kobudo guy who didn't have a crushing grip. Personally, though...
  2. Em MacIntosh

    Preferred Kicking Leg

    My left leg is better for "hamstring" kicks like the front kick, crescent kicks and axe kicks. My right leg is better for "split" kicks like the roundhouse, hook or side kick. It stems from an injury to my left hip when I was a nine. I've been trying to recover the mobility over since. I also...
  3. Em MacIntosh

    Does anyone else train improvised weapons?

    I've used my jacket to defend myself on more than one occasion. I practice taking it off very quickly, I practice obscuring vision (throwing and smothering) followed up with strikes, I practice tying up a limb. I even practice using the buttons on the sleeve as a whip. All methods I've used...
  4. Em MacIntosh

    81 years for weed?

    At least the streets are safe from that lunatic. He'll be out in ten on "medical leave", twenty if he's lucky.
  5. Em MacIntosh

    a blunt statement that gets right to the point...

    "Human nature" is always some kind of excuse. Either the person doesn't know enough about what they're talking about and want's to hide their lack of understanding, they just don't feel like putting the effort into an explanation or they really think everyone is that simple and pathetic...
  6. Em MacIntosh

    Full Contact Karate!

    We go full contact with but we also wear bogu. If we take the opponent down we punch the ground beside their head and we try not to hit each other in the groin as a courtesy. We also do mid-contact (participant's discretion) with grappling and we do it without bogu because it's awkward to...
  7. Em MacIntosh

    how to make my fist stronger?

    Obvious stuff: As everyone else says, make sure your instructor knows what he's doing, make sure your technique is correct. That being said the first thing you need to condition are your wrists. Doesn't matter how hard your hand is if it's attached to a broken wrist. You won't be able to hit...
  8. Em MacIntosh

    The Anti-Bullying Action Idea thread

    I see only a difference of degree and a lot of overlap. I expressed my opinion on the subject and I stand by it. It would be nice if you didn't get expelled or suspended for defending yourself. You do. Either that or you're very, very lucky. It's not always a victim mentality, sometimes...
  9. Em MacIntosh

    The Anti-Bullying Action Idea thread

    "Human Nature" is an excuse people use when they don't want to try, not an explanation for why something won't work. Human nature is sentience and decision. The ability to reason. That being said, the first casualty of passion is reason. I'm livid right now, snowballing on the subject. I'll...
  10. Em MacIntosh

    The Anti-Bullying Action Idea thread

    How you deal with bullying is have all the students band together to protect the victim whenever it happens. This validates the victim as a human being and forces the bully to consider taking on the whole school or changing his ways. Unfortunately bullying is entertaining for everyone except...
  11. Em MacIntosh

    Are ninja's real or just japanese urban legends

    A ninja's greatest deception is convincing man that he does not exist. Ninja movies, and to a greater extent, Hollywood, are ploys by ninja's to make themselves seem ridiculous and far-fetched.
  12. Em MacIntosh

    Why Traditional Karate Is Not Effective for Self-Defense

    Situational awareness, dealing with the adrenaline dump and making/taking an escape rout are not a part of the curriculum of any traditional style of karate I've ever had experience with. Karate teaches you muscle memory through technique so that during the aforementioned and unaddressed...
  13. Em MacIntosh

    Change One word from a famous quote

    I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by Volkswagon
  14. Em MacIntosh

    Nice shots of the American West 1870's

    I'm impressed with the resolution and clarity of the images. Excellent photography, thanks for sharing.
  15. Em MacIntosh

    Time to Combat Abuse in On-Line Gaming?

    There need to be legal repercussions for threats of violence and death. Have a clear method to pursue legal action against them, make an example out of them and people will play nicer. Only the stupidest will take their trash talking to the point of threats and they will be served. Violation...
  16. Em MacIntosh

    Health Nazi's

    The gov'ts represent the wealthy, not the people. All western societies, or societies in general are oligarchies. Any "revolutionary" society quickly falls back into old tendencies and predictable patterns. You want democracy, the closest you can get is Switzerland. The big people always...
  17. Em MacIntosh

    Zombies, gotta love em'. But if you have to fight them....

    My armor would be composed of hockey pads inside a large wet suit with steel toed boots. For a melee weapon I want to keep my distance and slash instead of stab. I think a heavy zweihander would be preferable to a glaive or sharpened spade. As a backup I'd like to have a machete or tanto with...
  18. Em MacIntosh

    Winter's bone vs. PETA,

    People Eat Tasty Animals
  19. Em MacIntosh

    blinding powder

    Sand and salt in the pockets
  20. Em MacIntosh

    Long-Range Kicks

    Its a matter of footwork, not so much the kick. Otherwise it's anything other than a knee (or shin, or instep. Usually toe perhaps?) while you're stretching your supporting leg as far as is advisable.
  21. Em MacIntosh

    Sparring/Fighting Drunk

    I enjoy a drink and I enjoy a friendly backyard match. With alcohol there are degrees of losing control. You get one in the face or the gut once in a while. We all have to work the next day and we aren't trying to kill each other. Accidents do happen, a fair bit more with the creature...
  22. Em MacIntosh

    Are martial artist warriors?

    Organic vegetables (as opposed to what, silicon vegetables?) Molten lava (all lava is molten, if it's not we call it rock) Hot water heater (for when your hot water isn't hot enough) Snuck out (when you get cuffed upside the head hard enough to be knocked unconscious, not to be confused with...
  23. Em MacIntosh

    Too early to cross train?

    Instead of cross-training, find a SD oriented TKD school. TKD self-defense applications are quite pragmatic and include, elbows, knees, takedowns, limb destruction, foot stomps, and a healthy reminder that while it's useful to be able to kick someone in the head it's not usually the best...
  24. Em MacIntosh

    What system, teacher would you pick?

    Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter.
  25. Em MacIntosh

    Are you a RACIST? There's a pill for that...

    The first misstep is to simplify racism. Obviously all thought is based on physical architecture but it's not a matter of the "suspicion" part of the brain, or the "pride" part of the brain, nor is it a matter of wanton ignorance. It's a matter of overlapping experiences having to do with...
  26. Em MacIntosh

    Tai Sabaki

    We have a set of 12 movements (simply called tai sabaki) that we learn along with our kihon dosa ichi as the basis of our footwork. The first 8 movements are done in soto-hachi-dachi, the last 4 are done in seisan-dachi. The movements are expanded to include blocks and then blocks and/or...
  27. Em MacIntosh

    Tai Sabaki

    I was curious if the other ryu's on the board practice a set of forms for tai sabaki, possibly called the same. In Chito-Ryu we emphasize it as one of the most important qualities from which to consider any technique. As a result we practice it a lot. For those who don't know the japanese...
  28. Em MacIntosh

    Minimum age for BB?

    In Chito-Ryu, they have a minimum age of 14 for brown belt and a minimum age of 16 for a jr. black belt. They won't award a real black belt before 18. They won't take students before age 6. These requirements can differ slightly from school to school and some aspects of grading are at the...
  29. Em MacIntosh

    When pressure groups begins...

    Some people are "activists" seemingly just to annoy others by telling them what to do. Their fervour costs them the logic of their premise. These kind of people are miserable to have dinner with, let alone a debate.