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  1. Shawchert

    WTF Kukkiwon Dan holder to ATA Dojang?

    Just because the forms are different doesn't mean they did not come from ITF roots, from what I've read they changed their forms because they believed ITF did not start kicks early enough in their forms and wanted to change that, but still taught tkd traditionally in itf fashion.
  2. Shawchert

    What is the purpose of a Taekwondo form?

    I'm pretty certain from every form I have learned, I also learn why its being used, so I don't see why my answer would change from it's previous state. I am only a blue belt (I have not changed my photo been quite busy these last few months) and I have a good 5 months to go at least to be an...
  3. Shawchert

    Tell me about your first day of training..

    So I have 2 first days. Yep. The first one was my true first day. My white belt day I was 17 years old or so. (I've always wanted to try a martial arts ever since I was little but I never expressed it due to family history of saying no). My sister had been in for a month before me so I was all...
  4. Shawchert

    What is the purpose of a Taekwondo form?

    For me personally forms are a great muscle memory. I am learning what each technique is used against in an imaginary opponent. Like a mid section block and a kick right after would be me defending and then countering that attack. So it helps with muscle memory. It helps with discipline as well...
  5. Shawchert

    WTF Kukkiwon Dan holder to ATA Dojang?

    ATA is an affiliate from ITF but even so WTF is not too much more different in how they learn their kicks and punches besides the rules in sparring and the types of kicks and punches, I believe WTF is more into kicking while ITF and ATA focus highly on blocks and punches. Of course each school...
  6. Shawchert

    Why compete in tournaments?

    I learned in competing you can learn from others even if it isn't a class. Talking to others who are like minded people and competing against them can actually help you become a better martial artist
  7. Shawchert

    Martial Art Abbreviations

    Itf= International Taekwondo Federation WT(F)= World Taekwondo Federation ATA= American Taekwondo Association (or something like that)
  8. Shawchert

    Introduce Yourselves

    What's your name mean - Well um, not really sure since i actually made it up 18 years ago!! It's just who I am on the internet now!! Where are you from- I live in upstate NY. Closer to Niagra Falls than NYC ;) What discipline are you training in- ITF Taekwondo What you like to do other...