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  1. Poor Uke

    Chum Kil Video

    Which I would win of course.
  2. Poor Uke

    Chum Kil Video

    Re. OP: My opinion (of which I have loads not all of them valid so make of this what you will) that was just aweful. No apparent connection between the various parts of his body when turning in what was a pretty aweful stance to start with. Love n peas Uke
  3. Poor Uke

    Is Wing Chun taught backwards?

    Great posts so far thanks y'all. It is my contention that the Dragon pole was brought in as another training tool for the knives. Although I get where you're (geezer) comming from with the knives dont stick thing. I would disagree when it comes to fighting against something like the Dragon...
  4. Poor Uke

    Inspiration from outside your WC...

    Nice vid Mook. Nowadays I would say Wing Chun is more of an inluence from outside for me.
  5. Poor Uke

    Is Wing Chun taught backwards?

    During my normal morning trawl through martial arts forums (in a vain attempt to put off starting work) I came across a post that suggested that Wing Chun was initially a weapons based system and developed backwards to an empty hand system. This is a great idea and in some ways makes sense to...
  6. Poor Uke

    Yong Chun (Wing Chun)

    maybe useful but I wouldnt want to try that blocking a kick with my wrist thing at 4:08-4:11.....OOWCHY!
  7. Poor Uke

    The Bast@&D Son of WING CHUN has returned...

    Seconded. I've stopped watching them as I dont see the point if there is no dialogue about them. We could of course talk amoungst ourselves.......
  8. Poor Uke

    The Bast@&D Son of WING CHUN has returned...

    At the end of each section I do a double jut then a double tok sau, as opposed to the stroking movement you do. Could you explain your reasons for doing it the way you do?
  9. Poor Uke

    Who Would Win Blah Blah Blah

    Mas would win (ducks and runs for cover)
  10. Poor Uke

    Entry techniques

    Hows that working out for you?
  11. Poor Uke

    WHow they view WC on other forums....

    Against All Odds : DTT Gongsau A comedy of Errors Gong Sau: Dr Tzu Tzu Enjoy :)
  12. Poor Uke

    WHow they view WC on other forums....

    There was a great moment on Bullshdo last year when somebody called out a WC player only to get his **** handed to him......boy was that funny!
  13. Poor Uke

    Turning revisted...comments pls

    So recently I was talking to a guy from a different WC school to the one I attended and the subject of turning reared its ugly head. I'll summarise the conversation... Him : We dont turn on the heels because that was something that was taught to westerners due to them being too fat to turn on...
  14. Poor Uke

    question about WC from a non-practitioner

    In a way yes and in a way no. It more about training reflax to particular contact IMO. Whilst blending and yeilding are a part of this so is the use of power. Chi sau is the game of Wing Chun its an environment where attributes, tactics and techiniques can be practised and experimented with...
  15. Poor Uke

    When the Opponent Covers Up.

    Agree with all of that...except I would still go for a low kick if the space presented.
  16. Poor Uke

    When the Opponent Covers Up.

    Low kick to the shin or knee
  17. Poor Uke

    'Empty' wooden dummy form

    Mo Jong - I think it lierally means 'no jong'. Anyhoo yes we used to train it. Personally I think the dummy form can be taught around the time students are introduced to Chum Kiu. It (besides SLT) remains my favourite form from WC.
  18. Poor Uke

    training alone

    punches...loads of punches
  19. Poor Uke

    just trying to start a discussion

    Nice clip but was it just me or did the guy in yellow keep pulling his punches?
  20. Poor Uke


    WOW!! You crazy Americanos! :)
  21. Poor Uke

    Balintawak pollitics in the UK?

    OK thanks all. I come from a Wing Chun background which is a swamp of pollitics, so just wanted to make sure I dont piss anybody off for mentioning somebody else etc..
  22. Poor Uke

    How would you defend against a hook?

    Turning biu and punch
  23. Poor Uke

    Balintawak pollitics in the UK?

    Hi y'all Fist off its not my intention to start any kind of flame war or anything of that sort. If this thread degenerates into one I will ask one of the mods to delete it. Secondly its not my intention to step on anybodies toes. I dont know anything about this area and am asking out of...
  24. Poor Uke

    Bart Cham Dao Swordmanship

    I think there are alot of atributes that can be gained from the form/ Not sure about comparisons and all that, but Niten Ichi-ryū sprang to mind when reading your post, as a Japanese style that incorporates two swords. Also there are various Wudang double sabre forms and the like...
  25. Poor Uke

    Dummy Arms: Round or square?

    ^^My new sig^^
  26. Poor Uke

    Why are escrima and wing chun often paired together?

    He was just breaking it down Geezer. Most blocks/deflections come with a control or an attack. Simulatneous block and attack of a weapon weilding arms is a basic premise in FMAs in general. I think the difference in this case is the target of the attack. With WC the focus is the centre line...
  27. Poor Uke

    Why are escrima and wing chun often paired together?

    My apologies for not posting this ealier. Its a video of the late Balintawak Arins Master Teofilo Velez (I have posted this in the weapons vid section as well which reminded me of this thread) Balintawak is sometimes called corto linear btw....enjoy In my opinion WC and Balintawak have...
  28. Poor Uke

    Counter To Lap Sau.

    Lan sau just above waist level is a good alternative.
  29. Poor Uke

    Late GM Teofilo Velez & Bobby Taboada (Rare Footage)

    Some great footage of the late Balintawak Grand Master Teofilo Velez
  30. Poor Uke

    Egyptian Kopesh

    Yeah me too.