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  1. mj-hi-yah

    Things you just can't do with your husband/significant other

    For us it's martial arts. We fight about how to fight! It's annoying and so I really don't want to work out with him... LOL Solution...he studies Aikido and I study Kenpo...totally different's perfect! :)
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    Kenpo Kards Tech Dek 2

    Hi Mr. Parker, Thank you for sharing especially this part of your message with us. :asian: I imagine that your father would have been very proud of your Kenpo Kards. From what I can see so far the new cards are truly magnificent! I'm looking forward to seeing the new deck up close and...
  3. mj-hi-yah

    Hi from Massachusetts

    Hey wer nice to have you here! Since you qualify, please join us in the Women's Forum when you have time! You have an interesting ma background and I look forward to your contributions! :) MJ :asian:
  4. mj-hi-yah

    Where is Feisty Mouse?

    Feisty we miss you! :)
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    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Danny boy!!! Happy, Happy Birthday! :-partyon: :-partyon: :-partyon:
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    Ray Dionaldo: What do you Like about him?

    I have to echo Ernie – to see is to believe. While Ernie is a student of his, I study Kenpo and find his work to be highly compatible with my art. If want to find out more information about Tuhon Ray, you can find more here at his home page. His system is FCS Kali – Filipino Combat Systems...
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    Kids and Self Defense

    I don't teach the kids classes, but I do have teenagers in my class, some as young as 14, and I think it is very important to teach responsibly to both teens and children. For younger children the curriculum should absolutely be less lethal! It would concern me greatly to see children learning...
  8. mj-hi-yah

    Hello from America's Home Town...

    Nice site Buddy. I'm curious, is Zung Wu Men, just for men?
  9. mj-hi-yah

    Hello! I'm new here. MT is pretty awesome!!

    Hi Last Fearner, and welcome. Very nice introduction! I, like those before me, look forward to your contributions. :asian: By the way, cool avatar! MJ :)
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    Jeet Kune Do

    Hi Peter. :wavey: Thanks for the nice introduction! I'm looking forward to your contrubitions here! MJ :asian:
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    Hello from America's Home Town...

    Hey there Buddy. Nice to have you aboard! :) Have fun! :boing2: MJ :)
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    Yes, thanks for sharing! :)
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    A new poster

    Hello yipman_sifu I'm looking forward to your contributions! :asian: MJ :)
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    Howdy there folks

    LOL Beau I see you've met the Queen of Pain! :uhyeah: Welcome to MT! :-partyon:
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    Greetings from the North Pole AKA Minnesota

    Hi Slippery Pete! Nice to have you here. Have fun! :boing2: MJ :asian:
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    Greetings from Salem, MA

    Hi lady kaur! Welcome to MT! We have a terrific Kenpo community here, and we are lucky enough to have some of Ed Parker's original students who participate regularly on the boards. Also join us in the Women's Forum! You can learn a lot here and have fun while you do it! :) I'm looking...
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    Hello there Laoshi77! Welcome to MT! I'm curious, what type of martial art is Taiji? Thanks, and have fun on the boards! :) MJ :asian:
  18. mj-hi-yah

    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Happy Birthday 40+TKD Lee and Always Training! :-partyon::-partyon:
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    Kosho Shorei Ryu

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    Hello from NJ

    Hey there fireman00! Nice to have you aboard, but I have no idea what you mean by the aches and pains :rolleyes: (not that I'll admit anyway, because I mean really, old...what is that?) :uhyeah: LOL We have a couple of great TKD guys on our staff, and we'll all be looking forward to your...
  21. mj-hi-yah

    Adapting Kenpo for a disability

    Sigung86 wow that's awesome! Thanks for sharing your story. :asian: If you can, please drop in here and let us know how he is doing, and what things you are doing to make Kenpo work for him. It would be very interesting for us to follow along. Thanks, MJ :)
  22. mj-hi-yah

    Adapting Kenpo for a disability

    Thanks. There is a challenge for us as instructors now to remember not only our 170 techniques, but all of his as well. I've been considering videotaping him. At some point if I get his permission maybe I can keep a record of it for others to learn from in that way. :)
  23. mj-hi-yah

    Adapting Kenpo for a disability

    Yes he is definitely determined! No not Dancer but that one will present challenges though… It is a technique called Crash of the Eagle. I’m happy to share, but I have to really think about how to convey this, I hope this makes sense :) : In this technique the attack is a rear...
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    Let's hear it for the grandmas :jedi1: Whooo HOOO! Great story!
  25. mj-hi-yah

    Adapting Kenpo for a disability

    A little update: He got his yellow belt! :-partyon: I unfortunately wasn't able to attend, but I got the rundown from him in class last night. He had, that very day, gotten his new leg, which is presenting him with many new challenges. He had the old one for the last ten years, and this new...
  26. mj-hi-yah

    How many techniques do you need?

    This is an excellent post, especially as it addresses the particular need for working variations on attack themes. I agree that one technique could never be enough given all the possible eventualities. You may find yourself in a given situation, that is different than exactly how you learned...
  27. mj-hi-yah

    How many techniques do you need?

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    Hi Karen! :wavey: Great to have you aboard. We are always looking for a few good ladies to help keep, without naming names, :lol: the testoseronamaniacs in check! :uhyeah: MJ :)
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    Hi Eric! :wavey:Welcome...ask anything eh? What is your greatest MA weakness?:uhyeah: :) MJ :asian:
  30. mj-hi-yah

    Hello, again.

    :ultracool :supcool: That's very cool!