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  1. Adept

    Police vehicles

    So are your vehicles fitted with side curtain airbags? That seems to be what has shut down any debate about prisoner compartments in sedans over here.
  2. Adept

    Police vehicles

    So you guys just put most of your prisoners in the back seat? How are they kitted out to prevent the crooks from attacking the driver or passenger during transit? We were trialling plexiglass prisoner compartments, but the advent of side curtain airbags makes these impossible to fit now.
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    Police vehicles

    Here in Victoria, Australia our current patrol vehicles have been phased out of production, and while we now have a replacement, there was a while when no one knew what on earth we were going to do. Our current vehicle is a sedan utility...
  4. Adept

    Good Bouncer Stories

    Don't forget the perspex knuckle dusters!
  5. Adept

    Batman utility belt

    Firearm on thigh holster on right side, spare mag on right handside near buckle. Cuffs on left hand side near buckle, OC spray on left side right behind cuffs, baton right behind OC spray, radio behind baton. Torch strapped to holster.
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    Open containers...

    Well, down here in the land of Oz, I'd tell the kid to stop being such a girly-man. It ain't illegal!
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    One Liners

    - When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Jack Burton...
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    Poll: Have you been attacked or assaulted? With a weapon?

    Been hit with bottles, glasses, ashtrays, poolcues, and I've got a neat little scar across my eyebrow where I was beaned in the noggin with a microphone stand...
  9. Adept

    Nightline story on MMA

    Can you explain this a bit more for me?
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    "Know your enemy..."

    No no, nothing like that. A huge part of being a succesful bouncer is being able to think on your feet, use your mouth, and build rapport with your patrons. When you see a fight coming early, you don't just jump in and start swinging! You talk to the aggrieved parties, find out what the story...
  11. Adept

    "Know your enemy..."

    Very true. Something I picked up on early in my security career was the way the more experienced bouncers could pick a fight coming well before it happened. I sat back, and watched and learned, and having that skill has saved my skin (and that of others) many a time. It's just something I take...
  12. Adept

    Is size a concern?

    Being more heavily muscled than your opponent is almost always an advantage. It gives you greater power, as well as more natural 'armour'. It is important to disillusion yourself to myths like 'being muscle-bound reduces your flexibility' or 'being muscle-bound makes you slower'. But it...
  13. Adept

    Gun control - where is it leading us?

    Remember the rest of the world, guys. Britain and Australia have all but criminalised all forms of gun ownership. For some of us it's not just a question of where and when we can carry, or even if we can carry. It's a question of simply owning a firearm at all.
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    We don't have tasers over here, but something has been playing on my mind: OC spray is highly flammable. Tasers produce a spark. If you were to spray someone, and then taser them, would they go up like a roman candle?
  15. Adept

    Just starting out...

    Heh, I've made a point of not telling anyone about my martial arts background. I give some of the other recruits pointers when I can, but I get the feeling that declaring my experience could be disastrous...
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    The Study

  17. Adept

    Pregnancy Pact ~ What utter stupidity!

    At the risk of sounding like the voice of dissent, so long as the babies are cared for, and the girls in question have the required support from their families (and the government), why is this such a bad thing? Now, I know some folks get all upset at the thought of their taxes going to pay...
  18. Adept

    Kung Fu Panda and the ATA

    But your perception of this person will have absolutely no bearing on how intelligent or well educated they are. And a persons perception of how effective my martial arts are, has absolutely no bearing on how effective they actually are. Perception only means something if you rank yourself...
  19. Adept

    Why are you here?

    People argue their political and religious viewpoints here people like to argue against other people, not faceless entities. Most of the long term posters here know many of the other long term posters. They have built a relationship, and as such they enjoy trying to argue against them more...
  20. Adept

    New York to recognize gay marriages

    Why should we let it be if people want it changed? I'm all for that. So long as everyone is equal! No marriage licences just for straight couples, and domestic contracts for gay couples.
  21. Adept

    In My Little Town

    Indeed. I've seen video footage of 'rape victims' beating themselves into a bloody mess to provide bruises and scrapes to substantiate their claim, and we've all heard the stories of women crying rape to avoid blame for their indiscretions. Jumping to an early conclusion doesn't do anyone any...
  22. Adept

    New "anti-knife" powers for Brit. police

    That would imply that the lack of ability for a 'victim' to defend themselves is a factor in the 'offenders' decision making process. While that may be true in some cases, it certainly isn't in the problem cases being discussed. These problem cases are mostly instances of gangs of youths...
  23. Adept

    What's your thinking?

    I've always found it depends on the scenario. I know that I always sized people up in the club; guys with eyebrow piercings or lip rings were going to get them torn out. Guys in casts or bandages were going to have their injured limbs twisted and crushed. Guys wearing flip flops were going to...
  24. Adept

    Kung Fu Panda and the ATA

    You are very nearly right. It's actually "Perception is nothing". Who cares what other people think about TKD, or whatever your chosen art may be? Who cares what opinions they form about your skill level? If a person thinks "All black belts must be equal, and this nine year old child is a...
  25. Adept

    Kung Fu Panda and the ATA

    "3rd degree" is only a label. Why get so worked up about it? At least they are doing something active, martial arts related, and fun. As they mature, so will their approach to the martial arts.
  26. Adept

    Kung Fu Panda and the ATA

    I would prefer kids to be doing 'Hckery Dickery Block' than sitting around and playing xbox. Sure, it's not serious martial arts. Just like a kids riding around the park on a bike with training wheels and streamers on the handlbars isn't a serious tour de france. Everyones got to start...
  27. Adept

    Just starting out...

    Hey guys, thanks for the support! I am constantly reminding myself of this! I know it would be easy to just think 'Oh, I already know all this stuff' and start slacking off, which would be a disaster!
  28. Adept

    Off duty police officer

    Unfortunately my departement expressly forbids it's officers to work in the security industry. Or rather, to work in any capacity which requires them to hold a security licence.
  29. Adept

    Too Much Force?

    Well, I've only been sprayed once and it was in a pretty hairy situation where I didn't have the luxury of letting it incapacitate me and my adrenaline was well and truly pumping. I'd like to be sprayed again, just so I know what it feels like with a clear head. having already had a taste, I...
  30. Adept

    Just starting out...

    ... and so far it's all a bit daunting! I've just finished my first week at the Police Academy, and it's been a bit of a lifestyle change after four years working and supervising security in various nightclubs and bars around the city. Going from 'top dog' in my workplace, to the lowliest of...