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  1. colemcm

    If you could master any two MA what would it be?

    Yang Tai Chi Chuan and BJJ.
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    Can you tell me about.....

    I watched a couple of the videos on the moontagu Youtube channel. I'll just say that I'm skeptical about what they're selling. I'm not sure what evidence they have that what they teach comes from Yang Lu Chan.
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    Is it just me…

    I'm definitely in the same boat. I can't stand someone being behind me when I'm walking. I also can't sit with my back exposed or in a position where I'm not be able to see who's moving around me.
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    Things that make me go hmm... Kubudo

    What's the name of the Kobudo style? Maybe someone has some insight into that particular style and can tell you more about what to expect. I'm just here for the show. Helpful, huh?
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    So... about 2 months ago

    Mifune's exactly the individual my Sifu was referring to also. I think that with an art like Ba Gua it's easy to see how they're similar, since it can incorporate so many disparate styles within it.
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    So... about 2 months ago

    My Sifu also held the same belief about Xing Yi and often talked about similarities between Tai Chi and Judo/Jujitsu. I have a tendency to view the arts as personalities of their own. Some you get along with and others you don't. Sometimes an art just isn't a good fit. Kind of like forcing a...
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    Yhis has been helping my knees

    "All" is an over-generalization. Most might be a more appropriate claim. Tai Chi is definitely an art that uses throws, but this mechanic is avoided.
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    Yhis has been helping my knees

    I usually teach my students to focus on feeling pressure spread evenly across their foot, rather than teaching to focus on points of contact. I then guide them through different body positions (leaning too far forward or back, left or right). Then I have them position their pelvis in different...
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    So... about 2 months ago

    Interesting. Maybe as you gain distance from it you'll gain more insight into why? Maybe the "why" doesn't matter. Either way, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you pursue next.
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    So... about 2 months ago

    Huh. Maybe it's just been a long time coming? I've noticed that in the time since I've seen your posts you've seemed to be drawn more towards other arts; specifically Xing Yi. Maybe you felt that Xing Yi wasn't an option, so you had to practice Tai Chi by default? Then it was just a matter of...
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    So... about 2 months ago

    So what was it that made you decide to stop? I'm reasonably sure that it wasn't a random decision.
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    Realistic Training VS Choreographed Movements - From The Fox Bagua Blog

    Not what I was saying at all. I was saying that if you're facing a guy in full plate, it's a bad idea to think that unarmed striking is the way to go, hence the emphasis on grappling in systems that emerged when people were wearing armor. Since we don't generally wear armor anymore, striking is...
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    Doesn't it annoy you when people say 'I missed' when you dodged?

    If it soothes his fragile little ego and ends the fight, why bother with it? If he honestly thinks it was something he did that caused him not to hit you and it leads him to underestimate your ability, then good. That's your edge if he decides to push things with you in the future. Don't be...
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    Good Instruction and Bad Instruction

    My Sifu was very traditional in his approach. I wouldn't say that he discouraged questions, but he definitely wasn't interested in being peppered with questions by someone who hadn't taken the time to try and figure it out for themselves. If you had a valid question, he would answer it, usually...
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    Realistic Training VS Choreographed Movements - From The Fox Bagua Blog

    I was sort of on board with what he was saying, but he lost me at the end. If God's calling all of the shots and is the ultimate decider of when you're going to die, why even bother to train. . . Whatever. That's not really the issue. I think every martial arts contain techniques that were all...
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    Fighting Styles” or “Martial Brands”? (from Kung Fu Tea)

    Yeah, I kind of went off on a tangent there. I think you're right that it is more complicated than that, but the author's perspective is also one that largely gets ignored by many martial artists. I think this is especially true in the West, where there's always been a high degree of...
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    How many weapons forms

    Don't forget spear in Xing Yi and deer horn knives in Ba Gua.
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    Fighting Styles” or “Martial Brands”? (from Kung Fu Tea)

    I agree. Personally, I don't see how they couldn't have. Every generation introduces or emphasizes certain developments, whether they be technical or technological. If arts don't keep pace with the context of the age they exist in, they run the risk of being becoming irrelevant. P.S. The...
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    should tai chi forms ........

    I'd hesitate to remove the redundancy though. It was put there for a reason. In my opinion, the forms should be done fast and slow; there's value in playing the same form at varying speeds.
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    Find this throw

    It'll be more effective if he sinks his elbow and turns his waist into the throw.
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    Self-defense cases. Are they aikidokas?

    If atemi is taught, it's more likely to be taught to elicit a reaction than it is to actually strike.
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    Sun tzu - the art of war

    I'd recommend Samuel B. Griffith's translation (ISBN 0195014766). It also includes a nice section on the historical context in which the book was written.
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    Reliable & HONEST USA vendor for Jian?

    Don't be in so much of a hurry to get a sword that you settle for a lesser blade. I've had a variety of swords that were cheap and workable, but when I inherited my Sifu's sword and began practicing with it, it made a world of difference. I'd really recommend that you keep using a wooden sword...
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    Yang Style applications from the Duan Wei World

    Yeah. It's not so much a fight finisher (unless you happen to be standing next to the edge of a tall building or cliff), as it is a crowd control tactic.
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    Sun Lutang version of Wuji

    First wedding? Maybe he should have just let you take a dive! :wink2:
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    Sun Lutang version of Wuji

    My Sifu was a drill sergeant in the British army. He used to tell me stories of guys who would stand at attention so long that their legs would buckle and they'd fall over. The trick is to not lock your legs and only stand in one leg without looking like you are.
  27. colemcm

    Tai Chi Training is for everyone

    *facepalm* That attitude is so damned annoying. What's even more unfortunate about it is that they're not entirely wrong. It makes me sad to see what gets passed off as Tai Chi in so many places. Tai Chi seems to have the honor of being, simultaneously, the most AND least practiced martial art.
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    Tai Chi Training is for everyone

    I once got into it with a guy over a "Tai Qi Chuan" offered by an American Kenpo school and how it probably wasn't legit. The school advertised that they taught Xing Yi as a way of bridging Tai Chi to combat use. . . Because Tai Chi has always depended on Xing Yi to be effective. To me, nothing...
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    Chinese Martial Arts Weapons forum

    That reminds me. I found a link to these while viewing some HEMA videos. The techniques are presented well in them.